Monday, March 7, 2016

Doll Style Feature! Southern Charms by Jess

Southern Charms By Jess
"A Doll Style Feature" 

I recently came across an accessory store on Etsy and really fell in love with the pieces they have. You all know I am a vintage lover but that is only one layer to the many that make me who I am. I love pretty things and I am a huge collector of accessories. Southern Charms by Jess is an adorable little Etsy shop that just makes you feel at home with their designs. It is run by an absolute beauty named Jessica out of Dallas Texas. Southern Charms by Jess is in its second year of production and is all handmade and designed in downtown Dallas Texas by Jess herself. 

What started out as a small part time hobby for Jess to do in her spare time when she isn't working her full time job, has quickly become a serious growing passion. Jess is a one woman show with her growing shop and the one who puts all of the thought into the designs she puts out for her customers. The love and passion she has for what she does shows in her product. From design and production to customer service and shipping, Jess never misses a beat! Her brand is important to her and so are her customers! 

 For 2016 Jess has set a goal and will be partnering up and putting her efforts towards raising money for Paws in the City from her new "Paws for Rescue" bracelets with 10% of ALL SALES donated to their animal rescue group! They are now one of the largest and most respected animal rescue groups in the North Texas area. Helping the fur babies of the world is something I am passionate about to and I love that Jess is working to make a difference with her brand! 

Something else I loved about Southern Charms by Jess is that she offers a wholesale option for buyers. Boutiques, shops and stores can have the option of selling Jess's beautiful creations in their store fronts with this option she provides! Bring a little Southern Charm to your shop! I like it! 

I respect Jess for her hard work and dedication to follow her dream and grow her passion. Southern Charms by Jess is a shop women of all styles and ages can love and find things to add to their accessory collection! 

"Dream what you want to dream, go where you want to go, be what you want to be. Because you have only one life and one chance to do all the things you want to do."- Jess

Check out the beautiful gold Texas Love cuff bracelet I picked from Southern Charms by Jess!! 

This bracelet spoke to me because it brought someone I love closer to me. I can thank Jess for that.

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