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Car Show Etiquette:

Car Show Etiquette: Do's & Don'ts for A Pinup During Car Show Season 
Emily Doll 

It's that time of year again! I like to call it the on season for pinups. As soon as the weather warms up and all us retro gals can leave the house in less than fur body armor, we will be sure to be searching out any and all local and non local car shows that we can get our little cropped topped and play suited selves to! 
Car shows and pinups just go together. I suppose not all pinups love classic cars but I myself have yet to meet one. During spring and summer, car shows will be popping up all over the place. From small local town shows to large and massively attended shows that bring retro enthusiasts from all over the world. These events are heaven for Rockabillies and classic car lovers everywhere. There are many events and exciting things that happen during car shows. Food, cars, music, pinup contests, car awards, booths with amazing art! There is so much to see and do and most of all to have fun with! 

One thing you are always sure to see at car shows is pinups! Rather they are just everyday women who live and love the retro life style or women who enjoy the hobby of pinup modeling, they will be sure to enjoy the atmosphere and opportunities provided at the show! If you are a pinup and going to be attending a car show this season to enjoy the amazing energy and get some great car shots in, lets talk about a few things that you can do... and should stay away from! 

Lets Get To Work On These Tips!

Things You Should Do!

Come prepared to do a lot of walking, but also come prepared with proper shoes to match your outfit if you plan to shoot while you are there. If you plan to wear an outfit that needs heels, you should also come with a pair of flats to save your feet. There are a lot of options for cheap thin flats that you can fit in your bag to slip on when your dogs are barking! Also consider trying to find a pair of wedges instead of heels that match your look. These will help in two areas. 1- A lot of car shows are in places that don't always provide the smoothest walking paths, so wedges will be easier to walk in with out rolling an ankle or falling. 2- Wedges provide more support for your foot and you can tend to stay in them longer with less foot pain after an entire day. 

Bringing options is important. I pick up cute light comfortable flats at Walmart every summer! 

Come wardrobe ready for a weekend car show. A lot of bigger car shows are an entire weekend. Remember that Friday is usually really low key. People traveling a good ways, others trying to get into town and book hotel rooms, girls getting ready for pinup contests. Come in a comfortable and laid back outfit to start with because the main events and shows wont be until the next day. Plan your biggest outfit for Saturday. This is going to be the main event and when everything happens. If you are shooting, make sure your outfit accommodates for any cars you will be posing by. Make the most of it. Dress up and have fun! Wear the outfit you want to wear and go all out! Sunday's can be a pretty calm day as well. People are usually pretty tired from the previous day. A lot of cars are making there way back home early due to long drives. Plan a simple outfit that is casual and comfortable. Relax and enjoy the quiet day with your friends. 
-Consider outfit choices that are comfortable, cool and easily shot in. Fully decked out in shape wear and petticoats can be hard to spend all day in when its hot. If you want to shoot in an outfit that needs those items, consider a wardrobe change after. 
-Also consider outfits that are easy to grab quick shots in but aren't really serious shooting looks. Things like capris and flats, high waisted shorts and wedges and cuffed jeans and chucks are all things you can make super adorable and look great in photos while also accommodating for comfort and coolness in the heat.

Capris and light dresses are a go to for comfort at car shows. Pencil skirts and full dresses are great for shooting

Pack smart. Pre plan your outfits and what you will need. There is no reason to bring 8 outfits for a three day weekend. I know it's hard but I have faith in you. Put that effort into three really cute outfits and accessories instead. Execute them properly. Make sure you have things for your hair, a swimsuit if there is a pool or Jacuzzi, sunscreen, lip balm, hair ties, bobby pins, band aides, feminine products, face wipes, Tylenol, you know smart things. You will only need a few outfits, let me give you a good idea what you will need... 
-Get dressed to go in a cute outfit 
-First night dinner outfit
-Saturday main show outfit
-Saturday night dinner outfit
-Sunday relax day outfit 

Come comfortable on day one. Dress sassy for day two. Cute and simple day three

Consider your girlfriends or possibly girls newer to the style needing some help. It never hurts to bring a small bag with some extras if possible to help out a fellow doll. No, you can't be sure on sizes or having exactly what she might need, but what if you can save the day by bringing that one extra dress! Also talk with your gal pals about the show. Does someone need to borrow your top to match her swing skirt because she hasn't been able to get one to match herself yet? Do you have a color shoe your girlfriend needs to finish off her outfit for the pinup contest? Be willing to help, be kind and enjoy your time together. 

"Can I borrow your lipstick, I forgot mine." "Of Course!"

If you are going to be participating in a pinup contest you need to realize you won't be taking part in much of the car show. You are going to be very busy with the contest and your wardrobe changes. Come prepared and ready to perform. Don't try to over stretch yourself or do too much until the contest is over so you can stay focused. Pinup contests can be a lot of work and take weeks of preparation but with the right mindset you can have a lot of fun! 

All work and no play!

Remember to be courteous and respectful at the show and to everyone attending. 
Car shows are usually always a family affair so act accordingly. Everyone is there to have fun! 

