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Eyeliner Review: Tyra Beauty Oops! Liner

Liquid Eyeliner Review! 
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  Liquid eyeliner is a must for retro inspired makeup looks! The perfect cat eye is a pinup staple but getting the perfect cat eye isn't always as easy as the flick of a wrist! I just tested a new product that may just help a few of you dolls out in the wings department! This is my test and review of my newest liquid liner! Give it a shot yourself and share your results in the comments! Don't forget to share and help fellow dolls everywhere! 


What we are reviewing! 
-Tyra Beauty Oops! Eyeliner
Eyeliner and corrector pen  
Color- Classic Black 
Sold online for $24.00 at - 

Liquid eyeliner can be one of the hardest products to use for most women. Some, like me take years of practice before they fully master the technique of cat eyes. So in no way should you feel bad if you are struggling with getting the application down to a decent amount of time so you can sport this awesome retro look everyday. I have spent years practicing with liquid liner and now I can apply a decent set of cat eyes on myself every morning in less than three minutes. I haven't always been able to do this. I struggled for years and even gave up on trying for a good amount of time before I took control and gained their respect. You can easily go from classic retro movie starlet to Amy Winehouse (bless her soul) in one easy pass over your lids. I remember the one thing that really helped me was the invention of the felt tip applicator pen. I owe my cat eye success to whoever came up with this idea! It really helped me. Recently I was introduced to a new product by Tyra Beauty called the "Oops! Liner" and I really think it's going to help pro's, newbies, and women who struggle with applying the perfect cat eye! 
The Tyra Beauty "Oops! Liner" is a dual ended eyeliner pen. On one end it features a slim tipped black liquid liner pen, and on the other a makeup removing tip to take care of any mistakes made in the application process. It can also assist you with the ever so annoying one cat eye thicker than the other issue. This corrector tip will make sure to keep those wing tips sharp and on point! I love that it is a felt tip pen applicator. I think this is one of the easiest ways to learn cat eyes. This product is sure to help women of all skill levels either finally achieve cat eyes or puuuurfect their wings even more! 

Check out the corrector in action! 

The corrector works best if after ever correcting swipe you take you wipe the tip off on the back of your hand. That way you don't reapply what you just took off! 
It really woks best to keep your wings tight and sharp. If you get a little too thick of a line, just slim it down with the corrector end! 
Check out my results with the Oops! Liner! 

Note- I have been applying cat eyes for almost 11 years. It takes practice and patience! If yours doesn't look like mine don't be hard on yourself! You will get it! 

-This is a great eyeliner! It went on easy and stayed put all day!
-The felt tip applicator is thin and gives you the option to have a thick or thin wing! 
-The price is a little higher than drugstore product but for a liner and remover in one it makes sense! 
-Being able to buy this online gives more women the option to try and buy! 
-The thought of helping women achieve a complicated makeup look really makes me happy! 
Product Rating 4 Stars! **** 
I hope you enjoyed this review! If you want to learn more about this product like ingredients and more, check it out over at where you can find this and more products by Tyra Beauty! Remember to leave you comments, questions, beauty tips and makeup product review requests in the comments below! Share with a fellow Doll today! 
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**Try my step by step application photo! 

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