Sunday, December 27, 2015

OOTD- Hardcore and Freddie's!

 My style changes daily. Sometimes I'm in frilly dresses and heels and other days I'm in boots and jeans. My style personally reflects me and how I am feeling. It's a tool that I use to express myself. I always have. I don't apologize for my wardrobe no matter how many dirty looks I get. That would be like me apologizing for who I am. We all know that will never happen. Fashion is a way of self expression. It's a safe and positive way to show who you are and enjoy it! 

 I've never wanted to be a princess. Ever. I was never the little girl who wanted the dresses and tiaras. Instead I ran around in my grandmas old work dresses from the early 60's playing office or dancing out scenes from the newest musical she bought me. 
 Live out your life in the styles you want. Never be sorry for liking the looks that you like and never apologize for being you. 
This OOTD was inspired and built around my Hardcore Logo's T-Shirt. I am a big jeans and boots fan. I like comfort and functionality and my daily life usually supports looks like these more than anything else. I knew I needed to pair my T-shirt with something low key and cool. So let's talk about how this look came together! 

(Hardcore Logo's T-Shirt) 

 The outfit started with the want to wear this shirt. It fuels my rockabilly side and I love it! The idea of a 1940's paper girl that takes no shit came to mind. Now to find pants!! Moving on! 

 (Freddie's Of Pinewood 1950's Button Jeans) 

 I knew some of my favorite jeans from Freddie's were the only way to go! The perfect 50's style high waist and wider leg gave the retro tomboy look needed to pull this outfit together. The high waist along with the wide leg of these jeans is very slimming in the waist and gives the classic look of how girls wore their pants back in the 40's and 50's. It really set this look off. The white stitching gave some flair and detail opposed to just plain denim. It's cold in December so I need a few more accessories and layers to keep me warm! Moving on! 

(Freddie's Of Pinewood Plaid Shirt-Jac) 

 I'm a huge fan of plaid! I love it! I love how simple it can be but also add some great texture and detail to a look. It can take your outfit to a new level with out trying to hard. This red plaid shirt-jac from Freddie's was exactly what my outfit needed to give some depth with another layer while also helping to keep me warm in the cold month of December. It topped off my laid back look and matched my tomboy themed style. Comfortable, light, and hits right at the top of my Freddie's jeans to compliment my waist. Now for accessories and finishing touches to make this style my own! 

(Brown leather high lace up boots from Target) 

 You all ask me about my footwear and how I pick what to pair with what outfit. It's pretty simple really. I prefer brown leather. I think it works best with my looks. I also choose lace ups over pull ons when it comes to my casual looks. These boots are my favorite. They give an old school feel while complimenting my jean looks with comfort and functionality in daily activities. These are from target and I wear them every day. They lace up to under my knee, help with keeping my legs warm, and match my all around style. You can wear black leather if you prefer it but I enjoy the look of worn brown leather. Of course all of my jeans no matter what are finished with a cuff. Keeps my look classic. Next! 

(Simple brown leather belt. Mine is a cheap one from Wal-Mart) 
 So the great thing about Freddie's jeans is they pull in at your waist with out the need of a belt but for me my leather belt added a masculine and retro feel to my jeans. Most women back in the day wore belts with their jeans for many reasons but for me this is just a simple accessory that adds more texture to my outfit. Again I prefer brown leather over black and a belt like this can be found anywhere for a cheap price! Let's move on to finishing touches shall we! 

 (Men's hat from Target) 
 Most people call these "news boy caps" "Newsie caps" or "paper boy caps" whatever you call them, male or female these are great accessories for the days you don't feels like spending hours pin curling your hair or just want to be super casual. I was able to find one small enough for me at target in a simple grey tweed and am searching for more as we speak! This cap really set off my outfit and I love it! 

(Bandana and pocket knife) 

 So these two accessories are and will be a part of most every outfit I wear unless I don't have pockets. I always have a bandana on me. Rather it's in my hair, purse or back pocket I have one. They are good for everything and aren't just an add on to my look. I have them in every color and pattern and they are a daily staple for me. These can be picked up at any store. 
Why a pocket knife? Well why not. I'm a motorcycle parts girl and service manager. I use it all day at work and it's become a necessary pocket accessory for my daily life... Or maybe I'm just a bad bitch! Ha! 
These two things go with every outfit for the most part. Keys, phone, wallet, red lipstick, bandana, knife. Out the door!

All in all this Freddie's of Pinewood and Hardcore Logo inspired outfit is a huge success in my style log. It was comfortable and fashionable while complimenting my signature style. It gave me confidence in myself and will be an outfit I wear over and over. This look is one for the girl who is a doesn't take shit kind of girl that handles her own business and isn't afraid to push up her sleeves to get into whatever she is doing with out having to worry about getting a run in her stockings. It's a strong masculine look that all girl can feel like women wearing... Don't worry, I was wearing a thong underneath to keep my sexy in check! ;-) 

Until next time guys. Im Emily Doll your Vintag Doll and this was one of my OOTD! Thanks for reading!! 

Love Your Faces! 


Jeans and Jacket by Freddie's of Pinewood

T-Shirt by Hardcore Logo 

Boots and Hat by Target

Belt by Wal-Mart 

Note To My Readers...
 "I am thankful brands trust my opinion and judgment of their hard work and passion and am always so honored to be gifted their amazing products to share with my followers. I appreciate their respect in what I do and only share with and put my approval on products and brands that I truly love and trust. I hope that with my sharing of my favorite things you can add to your own lists."