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Monday, August 22, 2016

A Year In Beauty: August Glam bag Review

"A Year In Beauty"
August Glam Bag Review
Emily Doll TVD

August Bag Theme "Sugar Highness"

Lets all eat cake together while we dive into our August Glam Bags!! This month's beauty bag screams glammed girlie goodness! With its pretty princess pastels and Marie Antoinette vibes you can't help but feel like a decadent lady with this months Ipsy!
If you are a new reader, feel free to visit my first Glam Bag blog to learn more about Ipsy, the Glam Bag, how to get your own and what my blog series is all about! Read Here!

Lets start with the Bag Review!!!
This months bag was packaged so pretty and girlie, I was excited to see what was inside. Pretty low key this month. Mostly skin care products with a touch of beauty. Slightly dissapointed this month. Not going to lie. I have been working really hard on my skin and keeping it clear so using new skin care products is really scary right now. I am a positive person and decided to take on the challenge of creating a look with the few cosmetic products I did get! Keep reading to find out more about my August products, how I feel about them, how I used them and more!

My Glam Bag Brought Me...
Organic Surge Daily Care Perfecting Face Polish 
This British, award winning company is turning out 100% organic skin care products that are not only affordable, completely legit, but are also cruelty free and Vegan friendly! Creator Alan Mackenzie was tired of looking for organic products that didn't break the bank so he just skipped all the trouble and created his own line. With over a million users and numerous awards, Organic Surge is a skin care line to be loved. I received their Daily Care Perfecting Face Polish in my Glam Bag this month. This face polish is made out of finely ground olive stone to gently remove dirt and dead skin cells. Packed with amazing things like Rosemary and lemon oils to purify your complexion along with Chamomile and Ginkgo Biloba to soothe and soften, and finishes with Almond Oil for extra hydration, this is a sensitive light facial polish that will give your skin a healthy glow without being to harsh on your skin. I enjoyed it. Its much lighter than my coffee scrub but could be a great alternative for those with super sensitive skin. 
*The brand and product is Cruelty Free & Vegan Friendly

NYX Professional Makeup Born To Glow Liquid Illuminator in ''Beam''
I've used NYX products for a long time. Way before they were as popular as they are now. While their products continue to grow, their quality always has been amazing. NYX keeps up with all the latest beauty trends and provides every product you could ever need. This liquid illuminator was pretty serious. It claims to be a lightweight but it was more on the heavy side. I can see this being great for body use. Legs, collar bones, not face. Out of the two shades sent out in the Glam Bag I received the darker of the two, Gleam, which was too deep of a bronze for my skin. I made it work but would not purchase this color for myself. I would recommend body use or on naked skin at the pool or beach for a nice glow. Not my favorite highlighter. 
*This Brand is Cruelty Free. Not Listed As vegan Friendly

Lord & Berry 20100 Maximatte Crayon Lipstick in "Intimacy"
I love a good chunky lipstick crayon. Lord & Berry Maximatte Crayon Lipstick is a moisturizing, highly pigmented and long lasting lip color. While most matte lip products are always drying which caters to their longer lasting ability, the Lord & Berry lip crayon is much softer in feel. I loved the light subtle pink shade. It gives you a pouty set of pink lips that can match just about any outfit or season. This is a great bag essential. 
*This Product Is Cruelty Free but not  Vegan Friendly Listed Brand

Rodial Smokey Eye Pen in "Black" 
Having a smudgy black eye liner in your makeup bag is a must. Its great for everything and can take your look from girl next door to bedroom eyed sex kitten in just a few strokes. I was never into wearing black eye pencil around my rims, but there are times now that I am older that I make my look more extreme with this product. Rodial Smokey Eye Pen is a very smooth and bendable eye pencil. This is a gel liner pen that is high in pigment and quality. It's a bendable formula that can intensify any look that will stay put from morning until night.
*This Brand is Cruelty Free with Almost All Vegan Friendly Products Minus A Few

