Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Doll Style: Rocker Rockabilly

Daily work style inspired by the snooze button...

 I wake up at 7am at the latest to get ready for work. I have to be out the door by 8-8:15 to make it to work by 9am. My outfit reflects on how many times I hit the snooze button. Let's face it, sometimes sleep is way more important than perfectly pin curled hair. For me life is busy and hectic and if I can get 15 more minutes of sleep and haveing to wear a hat all day or waking up early to have perfect rolls... I'm choosing sleep. 
  My style reflects my life. Sometimes my life is low on time between things I'm doing or places I have to be. This style is a reflection of minimal time and a low key attitude. This outfit is gender neutral and could easily be worn by a guy simply by adjusting to guy cuts and fits. 
Let's talk about it! 

  Oklahoma winters are so suffocating on style options. After you layer on enough to keep you warm you feel about as attractive as a marshmallow. All outfits have to take into account of this weather. So jackets, boots, gloves, all pieces have to flow. Let's talk about the first item I chose to wear today.. 

(Jeans - Walmart) 
  I chose a way more modern pair of jeans to start this outfit. Your normal, modern, lower rise, worn by most skinny jeans. I wear the darkest denim I can find. It gives the look a more rockabilly feel and I just prefer dark denim. These jeans will be more laid back and easy to dress down with minimal effort in the rest of the look. Tuck them into your boots or converse and off you go! These are also great in warmer seasons to give big cuffs and wear as capris. Now keep in mind I picked these because they fit me and my body the way I want. You can adjust your Jean style by what you like best. I got them at Walmart for $7 bucks. Can't beat that! Moving on!!
(Shirt by Hardcore Logo) 
 The next piece I chose for my look was one of my Hardcore Logo T's. I chose my Roller Betty red detailed top. It added some great rockabilly pinup feel to my look. Low key T's like this are great to carry your style into a less dramatic look. For the days you don't want the pinup style fuss and all the work, a Tee that has awesome rockabilly prints are prefect. Find companies like Hardcore Logo that cater to our style. They will have illustrations and artwork that are more appealing to you and will keep the image you carry.

(My classic brown leather belt that you all know) 
 These jeans are pretty tight and you wouldn't think a belt is needed, but I gotta keep in the booty! Belts needed or not give a look texture and depth. They help give it more of an edge. This look could cater to black leather easy but I prefer brown. 

(Leather knee high lace up boots) 

 If I wear skinny jeans at all which I'm not a huge fan of, I wear them two ways. Either cuffed into capris during summer or tucked into boots. When you tuck your jeans into boots like these it takes your style to a whole new level. It's a lot more rugged and gives you kind of a "bad bitch that takes no crap" feel. I like to think I'm that type so I fully support this. Boots or booties are a must for this look. It helps tie all your pieces together. The only other alternative would be converse, but it's to cold for those right now. These are extra protection in these cold Oklahoma months. MOVING ON! 
(Red faux leather jacket) 
 This is one of my favorite jackets. It's so bad ass! I found this little number at ROSS and couldn't leave with out it. Leather is a huge statement piece and takes your look from t-shirt and jeans to boss bitch rocker babe in two seconds flat! Red, black, blue, white, whatever color leather you sport it's a big part of making this look one for the books. I'm not a supporter of anything real leather or fur so fake is the only way for me when it comes to adding pieces like this to my looks! LETS ADD FINISHING TOUCHES! 
(Drivers cap is a must for winter) 
 As always I finished off my look with some essentials. My bandana and pocket knife which like I've said are always on me. Keys, phone, gum, condom, lipstick, bandana and knife. You know, important shit. 
 If you are new to the rockabilly scene banandas are something you better get use to. We all have them. I use mine for everything. If you don't use them they are a good accessory if nothing else. Like a bow or bracelet. 
This winter I discovered drivers caps. Some call them paper boy hats, whatever you call them they are great to top off your look rather a guy or girl. (Haha "top off" get it cause it's a hat!) 

These minor accessories tie into your laid back look while giving it some added flair to make it look really bad ass. It isn't too much but it is just enough to kick your style up from "I picked this up out of the floor" to "I'm just a bad ass and I can't help that my style is killer!" All while really not having to put a lot of effort or thought into the whole look. So it's a win win! 

Wrap up!! 

All in all this is a really laid back versitile look. Life doesn't always allow us time to put together these picture perfect outfits and styles. Having your wardrobe on fleek everyday can be a job all on its own! This look allows you to look put together and cool with out taking up to much of your time. By changing it to men's cuts and fits a guy could wear this same look. The rockabilly style has been evolving more and more and it's still just as awesome. With simple shirts and accessories you can turn your laid back look into something that carries your rockabilly style into the modern day. The options are limitless if you know the style. Knowing the rockabilly style is key to pulling off great looks that embody this culture. I would peg this look as a modern rockabilly twist. It's very me and that's why I like it. Style is meant to set off your creativity and passions. Like wearing what you love and expressing it to the world. 
 Remember that this is my body, and the things I buy are to compliment how I was created. Don't ever think you can't wear something based off how another looks in it. Our bodies are different so if you need a different style or cut of jeans go for it! Make this style yours and let it express who you are and what you love!!
Feel free to share this with others and inspire style everywhere! 
Post your questions in the comments below!! 
Links and Brands-
Shirt by Hardcore Logo

*Jeans & belt- Walmart
*Hat & boots - Target
*Jacket - ROSS
Thanks for reading! Remember be yourself and you will always be in style!! 
Xoxo love your faces! 
Emily Doll TVD 

Note To My Readers...

 "I am thankful brands trust my opinion and judgment of their hard work and passion and am always so honored to be gifted their amazing products to share with my followers. I appreciate their respect in what I do and only share with and put my approval on products and brands that I truly love and trust. I hope that with my sharing of my favorite things you can add to your own lists."