Be sure to set the best examples for little eyes watching

If you are going with a group of people, have a plan. Look into hotels and surrounding restaurants. Know where you all will be staying and make plans for things like breakfast or dinner. Keep each other informed. Plan Friday night pin curl parties, Saturday morning breakfasts to pre show together, and know where you all will be for the show.  

Don't lose your squad do to confusion in plans and no communication! Stick together and stay informed! 

The most important thing to remember is to HAVE FUN! DO have a good time! Do make memories with your friends! DO take a lot of pictures! DO remember to enjoy yourself! DO remember not to be so serious. Car shows are a great event full of great people and the perfect place to make the most of the warm weather! 

Don'ts At A Car Show! 

DO NOT! Touch, lean on, climb on, sit in, or pose on any car with out asking the owner first!! Yes you are adorable and most of the car guys or girls will not care if you shoot with and pose on their cars, but just like we tell children, "It isn't yours, don't touch" 
These cars are not just "cars" they are much more than that. They also belong to people and you need to respect that. If you want to take a photo in front of it, ok, but never approach a car with out first asking permission from the owner. These classics take so much to restore. They are peoples prized possessions, they are not shooting props.

DO NOT! ever! Never ever! ever! put your heels or foot up to rest on the car. You can scratch both paint and chrome with your feet. Just don't do it. If you don't know how to properly place your foot on a bumper without scratching, don't do it. If the owner says you can because its a ratted out chevy and he doesn't care, then fine, but do not pose with your heels up on a car. Its common sense. I don't care how many photos you've seen with that pose. Unless stated you can, keep your heels off! 

DO NOT! ever climb on or get in a car unless cleared by the cars owner! Again, just don't do it. It isn't your car and a lot of time, money and emotions have been poured into these classics. They need to be respected. 

Pay attention to your wardrobe choice. DO NOT! wear clothing with metal, zippers or anything else that can scratch paint if you plan on shooting on cars. Watch the rivets on your jeans, watch your purses, watch sunglasses in your pocket, watch rings and jewelry, watch garter clips, be aware and be careful. If you are wearing things like jeans, belts or anything else dangerous to paint, choose your poses carefully. Sit on a tire, stand in front of the car. It's time like these you have to get creative and know your poses.

DO NOT! think you can make it all day, or weekend in only heels! I understand some of you wear heels all day in your normal life but I in no way recommend trying to make it all day with out even bringing a pair of flats, it just isn't smart. I tried this once and I regretted it. Better to not need them then not have them! 

DO NOT! skip eating and drinking. If you are at a summer car show be sure to carry a water bottle with you or stop to get some. Walking around all day in the heat takes a lot out of you and with out proper hydration you could end up with heat stroke. Take some time to stop for lunch and re hydrate.

No Pizza's were harmed during this car show

DO NOT ignore protecting your skin! You are going to be outside all day in direct sunlight. Even if you may not burn you still can damage your skin. Bring sunscreen and a parasol to keep direct light and heat off you. Trust me, its worth it.

Fact: I did not wear sunscreen at my first car show pictured above. It was so hot the cars burned my hands. I was sunburned so bad I blistered. 

DO NOT! DO NOT DO NOT DO NOT! Get involved in, cause, or feed any drama. It isn't worth it and it will ruin your time. There will most likely be a lot of people there, some may like you and some may not, either way you don't need to feed into any hate or drama caused by anyone negative at the show. Be respectful of the show and those who put so much time and work into making it happen and don't help any negative situations ruin a good time!

"Girl did you see who's here!" 

DO NOT get caught up in any catty behavior involved in the pinup contests. Its not a serious event that's going to make you famous and change your life. Pinup contests are FOR FUN! If you are going to stress over them, be mean to other girls, act catty, fight, cheat, or be hateful in any way don't get involved. This is an event to be girls, enjoy each other, spend time sharing a hobby you all love, and if you don't win for crying out loud be happy for the girl that did! If you can't do that or act accordingly then you aren't even mature enough to be competing! 
-Unless you are in the pinup contest, you aren't competing with anyone there. And, just because you are in the same contest competing doesn't mean you have to be cut throat about it or take it to serious. There is no need to treat other girls at the show poorly. Everyone is there to have fun and enjoy the same thing. 

"I can't believe she wore that dress!"

If you have a scheduled shoot with a photographer be ready and be on time. DO NOT be late! They will have a busy schedule and you need to respect their time. Be prepared for your shoot. Have your props, have your hair and make up done. Get there and be ready to shoot. 

Take this how you want but if you are there to shoot or participate in any of the events, I do not recommend drinking. Drink after at dinner or any night activities you may take part in but I wouldn't consume to much in the way of alcohol if you have things you need to get done while you are there.
Save the drinking for after the show! Know your limits! 

Car shows are one of my favorite things in the world. They are so much fun, full of great people and beautiful cars and pinups. Its a great place to make memories, spend time with friends and family and make great summer memories. I hope some of my tips and do's and don'ts have helped you get ready for your next car show!

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