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3 Must Have Products for Your PinUp Beauty Bag!

 3 Must Have Products for Your Pin Up Beauty Bag
Emily Doll
Featuring Products from
Amber's Lip Space

Check Out My Tutorial on This Look Below!
Hello my vintage beauty lovers! I am back with one of your all time favorite looks but with a little extra magic! Recently I was contacted by my doll Amber Wright of Amber's Lip Space located in good Ol' Houston Texas. She runs her own beauty business through a well known company by the name of Senegence, or from what most people know as the company who produces LipSense. The 18+ hour long lasting liquid lipstick that many woman across the globe are falling in love with. Senegence allows women from all walks of life to take their futures in their own hands and build their own businesses for the best opportunities for them and their families. Amber reached out to me and asked if I had ever tried the products she sells and uses herself everyday. Where I had tried one of the Lip Sense lipsticks in the past, and loved the lasting power, I hadn't gotten my hands on the shadows she was about to blow my mind with! After talking about a good direction for our collaboration, I couldn't help but want to help bring some awareness to her hard working brand and give it a little love and promotion.

Amber sent me a few standard shades to play with that are commonly favored and used in a standard vintage look. Two Shadow Sense cream shadows in shades "Sandstone Pearl", an almost bone shade with a hint of shimmer, and "Mocha Java" a darker contrasting brown to compliment the lighter shade. As well as one Lip Sense liquid lipstick in "Fly Girl", a true blue red, along with the moisturizing lip gloss topper and the lip remover to be able to take it all off easily at the end of the day. I checked everything out and I got to work! The Lip Sense was a no brainier, I fell in love with color she had chosen for me right away. It goes on a little thin and within two coats it was the perfect retro red shade for my pale skin tone. Once on and dried down I applied the moisturizing gloss and was shocked when there was not even the slightest bit of red color transfer on the gloss applicator. This lipstick DOES NOT PLAY ladies! I quickly moved onto the products I hadn't used before, the Shadow Sense, because she had told me not only can they be used for shadow but also contour and highlight as well! This idea puzzled me so I knew I would need a little play time to figure out the best way to apply. It really didn't take that long to figure out once I got the blending down. 

I decided to use these products to create a classic long wear pin up look. They are the perfect shades to a elegant and feminine vintage look but are tough enough to with stand the hottest car show. THAT'S EXACTLY WHAT I NEED! 
I did my standard foundation, setting powder, brows, blush and mascara, but when it came to my eyes and contour I used only the products Amber sent. The first Shadow Sense I used was "Sandstone Pearl" to cover my entire lid. It gave me that flawless light base to build the contrast into my crease and outer corner with its darker counter part "Mocha Java". The Sandstone Pearl also gave  my brow bone the most perfect highlight without being over the top. They both blend together perfectly for a seamless neutral eye shadow but only better because they wont be creasing and melting off while I am with standing the soon to come hot weather. When Amber told me these shadows could also be used as a highlight and contour I was a little hesitant. I shouldn't have doubted her because she knew what she was talking about lol. Mocha Java went on and blended as easy as any cream contour and left me with the perfect shade of contour! It blew my mind y'all! It blended down easily and didn't budge or separate all day. I wasn't to sure how Sandstone Pearl was going to look as a highlight due to its low key glow but I figured out how to make it a highlight primer to lock my glow in over time! I dabbed it on where I would be applying my normal powder highlight and once dried I went to strobing. Man! using the Shadow Sense prior to highlight made my highlight at least 5 times brighter and last 100 times longer! Which I am totally ok with... I like keeping my glow on. 

After completing my look with Amber's products I went about my day as usual. Taking and picking the boys up from school, several grocery trips, in and out with the dogs, back and forth to the laundry room. My makeup stayed flawless all day long. My lips never budged once even after snack stops and coffee breaks. My highlight was still glowing hard by 9pm and my eye shadow had zero creases! I can't even imagine how life saving these products will be this car how season in the heat. Not to mention it will be amazing not having to touch up my lips ever hour. 
I have to say that these Lip Sense and Shadow Sense products are truly living up to the long lasting reviews they are getting from women everywhere! Water proof, kiss proof, smudge and transfer proof! Makeup that does what it is suppose to and over time at that! Whats even better is that these products pay attention to important things like not testing on animals, being vegan friendly and being free of all leads, waxes, gluten and GMO's! You can't get any better than that! 
I highly recommend giving these three key products I have added to my classic pin up makeup routine. If you are looking for other beauty products you can also ask Amber about the foundations, mascaras, blushes, skin care products and more that she has to offer through "Amber's Lip Space"

You can connect with Amber over on her Facebook group "Amber's Lip Space" where you can find out more about the products she sells, deals she has going and lots more!

