Thursday, February 25, 2016

Doll Style Breakdown: Cozy Casual

Lazy and adorable! 

Life is measured in moments. Moments are created in time. Most days I find myself with very little time. I go to bed with out even considering what I will wear the next day and don't think twice about it as I lay my head on my pillow way later than I had planned. When I wake up the next day I feel accomplished if my hair and make up both turn out ok and then I start digging in my closet. I recently through together a lazy outfit that came together well enough to blog about. You don't always have to be well thought out and fancy to look cute. Sometimes all it takes is some low key confidence and a band T! 

Let's check out my outfit shall we! 

This Misfits T is one of my favorites but wasn't so easy to get ahold of in my size. Took some time and now that I have it I put it to good use. This went on first this morning then I was off to find pants! (Cops don't like it when you leave the house with out pants so) 

Jeans! Dark wash of course. I chose a lower cut with a skinny leg because I had a look in mind while this was all coming together. More of a picked these jeans up out of the floor rocker style. A modern rockabilly vibe a posed to my retro look that I normally wear. Why? Because this is a lazy casual look that we want to be able to do quickly! 

I love my jeans and band T's and how light and simple they are. Although it's still really chilly here at home so a sweater was important. I chose my skull sweater I got while working at Hot Topic. This bad boy is so comfortable and I pair with a lot of my low key looks. It gave the outfit some layers and shape with my super tight jeans underneath. 

Chucks! Continuing with my simple theme to this look I added my white high top converse. I cuffed my jeans with a smaller narrow cuff above my chucks and added some white scrunched socks to add texture and keep my ankles warm in the last months of winter! 

And there you have it! A low key, simple and quick lazy look that involves something we all have in our closets. 

Jeans and T-shirts can be super cute and even sexy if you put them together right and crank up your confidence. Some days we just want to be relaxed and still feel put together. This look gave me that feeling. I was able to be laid back and keep my rockabilly edge! 
Now go put on your version of this style and don't waste time! Get out there and make your moments count in comfort!

Where I Got My Goods!

T-Shirt & Sweater 
Hot Topic 

I hope you guys enjoyed this Doll Style Breakdown and it helps influence your future wardrobe choices! Remember that I share my personal looks that I tailor to fit my body and who I am and to take what I share to help inspire your looks and tailor them to fit you! 

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"Remember To a Always Be Yourself And You Will Always Be In Style!" 
Emily Doll TVD