Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Doll Style Review: Featuring IAmCesart

Doll Style Review with IAmCesart 

This past year I made friends with Cesart, the man behind the too cool for school T-shirts I've found myself living in since I met him. Cesart introduced himself and his artistic outlet of a brand over Instagram. I couldn't help but be drawn to his online shop "IAmCesart" as soon as I saw it. A huge selection of T-Shirts all directed towards the rockabilly, psychobilly and horror lovers in the world! 

Cesart is an airbrush artist located in L.A.  He has many creative and artistic talents but he specializes in airbrush art work. If you can think it he can airbrush it. From his own pieces to custom work for clients he is always busy turning out art ranging from beautiful to badass! Cesart even has commissioned requests from some of the top celebrities in the industry! Custom wardrobe items, shoes, hats, furniture, skates, bags, you name it he's airbrushed it for someone! 
Cesart has an online store where he creates products that will set any Rockabilly, Psychobilly or Horror Lovers heart on fire! It's always great to find places that create products for our lifestyle and interest. IAmCesart's online shop has a huge array of shirts, hoodies, bags and even pillows featuring classic movies, music artists, characters, and more that you will recognize right away! 
My American Graffiti Collection From IAmCesart

IAmCesart is a growing little shop that features some of the coolest shirts around! I know I'm a big fan of being able to wear shirts that adorn things I'm into and show off my interests in style. You can find some awesome and well known images on apparel in Cesarts shop. You can find movie shirts such as American Graffiti, The Outsiders, The Warriors, Donni Darko, Edward Scissorhands, and more! You can also find things featuring some artists like Micheal Jackson in his Thriller look, Morrissey or Billy Idol! If your a horror fan you will love the items featuring zombies, graveyards, good ol' Frankie and his bride and other styles that cater to the classic horror fans of the world! 
IAmCesart has a large variety of items that grow daily and are for the whole family!! You can find apparel for men, women and children! 

I decided to do a blog on IAmCesart due to the massive amounts of inquiries I have received in where I get the shirts I wear in photos I post. "Hey where did you get the Stay Gold shirt it's awesome?" I'm a big fan of sharing the love and what's better than sharing something cool that I love made by a guy sharing his love for art and the culture he loves by providing us with these awesome duds to wear! 
Cesart is a very talented artist with an obvious love for the classic rockabilly and psychobilly cultures. His products cater to both styles as well as touching on his love for darker media such as horror and dark arts. This is a brand that a lot of people can appreciate and will be grateful for. He turns out things that you just don't find in your everyday mall and for that I am thankful. 

Check out some of my IAmCesart collection! 

I can honestly say Cesart is truly an artist. He loves what he loves and turns it into awesome things. From his growing apparel shop to his airbrushing he really enjoys the lifestyle he believes in and shares that with us all. I love my IAmCesart shirts and wear them often. Im excited about this brand and love that I can have some things I'm into turned into things I can wear that aren't just generic obvious things turned out in mass mad sold to every mall in America. IAmCesart caters to who I am and what I love and I dig that a lot. But mostly I'm excited to have a killer new friend who's airbrushing skills are boss!!! 

Thank you Cesart for being who you are and being such an active member of this culture! 

Thanks for reading Guys and gals! I hope you enjoyed this style review! Enjoy! 
Xoxo Emily Doll TVD 

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