I want to thank Amber of Amber's Lip Space for reaching out to me and allowing me to share her business with all of my amazing followers. It takes a lot of time and dedication to build your own brand and clientele. I enjoy so much getting to be a part of the dreams of hard working women who are boss ladies in their own right! I wish you the very best in all that you do with your business Amber! 
XO Emily

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Monday, December 4, 2017

Simple Marilyn Monroe Inspired Hair Style!

 Featuring Suavecita Hair Products! 

This past spring, I decided to take a plunge I have wanted to take for a long time now, and I cut off all my hair! I went for a girlish pompadour style, think Ruby Rose, and I loved it. I did miss all of my fun retro styles though! Now that my hair has grown out some, although it is very uneven, I have enough to start attempting both classic favorites, like Victory Rolls, while trying out some new looks that go with my length. 
I recently have been wearing a simple and soft curl look that resembles a good ol' classic Monroe style. It is pretty simple and fast once you do it a few times. This style takes me on average, 30 to 45 minutes, the curling and brushing out being the most time taking. I enjoy this style because its pretty quick and simple but looks way more put together than a bandana. It can be worn daily, with jeans, or for a night out in a pencil dress and heels! The other thing that I like about this look, is that it doesn't take a ton product like more extreme styles can, such as victory rolls and I can save those for other days in between my washes. I like to wear this the first or second day after I wash my hair. Then I can have a soft and simple style that looks effortless for any activity.

Below you will find a photo with a step by step guide on how I achieve this style.
You will only need a few products to get started. 1- Hair Spray, 2-Setting Spray, 3-Teasing Brush, 4- Bobby Pins, 5-Curling Iron or Flat Iron. I highly recommend stocking your beauty lairs with Suavecita hair products for the best retro hair results a girl can get!!

Find Suavecita Here!

Lets Get Started!
Step 1 Curl & Set Sides
Section off the top section of hair and spray hair all over with Setting Spray, I used my Suavecita Setting Spray. Start curling around your head in an inward or under direction, I like starting at the side, and curl around my head. Curl one inch sections and pin each up with a bobby pin to cool. The direction of the curl is important, if you curl outward your hair will turn out more 70's feathered than 50's curled lol.

Step 2 Curl & Set Top
After you have curled around your entire head, you can start curling the middle section. Again, curl in an under direction to ensure your final product is how you want it. If you curl backwards, you will be fighting your curls once done. Curl and set each with a bobby pin, using your Suavecita setting spray as you go.

Step 3 Spray & Set
After you have curled your entire head and set each curl to cool, spray all over with hair spray to set securely. I used Suavecita Hair Spray which offers amazing hold with out being stiff or sticky, plus its the best smelling spray around. 

Step 4 Remove Bobby Pins
I usually curl and set my hair before I do my makeup. That way my curls have a good amount of time to cool and set good and tight. Your next step is to start removing all of the bobby pins from your curls. Once that is done, you will have a full head of bouncy springy Shirley Temple curls. Give those babies another good shot of hair spray. I like to take a moment and walk around dramatically making my curls bounce while saying, "Boing! Boing! Boing!" before I brush them out lol. 

Step 5 Teasing Time!
This stage is probably my least favorite because its so bad for your hair, but for vintage styles its pretty much a must. Its teasing time! Start teasing your entire head at the root to give your look volume. This will end in you looking like you stuck your finger in a light socket, but trust me, it gets better. Then once that is done, give yourself another crop dust of hair spray! We are building a foundation, its important!

Step 6 Brush Out & Reveal!
This honestly is the most difficult step for me. I'm still learning how to properly brush out my curls for my vintage styles, but I am getting there. I need to feed on more Rockabilly Ruby videos lol. She is for real the vintage hair guru and also has a YouTube I highly recommend following. Take a soft bristle brush and start gently brushing and shaping your curls in the direction you want them to sit. You just have to take your take and shape your final look how you want it. Spraying and using clips to set certain areas like bangs and such. Once you have it all setting how you like, give yourself another coat of that sweet hairspray. Boom finished! 

 This is  one of my new favorites and a daily go to for me. It still comes out a little different each time as I learn and get better. The most product you will use is your hair spray, Bear Grylls could probably start a fire with what you are wearing lol, but it is important to hold the style properly. I hope you enjoyed this little hair style how to blog! Be sure to check out Suavecita if you haven't already and get your styles looking their best!
I will see you lovelies next time. Remember to always be yourself, and you will always be in style!

Be sure to check out all of my social media accounts for more fun! 
SnapChat @emilydoll_tvd

Special shout out to my friends at Suavecita Pomade for helping to keep all of my hair styles, both vintage and not, in the best shape possible with their amazing products. You can find them online and on all social platforms. If you are a guy follower or have a greasy guy at home, tell him about the original Suavecito men's pomade and more! Photos To Go Shop!