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A Year In Beauty! March Ipsy Bag

A Year In Beauty!
March Ipsy Glam Bag Review! 
Emily Doll TVD

March Glam Bag Theme: ''Hello Spring"

Hey guys! I'm back with another installment of  "A year in beauty!" were I reveal my monthly Ipsy Glam Bag beauty products, how I feel about them, how I used them and where you can find the products inside! 
For those of you new to this, the Ipsy Glam Bag is a beauty bag mailed out once a month featuring five surprise beauty products picked out for you based off the beauty survey you take when signing up. It's a really fun way to learn about new products and brands that you might have never discovered with out Ipsy's help!
As Spring approaches, Ipsy's stylists are all over the warmer weather and have geared their March bag towards this beautiful season! Lets get started and see whats in my Ipsy bag this month! Remember to click the photos to be taken to the Ipsy website to get your own Glam Bag!

My March beauty bag was awaiting my arrival home after work like always! 
Check out this beautiful spring pink and turquoise bag!!

My March Bag Includes....

MODELco Lip Lacquer Lip Gloss in "Morocco"

This product is described as a "long wearing, highly dense pigmented , full color, non sticky gloss" 
I use to be a huge lip gloss fan as a teenager and had more than my fair share. As I got older I started to dislike the high gloss sticky feel that came with most glosses and started in with my lipstick obsession. So far this is the first product I have gotten in my Glam Bag that was a miss for me. I wanted to try it out anyways because you never know unless you try right?! 
Well... it still disappointed. For a product that is described as highly pigmented, it was very opaque. Also claiming to be non sticky was pretty thick and sticky in my opinion. I'm not how long lasting it is because I couldn't wait to wipe this off my lips but due to its thick consistency I'm guessing it would stay on for a while. The color was pretty shiny and natural looking. In my honest opinion I am not a fan of this gloss. It just isn't for me personally. This one will be going to my 12 year old niece. She will be excited about that. 
Illamasqua Precision Ink Liquid Eyeliner In "Abyss"

I was drawn to the thin, long sleek packaging of this product. Once I opened it I knew this eyeliner and I would get along great. The thin tip puts down a small line of liner and allows you to build. This allows more control and an easier application. I had my wings on in two minutes! This inky black is my favorite liner color of course and this product laid down my signature cat eyes with out any issues. This is a both a water based and water proof eyeliner. Its highly pigmented and long lasting. I can agree to that after a difficult day and some tears shed and this liner didn't budge! This product I love!
Me me me Loose Powder Brush

This is a nice little brush! The bristles are super soft. I wouldn't consider this a loose powder brush myself due to its small size but this bad boy is perfect for applying highlight on your cheek bones or dabbing some rouge on the apples of your cheeks. Its a simply brush that can do more than one job. I would say this is a great purse brush. Add a little powder on shiny spots, dab a little more blush on. Its a nice one!
Essence Cosmetics Make Me Brow Eyebrow Gel Mascara

I remember when I didn't know there was such a thing as eyebrow product and now its probably my most important beauty product. Brow products can be awesome or horrible and there are several different things you can try. Powders, pencils, pomades, paints! This Essence Cosmetics Make Me Brow eye brow gel is not so bad once your get the hang of applying it. Its kind of like a tiny mascara which assists with application. Its packed with little fibers to help fill in any gaps or thin spots which it deposits a good amount of color. It isn't that dramatic and nicely tames the brows for a more "These are my natural brows" look. Over all this is a nice product for my not so serious lazy eyebrow days. 
Mark Anthony 
Nourishing Argan Oil Of  Morocco 3 Day Smooth 
Perfect Blow Dry Cream

When I buy drugstore hair products I try to always find an Argan or Moroccan Oil type product. They have always worked the best and given my hair the best results. Marc Anthony is a brand I have used a lot and I'm always pretty happy with the result. This smelled great but I didn't care for it. I prefer my hair curly and this is to straighten and smooth. Very rarely do I straighten my hair due to not caring for the look. I use to everyday but have changed styles since I was a teenager. This product is packed full of good things. Shea butter, Argan oil, Moroccan oi, Vitamin E, all things to help tame frizz and help maintain smoother hair for longer.
The March Spring Ipsy Glam Bag!

Eh, it isn't my favorite bag but its very feminine and pretty. It has a modern feel to it which isn't usually my thing but I love the colors! This bag is pretty darn bright and fun and I can see me using it for a lot of other things! 

This months Glam Bag had some hits and some misses! That's ok though because that is what Ipsy is about. You get to try new products and brands and lean about things you will want to buy for ever, or never actually spend money on. Now I can head over to the Ipsy website, log into my account, and review these products so my bag and beauty profile can be updated. 

Thank you Ipsy for helping me discover new products that I love, and some that I will steer clear of in the future! You always have my back! 

Check out my cat eyes, highlighted cheekbones and glossy lips I created with my March goodies! 

Ipsy Glam Bags are a great way to learn, grow, experiment and feed your passion in all things beauty. I love being an Ipsy girl and cant wait to see what's in my April Bag!

You can find all of the products in my bag and  more by visiting the Ipsy website! Click the Pink bags to be taken there now!

Featured Brands

I hope you enjoyed this months installment of "A Year In Beauty" I will see you next month with new goodies!

"Remember To Always Be Yourself & You Will Always Be In Style!"
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