Friday, February 5, 2016

A Year In Beauty! January Ipsy Bag

January Bag Theme: "All Eyes On You" 
My love for all things beauty started at an early age. So needless to say I am absolutely thrilled to start off this year freshly signed up with the beauty mailers Ipsy! I wanted to track my beauty journey by blogging about each monthly beauty bag that arrives!
What's Ipsy you might ask? Well I'll tell you so we can get this blog to the fun part!
 For a low $10 bucks a month you will receive an adorable cosmetic bag with five beauty products that range from large deluxe sample sizes to full size products for you to experiment with and enjoy! These products range from cosmetics, hair, skin and nails. If it's beauty related it will be in there at some point!  It gives you the opportunity to test different brands, shades and products you may have never found. It's like opening up a pandoras box of beauty possibilities you might have been scared to open on your own so Ipsy takes the plunge for you. 
You start off by signing up and taking their questionnaire so they can make sure your bags are tailored to your styles and needs. Then your bags start arriving. The brand is full of fun ways to earn points, gain extras and also has a lot of great interactive options to learn from their team of beauty specialists. I highly recommend signing up. It's a whole beauty world for you to play in and enjoy! Not only are the products amazing but it shows up in a bright pink metallic envelope and there is makeup inside! Yes please! I will take 12 months of this! Each bag is designed around you and your beauty needs and will have different products! Each month there is only one product chosen to be in all of the bags! But don't worry you can find a complete list of the products that were involved in all bags on their website. 

I received my first bag of the year and wanted to show it to you all! Let's crack this baby open and see what's inside shall we! 

My Custom January Bag Includes....

Hanalie Sugar Lip Scrub

(Click photo for product site) 

Now I don't know about you ladies but I love sugar scrubs for my kisser!! I wear a lot of matte lipstick and they tend to do a doozy on your lips and sugar scrubs can help the next application stay smooth! This one was perfectly sweet and effective and left my lips soft and not waxy. 

Burt's Bees Cleansing Oil 

(Click photo for product site) 

I've been a Burt's fan for over ten years. They just produce really great products with more beneficial ingredients than not. During the winter this type of cleanser would be great to keep your face from drying out too bad! Cleansing oils help breakdown makeup without over stripping. I don't recommend this type of product for someone with already oily or breakout prone skin. If you have either of those this would be a great product to use on stubborn mascara and eye products! 

Pixie By Petra Mineral Eye Duo in Lavendar Bloom 

(Click photo for product site) 

See here is the best part of Ipsy. I've always wondered about this brand after seeing it several places and now I no longer have to wonder! This eye shadow is a beautiful pale Pearl Lavender with a contrasting metallic Lavender shade. Both pretty high in pigment and didn't take much to build up color. It went on easy and smooth with out any blending issues! 

The Balm Mr. Write (Now) eye liner in Scott (click photo for product site) 

Skone Smudger Brush (

These little babies were a great finish to my January Ipsy bag!! 
Again another brand I've wanted to try, The Balm, and I'm pleased so far! Not only was this eye liner smooth and laid down easy with easy smudging capabilities but The Balm is full of Pinups in their packaging! Another home run for Ipsy with my style! SURPRISE! The Balm eye liner is the product of the month and every girl received one! 
I used my Skone Smudge brush to smudge both my liner and shadow from my bag and it was smooth and handled the job easy! These types of brushes are a must for that smokey eye! 

My Eyeshadow and Smudge Brush Got Along Nicely! 

January Ipsy Cosmetic Bag

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Every month not only do your amazing customized products change but so does your cosmetic bag! Each month you will receive all of your beauty goodies in an adorable bag that you can add to your now ever growing collection!! Each bag is the same for all girls, it's the products that change for each persons needs and styles. This month was an adorable barbiesque retro multicolor print bag! I love the vintage feel and her cat eye glasses!! It's adorable! 

I was super pleased with all of my amazing products in Ipsy's January bag. Great quality, fits my personality and allowed me to try out some new brands that I had been wondering about. 

Check out the look I created with my January bag! 

Ipsy is a great way to learn, grow, experiment and feed your beauty addiction! I love being an Ipsy girl and can't wait to see what's in February's bag!!! 


You can find all of the products in my bag and more by visiting the Ipsy website! Click the pink bag above to check it out! 

Featured Brands-
Burt's Bees 
Pixie By Perra 
The Balm
Skone Cosmetics 

(click each product photo to be taken to their websites!)

Thank you for reading! 

"Remember to always be yourself, and you will always be in style!" 
Xoxo Emily Doll - TVD 

"My Look Created with my January Ipsy Bag!" 

Note To My Readers...
"This blog was not sponsored by Ipsy! I'm a real Ipsy subscriber! Everything I share with you is based off my own testing and opinion. I share the things and products I love to express my love of beauty and help to inspire yours! 

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