Thursday, February 18, 2016

Pinup Style Brand Review: Atomic Lucite

"Pinup Style Brand Review with Emily Doll featuring Atomic Lucite" 

As a huge fan and collector of Lucite Jewelry I was super excited to discover the Lucite jewelry reproduction brand "Atomic Lucite" 
I was recently given the chance to review some of their staple pieces and boy oh boy was I in confetti Lucite heaven!! 

Atomic Lucite consists of two amazing women based out of Chicago. Angela and Melanie are the masters behind this whole fabulous array of glitter and atomic goodness! Atomic Lucite has been around since 2015 but they are already well ahead in turn out of their designs and products. 

As I started out in my journey through the Lucite heaven I noticed the immediate attention to atomic detail. The really do put the ATOMIC in Atomic Lucite. Rockets, Starbursts, Boomerangs, they capture so many designs from the mid century era. Then you have Tikis, Flamingos, tiny air stream trailers and lots of other fun designs that will grab your kitsch loving heart and make you swoon! 

The impact of the glitter in these confetti Lucite confections made me go gaga! I am such a sucker for this style and Atomic Lucite has it down! 
From fine glitter to chunky pieces the confetti in these pieces has no problem giving us the sparkle we desire and much more! Their brilliant gleam will grab the attention of many no matter what you pair them with. 

From earrings to brooches to necklaces and custom pieces there are a million things to tickle your fancy. One of my all time favorite items has to be their Atomic Brooches! They are out of this world!! Confetti lucite bits with wire detail really gives these items a whole new feel and I fell in love fast! 

Atomic Lucite offers many choices in colors, styles and matching sets. They are all handmade by the ladies behind the brand and they pour their love and passion in to each item they put out. Even at times taking special orders and creating one of a kind things for their customers. They do custom color choices and designs to make sure every doll gets her dream piece! Their shop is ever growing and they are constantly working to create new pieces for dolls around the world to enjoy. 

Reproduction confetti Lucite jewelry and accessories are a pinup must!! I've said it before and I will say it again, confetti Lucite is a pinup girls diamonds! This jewelry cranks up the retro nostalgia to your looks and is the perfect finishing touch to any outfit both dressed up or down. These pieces can be added to dresses and cardigans, to jeans and blouses. The options in what you can wear Lucite jewelry with is as endless as the beautiful designs by Atomic Lucite! 

Atomic Lucite is sure to make its way into your Lucite collection as soon as you see it! I know I fell in love with their sparkle and attention to atomic detail and truly living up to their name! 
Right now Atomic Lucite uses trusty ol' Facebook as their main shop and selling portal. Ladies can contact them with their interested pieces, purchases or custom orders! 
These ladies may only be in the beginnings of their Lucite jewelry brand but with their growing collection and hard work I can see them going very far in their passion and business! 

Check out these amazing pieces! 

(Atomic Lucite Confetti Lucite Cherry Brooch) 

(Atomic Lucite Pink Glitter Cateye Sunglesses Brooch) 

(Atomic Lucite 4in1 Brooch Sweater Pin)

(Atomic Lucite Atomic Brooch *My favorite!) 

I want to wish Atomic Lucite all the best in their journey and ever growing dream! May your brand be fueled by passion and love of the culture! Don't let anything stop you!! 

I hope you enjoyed this pinup style brand review as much as I did making it!! Continue to love, learn and grow in the pinup style and rockabilly culture and I will be back next time with more amazing things to introduce you to! 


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