Wednesday, February 17, 2016

The Love Fest Photo Shoot

"Feel The Love Photo Set"

I recently did a photo set inspired by the month of love mostly known as February. Due to it being the month of Valentine's Day I decided to do a photo set with an intense feel of seductive love! I started out with my Corset Story Black & Red Steel-Boned Underbust Corset and lace mesh cape from Victoria's Secret. 
I wanted to keep the hair and make up simple and keep the attention in the wardrobe! 
Somewhat like a bondage circus this wardrobe of ribbons and ties is like a magical land of restrained fun wanting to be let loose! 
I knew to up the intensity of these photos I wanted an intense red backdrop with a lighted focal point on me and dark edges. Kind of a center stage spot light feel. 
I set up my camera and away I went! 

I hope you enjoy the set! 

Learning to embrace your sexuality is both empowering and freeing. It's ok to be and feel sexy. I've worked years to get to the point I am and I still have barely gotten my feet wet. 
Corsets are one of the wardrobe items I always feel most empowered and sexy in and a red mesh corset my lord! This wardrobe item has taken a lot of my shoots to the next level and even if its just for fun, home wear, bedroom wear, or personal use, corsets are something I recommend women trying out! Be sexy and get a good look at your amazing body and curves!
Being sexy is a great thing and no one should ever make you feel bad for being so or wanting to be so. Embrace your sexuality and use it to help benefit your strength from within and how you view yourself!! 

For more corsets from corset story click the photo below! 

"Remember you always be yourself and you will always be in style!"
Xoxo Emily Doll TVD 

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