Wednesday, December 23, 2015

My Style

As time goes by, styles change. Fads come and go and what is "cool" changes faster then the temperature outside. I myself have changed my personal style more times than I can count but the one that stuck with me the most and really made me feel confident and myself would be what the world labels as "pinup" or "rockabilly" style, but to me it's just my style at this point in my life. I can't think of another style that gives me more confidence or makes me feel more like myself than the one that I have been sporting for almost a decade now. I also can say that I have never been judged or picked on more for simply embracing myself and what I love. The difference in who I use to be and who I am now isn't the style that I wear, or the clothing and hair choices I make, but the confidence  that my personal style gives me as a person and how it allows me to express myself. Adopting the style that I carry has given me a sense of self awareness and confidence I didn't know I had. When people question how I look, or what I do I don't get offended or stop being me. That would be pointless. I have learned that no matter what, people will judge you, so why not just embrace who you are and be yourself! You will be so much happier and that is what truly matters. 
 I love the pinup and vintage style because I've seen it give women confidence in embracing themselves like no other style out there! It doesn't just make them feel pretty, or give them a fun style, but it helps them to truly embrace who they are for how they are with out changing everything that makes them the women they are meant to be. 
  Styles will come and go for the rest of time, but what will never go out of style is the confidence that comes from loving yourself and being happy." 

-Emily Doll TVD