Sally's Box Secret Garden Ampoule Masks in "Olive Oil"  "Camellia Oil"
Super fun packaging on these babies for sure! I love pampering products. Although I don't care for sheet masks due to I feel suffocated by them and they tend to give me anxiety instead of relax me lol. Yes I'm a weird one. Although I had to give these cuties a chance. They come with a pre serum to use before you put the mask on to deliver an extra punch of hydration. The Oil Oil mask is to help hydrate while demolishing fine lines, which at 27 years old I better start now. While the Camellia Oil mask is to assist your skin with a radiant glow. These are great masks and I didn't wake up the next day broke out which is always a possibility when using new face care products. If your skin needs a good drink these are the masks to use!
*I am not sure the status on this brand being either cruelty free or vegan friendly

The August Ipsy Glam Bag!!
Lastly we have the Sugar Highness themed Glam Bag make up bag featuring a beautiful lavender haired princess with a cosmetic adorned crown! Super cute and girlie with a Kawaii type energy to it. This is an adorable bag that feeds my feminine nature!

This months bag was kind of hit or miss. Mostly skin care products I was nervous to use due to working so hard on keeping my skin clear and a highlighter that was way too dark! Like always Ipsy sent me new products to test out that I hadn't before and now I know what I would buy in the future for myself and what I can skip over and not waste my money on! 
This month I was able to find out about all but one brand on who was and wasn't both Cruelty free and Vegan friendly. I'm still trying to replace all my current cosmetics with new brands that are all cruelty free. It's a lot of work but totally worth it.

Check out my Bedroom Smokey Eyes and subtle Pink Pillow Lips Created With my Glam Bag this Month a a Few of My Personal Products. Find a quick tutorial on this look on my YouTube Channel!

I want to thank Ipsy for always introducing me to amazing new brands to love and grow my passion for beauty with. It's great being able to learn and try new products every month. It allows me to be open with my experimenting and have fun in a positive way! I will see you all next month!

Ipsy Glam Bags are a great way to learn, grow, experiment and feed your passion in all things beauty. I love being an Ipsy girl and I cant wait to see what comes in my June Glam Bag! 

You can find all of the products in my Ipsy bag and more by visiting the Ipsy website. Click the pink bags to be taken there now!

I hope you enjoyed this month's installment of "A Year In Beauty" I will see you next month with new goodies!

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Monday, August 15, 2016

Getting Lippie! with Suavecita

"Getting Lippie!''
Suavecita Pomades New 
"S" Collection
Semi-Matte Lipsticks
Emily Doll TVD

At this point in the game, if you are a Pinup, Rockabilly, Greaser, or just about anyone who uses pomade you know the amazing brand Suavecita Pomade. The female Rockabella inspired hair and beauty line is apart of the pomade company Suavecito Pomade, mostly used by men. Due to the amount of women stealing their beefcake's pomade to secure her Victory Rolls and waves, they decided to make a new line that catered specifically to women and the retro styles we love. All of their products starting with their original classic delicious smelling pink pomade all the way to their newest items like dry shampoo and hair spray, Suavecita is a hair care line that is sure to get all of your styles in place, retro or not! 
If you want to learn more about Suavecita and the products they carry, visit my past blog here
You can always find out everything you need to know for both Suavecito and Suavecita by visiting their website!

Today I am bringing you a close up look of some of the newest colors in the Suavecita Lipstick line. Suavecita first released their new lipsticks about two years ago now and have been expanding with both traditional classic colors as well as some modern alternative shades. All of which have been an amazing matte finish with the power to last even the longest days at Viva! 
This summer they launched four new beautiful shades of semi-matte colors called their "S" Collection. I was a lucky doll and got to try them out.
When opening the boxes to see what the new shades look like, I was excited to see they kept their same amazing locking tubes that have a kind of push to open button to keep the lid from popping off in your purse. Also like the rest of their products, these lippies are both Vegan friendly and cruelty free as well as packed full of pigment and hydrating ingredients to treat your lips right!
Four new amazing shades to finish off summer in as well as carry over into the fall season! Yes Ma'am! Suavecita not only gave us versatile new shades in a creamy semi matte formula that will last us the seasons to come, they also kept their amazing high standards in quality making these new shades a must add to your OG lipstick collection. 
Remember at any time you can click the photos to be taken to the product listed!

