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Doll Style Review: Featuring LoveChuckTaylors

"Love Chuck Taylor's" 
Custom Converse For The Entire Family 

 It's going on two years now since I met Kelly owner, creator and one woman show of the amazing custom converse brand LoveChuckTaylors. When I received an email from Kelly introducing me to her business and what she does I was pretty excited to say the least. A woman who specializes in taking something I already love and making it even more awesome and having it reflect my personal style! This was great news to hear! 
The beautiful and passion driven Kelly creator of LoveChuckTaylors

Kelly started LoveChuckTaylors back in May of 2013 after she had done some customizing to her own converse with some stud details. Her love for converse shoes was undeniable and after making her self a pair of custom Chucks she decided to share her passion and joy with others! Thus, LoveChuckTaylors was born! 

What is LoveChuckTaylors? 

LoveChuckTaylors is your number one shop for customized Converse shoes!! "Like real brand name converse?" Yes!!! Real Converse! The universally loved shoe around the world! Converse has been around for a long time, and thanks to Kelly they can now reflect your style even more! She takes your favorite shoes and adds to them to make them unique, fun, stylish, personal and one of a kind! 
LoveChuckTaylors has a lot to offer. From classic simple designs to catering to style cultures like the Rockabilly community, Her designs and prints grow on a daily basis. Kelly pays attention to what her customers want in their personal Chucks and goes above and beyond! You can find things from edgy and modern to classic rocker all on her Etsy shop. She has many favorite styles that she always keeps up as an option for people to choose from or if you don't see something that fits your look, she takes custom orders!! 
You can pick the color, style, and custom design that will create your one of a kind pair of Converse from LoveChuckTaylors! 

Check out some of these looks!

Holiday fun! 
Even Bling!! 

So many options it's hard to stop with one pair! Once you get started with Kelly's custom converse your brain will whirl with what style to get or create next! 
Think these are for girls? Think again! Even guys are getting down with Kelly's chucks! From high tops to low tops, bandanna print and leopard, men everywhere are getting their kicks customized with Love Chuck Taylor's!

Check it out!
This footwear is taking it to a whole other level! The style, energy and attitude are ramped up with LoveChuckTaylors and more and more people are catching on to Kelly's designs! 
Even couples!! 
Do you have little ones? Boys and girls of all ages are starting out early and cooler than us with their custom chucks. Converse are some of the best shoes for babies who are learning to walk because they are flat and help them balance. LoveChuckTaylors customizes shoes For kids of any age and starts them out in style! 
I think the thing I love most about LoveChuckTaylors and its creator Kelly is that it's a business fueled by the love of her product and the passion she puts into it. Kelly loves Converse shoes and loves making them her own! She has created a brand around that love so others can enjoy it too! She works hard to make sure her shop is full of designs for anyone and everyone! From men and women, kids and babies, rockabillies and modern style influencers she has something for everyone! People love what she does and her reviews speak for themselves! 

I've been a fan and owner of my LoveChuckTaylors for two years now. There is nothing more exciting then having custom versions of the shoes I live my life in! Check out my personal collection of custom chucks! I get most of mine from the "Rockabilly Collection!" Decked out in faux fur leopard!! 
Red Low Top Converse with Fur Leopard 
From the Rockabilly Collection 
Black Monochrome low tops with fur Leopard 
White Low Tops with Floral 
Pink Low Tops with leopard 

It goes without saying that Converse will always be a popular shoe of choice. Rather you like your chucks with high tops or low tops you are likely to have several pairs that you wear with different things and are your go to footwear. Why not make your chucks yours by getting them customized to truly fit your style and what you represent! 

Thanks for reading guys!! 
Xoxo Emily Doll TVD

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