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A Year In Beauty! February Ipsy Bag

February Bag Theme: "Pretty In Ipsy Pink" 

It's month two of my monthly installment blog "A Year In Beauty" where I blog about my monthly Ipsy bag and the goodies inside. One thing I've always loved is trying new beauty products. I love the testing phase and experiencing something new that I might just fall in love with. It's my favorite part of being an Ipsy Glam Bag subscriber! I get to try new products every month tailored to me and my beauty needs! This month I just so happened to fall in love with some more never before used products thanks to Ipsy! Let's crack in to my February bag and talk about what I got and why I love it! 

Oh the goodies the goodies!!! This bag is to die for!! I might have danced a little when first pulling this beauty out of my favorite hot pink metallic bubble package! 

My February Bag Includes... 

(Seraphine Botanicles Carrot + Roze Hydrating Cream) 

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I want to mention first that this product is 100% cruelty free! It is Vegan, GMO free, Gluten free and does not test on animals! Super important things in the beauty industry right now. The first thing I noticed about this cream was its amazing sweet scent! I loved it right away. Second was its smooth creamy texture that just seemed to melt right into your skin. This is a lightweight cream made with glycerin a natural humectant that's great for normal to combination skin. It absorbs quickly without any sticky after feel which is a huge pet peeve of mine. If it's sticky I won't use it. My 5 year old recently had some chapped cheeks from running around on the playground at school and I put some of my Carrot + Rose cream on his face and it stopped the burn right away! 

(Naked Cosmetics Mica Pigment in Sierra Nevada #02) 

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I've read and heard a lot about Naked Cosmetics but this is another product I have yet to try before Ipsy! It was exciting to see in my bag! I received one of their highly pigmented loose shadows! Naked Cosmetics is the purest and most natural makeup to exist in stores. Their Baked Pigments are 100% pure oxidized Mica that contain zero talc powders, waxes, oils and other fillers that can tend to irritate your skin. Their products are are full on color and non allergenic! Pure makeup is good makeup. This is our face we are talking about so if I can get natural based products I'm all about it. The packaging took me back to my early teen years when I use to sneak my big sisters rave glitter cubes to put in my hair lol! It's in a screw tight container that opens to the full product. So be careful and don't spill this beauty gold!! I loved how smoothly the product went on and it didn't take much to have a champagne glitter wonderland dancing on my eye lids! Although like all loose pigment shadows and glitter shadows this can get everywhere so go slow and be ready for fall out! All around Beautiful base for so many looks! 

(Luxie Beauty Small Tapered Blending Eye Brush 231)

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Ipsy is so awesome! They send me an eye shadow so naturally they send me a beautiful new brush to apply it! Thinking ahead! I like it Ipsy! This brush is so girlie and pretty. I wouldn't mind for a second to have an entire brush set by Luxie. This brush has the important factors of being Vegan and cruelty and paraben free! They also took the best step by coating it with a antibacterial solution to cut back on germs trying to fester in your beautiful blending brush! These brushes are a must for bending shadow. With out brushes like these I never would have mastered the smokey eye! A must for my makeup bag! 

(Chella Lipstick Pencil in Passionate Pink) 

I never really know how to feel about lipstick crayons and pencils like this. I usually love them or hate them. My Chella lipstick pencil had me curious do I took control right away and slapped it on! I loved the pink corral color right away. It wasn't my normal red but I embraced it and actually liked it. A more low key color for spring and not so abrasive. Surprisingly it stayed on really well which I wasn't expecting due to the moisturizing and creamy feel. It has sunflower oil which is a natural antioxidant and vitamin C and E! It's a great little lip pencil to through in your bag for some lip color on the go! 

(Smashbox Cosmetics New Photo Finish Primer Oil) 

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This product had me a little stumped... An oil face primer.. How is this a thing? Well it is so instead of being scared of it I gave it a shot! Smashbox is known to put out some of the best foundation primers so I have to have faith in them that this is a good one too. My skin can tend to be a little dry and tight so I figured this could be a great makeup base for me. A lot of women struggle with their faces looking too powdery after applying their makeup so this could be a solution to that issue finally. This is a fast absorbing lightweight face oil that penetrates quickly to moisturize your skin for a seamless foundation application resulting in a dewy glow like finish. I can say that's pretty factual for me with this product. The more moisturized your skin the better your make up will apply that's just facts but I can also see this being a huge issue for women with breakout prone or already oily skin. This is a great one for dry to normal skin. It has 15 essential and lipid rich plant oils including jojoba and chamomile which is calming and great for your skin. This oil primer worked great for me but I would have to recommend heading to a cosmetic store that will possibly give you a sample of this beauty to try before you spend the Smashbox price on it. I loved by would hate for someone else to have a huge skin malfunction with the over usage of oil! 

(February Ipsy Glam Bag) 

LOVE!! LOVE LOVE LOVE!! This bag made my heart so happy! It feeds my girlie somewhat geeky soul and it's just perfect. I think Ipsy really nailed it with their bag choice this month! It's just too adorable!! 

So far this is my favorite Ipsy Glam Bag of the year!! The bag choice was awesome and I got to try out some new brands and products I really enjoyed! 
Thanks Ipsy for helping me discover yet again more brands and beauty products I never knew existed! 

Check out my look created with the beauty goodies in my February Ipsy bag! 

Ipsy is a great way to learn, grow, experiment and feed your beauty addiction! I love being an Ipsy girl and can't wait to see what's in my March bag! 

You can find all of the products in my bag and more by visiting the Ipsy website! Click the link bags to be taken there now! 

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Thank You For Reading! See You Next Month with Another Installment of A Year in Beauty! 

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