Monday, March 14, 2016

Emily Doll and Mr. Ducktail in A MotherKutter Affair

Emily Doll & Mr. Ducktail 
"Rock & Roll MotherKutter" 

Photo set inspired by Mr. Ducktail!
The Rockabilly Barber! 
"The Worst One but The One & Only Rock N Roll MotherKutter!" 

Who is Mr. Ducktail? You mean you don't know!? Well let me tell you about this fine fella right here!
Mr. Ducktail may be French but opened his shop "It's Something Hell's" with his wife Miss Betty  in the heart of London. He is now known as London's best of the worst rockabilly barbers which he isn't afraid to claim and describes himself as. 
"I'm the worst F**k the rest!"- Ducktail 
Mr. Ducktail's shop is located in Kingly Court, sad to say for us American's but that doesn't stop the high flow of customers seeking out the clippers of the best MotherKutter around! 
This Barbershop, Cosmetics & Beauty Supply and Apparel store will feed your Rockabilly soul down to its core. 

With a growing celebrity and brand Mr. Ducktail makes no excuses for his Rock N Roll antics and all around bad assery! Turning out the tops in Rockabilly hair styles and cuts! Miss Betty even has a beauty parlor for the Doll's interested in getting their Do's done by the best! How much do people love Ducktail? So much so that there is a MotherKutter Kult Klub full of people all over the world repping the Mr. Ducktail logo! 
Apparel, Hair Grease, Shampoo, Barber Shop, 1950's Beauty Parlor, this brand has it all. Rockabilly's from all around will be addicted to the "worst one but the best one" with out a second thought!

Recently a documentary was released about Mr. Ducktail, Miss Betty and some of their Hells customers. You can find that here! 

Mr. Ducktail himself sent me some goodies that inspired this all new sexy MotherKutter photoshot!! Hope you enjoy! 

Thank you so much for stopping by! I hope you enjoyed this photo set and check out Mr. Ducktail! 

Emily Doll TVD 

"Remember To Always Be Yourself And You Will Always Be In Style!" - Emily Doll 

Mr. Ducktail Himself! 


Emily Doll! MotherKutter Kult Klub Doll! 

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