Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Foundation Review: L'oreal True Match Lumi Cushion- Buildable LuminousFoundation

Foundation Review! 
Make up reviews for the everyday doll! 

  I've always been a make up junkie. It's always been my thing. Ever since I was allowed to start wearing real mascara and shadow I loved it! I fueled my love for it through magazines mostly. My dream job was to work at my favorite place in the world.. Sephora.. 
 At 19 I came close to that dream by landing a job at Ulta where I did makeup application, shade matches, event makeup, etc.. My biggest addiction was new products! I wanted to try them all. See if they worked! See what was better and what I could recommend to others! 
  Several years later I am still the same way. Only the women who need my help are hundreds of thousands now lol. So since this is my first make up review I hope you ladies like it!! Recommend products you want me to try in the comments! Don't forget to share and help other ladies!


What we are reviewing! 
-L'oreal Tru Match Lumi Cushion 
Buildable luminous foundation. 
My shade-
My skin type-
Sensitive to dry with occasional breakouts. 
Purchased at Walgreens for $16.99 

What caught my eye first was the packaging. The rose gold compact and delicate almost lace like sticker on top was so girlie and pretty. I am a total sucker for packaging. Presentation is a huge thing and this compact has a good first impression. 
 Foundation in a simple compact... I like it! Let's see what's inside? 

Well this is cool!! A liquid foundation with built in application sponge! The foundation is held in place by another sponge soaked with the actual product. I held it upside down to check for leaking or spilling. Neither happened. The first thing I grabbed was a disposable makeup sponge. It's great that these compacts provide their own applicator but those can hold bacteria over time and cause breakouts so it's best to use your own washable or disposable applicator to keep your skin clear and from contaminating your entire compact! Germs are gross! keep them off your face! 
 I dabbed my sponge into the container and it quickly picked up the product. I always go for my dark circles first. I'm very pale and I have very blue dark circles so if it works there I'm likely to keep going. 
I applied the product over my face twice to get the coverage I desired. Ultimately it covered well but most importantly is light and didn't feel masking on my skin. 
It could easily be applied to a full coverage if needed. 
I set my foundation with zero concealer with a luminizing translucent powder by Wet&Wild. I prefer luminizing over matte finish unless I am shooting. It works well with my skin tone. 
This is the end result without any other products such as blush or contouring..

Note- no filters were applied to these photos to show true color. My bedroom was dark and I was sitting in front of my makeup mirror which turns out to have killer lighting. 
-So far I'm loving this foundation. I really like the packaging and how easy it is to apply. I feel like less product will be lost into the application sponge this way which saves more money. 
-The color range has more shades and tones than most which helps a lot. It's a newer product so color choice is small now but will range in the full Tru Match colors soon I'm sure.
-The wear and staying power during daily work activities was great. It didn't seem to move at all.  
-Price is pretty reasonable considering the result. Walgreens tends to be higher in price than Walmart. So I'm sure it will be lower prices other places. 
-Location to pick this up is easy as well. It's sold in most mass stores. Walmart, Target, Drug Stores, so you can grab some while out doing normal shopping. I'm not sure if this is available for my UK followers or if it's sold online.
All in all this is a pretty nice foundation that I would buy again. It isn't an extreme coverage or heavy wear product but for those like me who want light to medium coverage with the option of more it can give you that! 
Product Rating 4 Kisses-  💋💋💋💋

I hope you enjoyed this review! Leave your comments, questions, beauty tips and product review requests in the comments below! Don't forget to share with your doll friends! 

"Remember to be yourself and you will always be in style!" 

I love your faces!
Emily Doll TVD 

**This review not sponsored by L'oreal. Personal purchase and share to help other ladies with my personal products