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Doll Style Review: Featuring Suavecita Pomade's Newest Products!

Doll Style Review! Featuring Suavecita Pomade's Newest Beauty Additions!! 

Suavecita women's Pomade came onto the scene as an addition to the very well known Suavecito men's pomade that so many use and love. Suavecita Pomade started small with a simple idea. "Pomade for women" a hair pomade that caters to the retro styles all dolls love and steal their boyfriends pomade to perfect. So why not have a pomade made just for women right? 
That's exactly what Suavecita did! They created an amazing product that catered to the styles we love and looked good doing it!! Now with multiple hair products in their line Suavecita is ever growing to perfect the beauty rituals of women everywhere!! They started with pomade, and now carry a grooming spray to help start your styles off right, and a silkening argan oil to replenish and shine our worked tresses. They also recently branched out to bring us lipsticks, a limited edition handbag, clothing and more!
Needless to say Suavecita knows what we need and take care of it!! 
(Suavecita Grooming Spray-Pomade-Argan Oil) 

Last summer Suavecita made ladies everywhere swoon when they launched their line of lipsticks!! These matte finish vegan and cruelty free lipsticks took Suavecita to a whole new level and we all fell in love. Not only did they provide us with a beautiful color array of long wear lipsticks in both classic and fun shades but they made the packaging brilliant with its locking tube to keep it from popping open in your purse! Suavecita lipsticks are a pinup purse essential!! 

(Suavecita cruelty free vegan matte lipsticks) 

I couldn't have been more delighted when Suavecita contacted me with word of their newest arrivals to the brand. Ever evolving, ever growing and ever spoiling us ladies in the rockabilly culture and beyond!! 

I would like to be one of the first to introduce to you the beginning of Suavecita's new body care line!! 

 (Suavecita Shower Gel and Body Spray) 

This is an amazing add to the brands women's line. Not only do we like our beauty products but when we fall in love with a product and brand we like to be able to use as many products from that brand as possible and Suavecita isn't wasting anytime dominating our beauty cupboards! 
The new body care line launched two products this month! A Shower Gel and a Body Spray to take us into full Berry bloom this spring and summer! Suavecita knows the importance of layering your scents clearly by creating two great items! 

(Suavecita shower gel)

Now before you start panicking over the environmentally dangerous exfoliating beads in this lushes shower gel let me assure you that Suavecita took care of that for us and replaced theirs with Eco-beads! Jojoba esters which are not harmful to the environment! This gel is infused with aloe and will gently exfoliate while not stripping your skin of valuable moisture! It has the classic sweet Berry scent of Suavecita pomade and is truly divine! 

(Suavecita Body Spray) 

What is more perfect for the coming up seasons than a fruity and feminine body spray to compliment your new shower gel! This new body spray has a fresh Berry scent that is perfect for summer and car show season! It's light and refreshing and something you will want in your purse to take everywhere! In warmer months especially where I live in humid Oklahoma, lighter body sprays replace my daily perfume, my new Suavecita Body Spray will be my perfect summer signature scent! 

I want to congratulate the team at Suavecita for such a great add. Through hard work and passion in what they do, they never let us down with their attention to not only the style and culture we share but what we need to keep it up! It's important to have brands out there that understand our style and what we need to create it and Suavecita is making the styling job of Rockabellas everywhere so much easier! 

Thank you Suavecita! 

I hope you enjoyed this review! To find more from Suavecita including their full product line, purchasing, men's line and more! Click the photo below! 

Thank you! 

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 "I am thankful brands trust my opinion and judgment of their hard work and passion and am always so honored to be gifted their amazing products to share with my followers. I appreciate their respect in what I do and only share with and put my approval on products and brands that I truly love and trust. I hope that with my sharing of my favorite things you can add to your own lists." 

Xoxo Emily Doll TVD 

"Remember to always be yourself! And you will always be in style!" 

Suavecita.... The magic that brings out the retro goddess in all women! 

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