Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Pinup Style Review! With "Sparkly Kitty" by HellCath

Pinup Style Brand Review!
Featuring Canadian Pinup Icon HellCath and her up and coming Confetti Lucite Reproduction Jewelry Line "Sparkly Kitten" 

If it's one thing women of style and fashion love it's a beautiful sparkly accessory! In the pinup world we aren't about big chains and bling unless that sparkle is coming out of an amazing piece of reproduction lucite jewelry. 

Lucite was developed in the 1930's but did not become popular until the 1950's. The jewelry is made out of clear acrylic plastic that became popular due to it being less expensive than Bakelite, Galalith, and Catalin. After lucite came on the scene in the jewelry making world it made everyone ask "Bakelite Who"

Lucite is a clear plastic but is dyed many colors and has glitter and confetti added inside to add more sparkle, and then molded into the mid century shapes atomic shapes that we all know and love. 

When it comes to jewelry and accessories Lucite reproduction jewelry is something a pinup will go for first! We collect earrings and brooches like they were treasure and have to have something to match each outfit!! It's light, colorful, sparkly, easy to wear and extremely addictive!! 

(Double Starburst Collection-Brooch & Earrings)

I was invited to review a new up and coming lucite inspired jewelry line created, designed and handmade by none other than internationally published pinup and alternative model HellCath! The Canadian beauty contacted me to talk about her new jewelry line! I was thrilled to hear another lovely doll was creating beautiful pieces for us all to enjoy! 

I was so excited when my package arrived and at first look was blown away by her detail to bring out the vintage feel of both her packaging and her own brand logo! I am a sucker for cute packaging and brands that put so much love into the way their products are presented and delivered to their customers is very important and Sparkly Kitten does just that!! 

(Bowl-A-Rama Brooch & Diamonds Are A Girls Best Friend Yellow & Red Starburst Earrings) 

HellCath launched "Sparkly Kitten" in November of 2015 but her dedication and hard work has already given us a large arrangement of products to choose from! From atomic starbursts, glamorous large diamond shapes and classic 50's styles to fun tikis, cactus, and lipsticks! Sparkly Kitten is turning out styles for both dressed up and down looks as well as casual wear. 

(Diamonds Are A Girls Best Friend Earrings in Midnight Sky With Gold Starburst) 

HallCath has focused on staple designs and pieces for all pinup and rockabilly girls to be able to add to their jewelry collection and feel fabulous doing it. She has a large selection of post earrings, brooches, hair combs and even matching sets! 
One thing that really excited me about Sparkly Kitten was that HellCath handmade me some of her best earrings in size 2 gauges. Being a girl with stretched ears I haven't been able to wear a lot of my favorite retro inspired jewelry because of this and HellCath assured me she could take care of that! So all of my pieces were made in my gauge size!! That's customer service!! 
HellCath is still working on adding gauges to her line and etsy shop but it is something that she is working on for her customers and will be releasing that option to the public soon! 

(Bowl-A-Rama Rooch & Diamonds Are A Girls Best Friend Earrings in Yellow and Red Starburst) 

Pinups all over the globe are catching the glimmer of these beautiful lucite goodies and taking notice!! I myself am a huge fan of Sparkly Kitten and will putting them on the certified list of "The Vintage Dolls Favorite Things!" 

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Instagram- @Sparklykittenbyhellcath 

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