Monday, March 14, 2016

Doll Style Feature! Plunder Jewelry by Jacqueline

Plunder Jewelry by Jacqueline
"A Doll Style Feature" 

The Lovely Jacqueline Perry contacted me through my email to introduce me to the jewelry she is passionate about and builds her career around. 

Plunder is a place where women of all walks of life can embrace their love for all things jewelry! Necklaces, earrings, bracelets! These lovely ladies can dive into a world that allows them to live their passion in accessorizing every woman's outfit with the jewels and bobbles they need! 

Jacqueline's shop focuses on the vintage and whimsical side of what Plunder has to offer which is why her and I were a match made in jewelry heaven! She also offers monogram pieces, photo adds and inspirational items! If you want to get something a little more personal you can also create personalized and custom designs that are just for you! 

What drew me to this brand is its homey vintage feel and great statement pieces that you could add to so many different pinup looks. Rather you are dressed up or down, Jacqueline's shop has something to add to your favorite looks and make it stand out that much more! 

Plunder Jewelry by Jacqueline is sold on her shop where she offers a large array of jewelry. She also offers Her customers a way to earn free and half priced items and host parties and shows with her! 

Why are companies and brands like this important? I feel like giving women the option to build their own empire and business helps them learn and grow in who they are. It helps them achieve goals, live dreams, provide for their families, and live out their passions. This is a small business ran by and amazing hard working woman who deserves the appreciation and love she puts into her shop given back to her. 

I wanted to share by "Plunder Jewelry by Jacqueline" jewelry set with you all! 
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I'm wearing the "Debbie" necklace and earrings set
Plunder Jewelry by Jacqueline 

I paired my set with a pair of glass plugs in a matching color due to my ears being stretched to a 2G. That didn't stop me from wearing this beautiful set together! 

If you are a vintage loving gal like me or you prefer country, boho or even modern, there is something that you will love in Jacqueline's shop! 

I hope your enjoyed this blog show casing Jacqueline and her shop! Check out the beautiful designs and one to your jewelry box! I want to wish Jacqueline and her business the very best. May her passion and hard work continue to grow and make her dreams come true!



Plunder Jewelry by Jacqueline Group 


"Remember To Always Be Yourself And You Will Always Be In Style!" 
XOXO Emily Doll TVD

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