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Beauty Review! Maybelline's New Babylips Balm Balls!

Maybelline Babylips New Balm Balls!

I'm a big fan of Maybelline's Babylips lip product line. I don't think I've ever had a lip balm that hydrates, has perfect colors, stays smooth and non-waxy on my lips all while packaged in super fun and girly ways!
Maybelline put out their starting lineup of Babylips lip balms several years ago now. They promised to keep your lips hydrated while having the perfect tint. They lived up to that promise. I've owned several of the originals and loved them all. Since the launch of the lip balms, Maybelline has added a few things to the Babylips line. Things like limited edition colors, Babylips lip gloss and even a face primer promised to give you baby like pore free skin! 

So far, everything in the Babylips line has gone over great! Recently they launched the newest baby to the baby lips family. Babylips Balm Balls!! Starting out in four different shades on fun new packaging! 

Let's get this review started! 

What we are reviewing 
-Maybelline Babylips Balm Balls 
Colors (Full Line of Colors) 
-"Bit Of Berry" 
-"Pout In Pink" 
-"Pretty In Peach"
-"Kiss Of Rose" 
Sold In Mass Retailers-Drugstores-Online at Ulta Beauty
Price - $4.99 

 My attention was grabbed by the fun packaging. I've said it before and I'll say it again, I LOVE CUTE PACKAGING! It's really important to me and what grabs my attention first. The Babylips Balm Balls where wearing the uniform of the much loved Babylips balms. The chunky bright lettering and coordinating colored lids drew me right in. Four colors to start off this new product and I decided I needed to try them all! For research purposes of course...

Let's Talk About Colors! 
We are going to try them all!

"Pretty In Peach" The Lightest of the shades it adorns your lips with a light natural peach color. This is a very subtle shade and perfect for the girls who prefer little to no color but a healthy looking lip.

"Pout In Pink" The Second lightest shade in the group has a little more pigment that the first. After well applying it gave my lips a very pink Barbie girl look! This shade is perfect for the girliest of girlie girls! 

"Kiss Of Rose" This shade is a little deeper and has a very natural warm pink look to it. It isn't light but it isn't dark either. It truly is a rosey shade that screams healthy, hydrated and kissable! 

"Bit Of Berry" My favorite in the line is of course the darkest red shade. It's juicy like a red starburst and deposits the most color. This is the perfect shade for us girls who live in red lipstick and need to go a day without for hydrating and still want some good natural red color!! 

The new Maybelline Babylips Balm Balls are fun, pretty, deposit a good amount of natural looking color, are slightly naturally glossy, smell and taste good and give your lips killer hydration! 
The colors are all slightly different and range from light and subtle to ripe and juicy but are all very similar in color intensity which again isn't to high. It's not to big of a jump from one color to the next. I think the only improvement would be to make the color shades further apart on the shade scale. Unless you go from the lightest to the darkest there really isn't much of a color change on my lips, but might be on yours. These are all very light shades and are great to carry with you to use during both casual and dressed up days! I would say that these new balm balls just like all of the Babylips products are perfect for the girls who want a little bit more than regular Chapstick but not full on full color lip products. I loved the half sphere shape which glides on great and the smell and glossy feel is perfect! No sticky when it comes to Babylips and that's what I love most!

Product Rating on the Doll Scale!
Four Stars

Babylips will continue to be one of my top lip products! I now have one in my car, purse, work, makeup bag and nightstand! 

Thank you Maybelline for creating this awesome product! 

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