Lets check out the new shades!!

Suavecita's new "S" Collection Semi-Matte Lipsticks come in Four shades
-"Santa Ana"
All creamy and smooth to apply with long lasting wear! 
lets see them closer up shall we!

Suavecita "S" Collection Semi-Matte Lipstick In "Santa Ana"
A dusty rose nude semi-matte shade 
"I love Santa Ana! It has to be one of the prettiest nudes I have ever used. It's smooth and creamy and has the perfect amount of matte finish. Depending on the light I was in, this shade appeared more pink or more brownish nude. All stunning and a new favorite of mine. Such a classy shade."

Suavecita "S" Collection Semi Matte Lipstick In "Soma" 
A mauve plum semi-matte shade
"This shade is so fun and feminine. Its slightly mauve with a side of plum undertones. It wants to be pink but not quite. Its like pink's sassy sister, its SOMA! Just as smooth with a slight semi-matte finish as the first!"

Suavecita "S" Collection Semi-Matte Lipstick In "Slay"
A Dark Chocolate Semi-Matte Color
This rich chocolate shade made me feel so fierce. Its a very dark sexy shade of brown with the slightest ever tint of prune to it. This shade is perfect for fall and for making a statement. it truly slays!
Suavecita "S" Collection Semi-Matte Lipstick In "Strut"
A Bright Blue Red Semi-Matte Shade
In love with this true blue red. Its silky smooth semi-matte lay down was just a dream. I love this bright color to go with my traditional look! 
Suavecita "S" Collection Swatches in Natural Light
As you can see the new "S" Collection is truly flawless. These colors have been tried and tested on all skin tones and you will "Slay" while you "Strut" down "Santa Ana" in every color! haha! See what I did there!

If you haven't tried any of the amazing Vegan friendly, cruelty free lipsticks that Suavecita makes, there a more than enough colors to complete your lipstick collection and then some! If you want high pigmented matte and now semi-matte long lasting lip colors, Suavecita is for you!

I would like to mention some of the amazing new hair products Suavecita has put out this summer. One is their new hairspray that is now my only choice when it comes to hair spray. I love this stuff! This hairspray offers extreme all day hold for all styles and delivers massive volume while also giving you the option to easily brush it out for soft finishes. This spray has coconut oil in it to keep your hair nourished and your color protected while beating the humidity. This  kept my style in perfect condition all day at the lake in Oklahoma's humid 105 degree heat! Can't beat that ladies!

Another new product they just launched is their new voluminous Dry Shampoo.I don't wash my hair everyday and you shouldn't either. It strips too much out of your hair and causes damage. Instead use Suavecita's new dry shampoo to help add volume while absorbing oil with a light floral scent. Its fast acting, not over powering and also cruelty free!

No matter if you are a Rockabella or not, Suavecita offers amazing hair products, bath products, and beauty products that are high quality and easily to afford. You don't have to sacrifice anything with Suavecita! Not even your beliefs or life style with their Vegan Friendly and cruelty free brand!  

You don't have to look or dress pinup to have pinup confidence! Start gaining confidence today with Suavecita! Be sure to check out their fun collectibles, novelties, t-shirts and more!

Find Suavecita Online

Suavecito For the Guys!

I want to thank Suavecita for allowing me to take part in their amazing brand. Since day one when they were only a women's pomade to now becoming its own well known brand, I am honored to be apart of their adventures and amazing company. This is a hard working brand that focusing on its customers life style and providing them not only with a product that supports and caters to that but a product that delivers amazing results. I can't wait to see what they do next and know it will be amazing! I hope I get to be there to be apart of it! I Love Suvecita!! XOXO Emily Doll

Suavecita Baby!!

Thank you for reading, I hope this blog inspires your own ideas and looks to help you express your confidence through style!
Feel free to share with others and help inspire someone else today!!

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