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Spring Glow Beauty Tutorial! with Hard Candy Beauty

Spring Glow Beauty Tutorial!
Hard Candy Cosmetics
Emily Doll 

Spring is here and its time get those cheeks glowing! I recently came across a new product put out by Urban Decay's sister company "Hard Candy" that will give you the flush glow you will crave for this spring! 

I used two of Hard Candy's newest products recently added to their section in local Wal-Mart stores. These products grabbed my attention and I just had to give them a shot! Below you will find my Spring Glow quick tutorial on how to achieve an easy rosy flush featuring these products!

What I'm Using
-Hard Candy CHEEKY Tints in "Surfer Babe"
-Hard Candy Illuminate & Strobe Mix In Drops in "White Pearl"
Today's Test Subjects! 

Today's cheeky glow is going to be created with two new Hard Candy products. Their Cheeky gel cheek tints and Their Illuminate & Strobe Mix in Drops! Two water based products that will be great for spring and help us quickly achieve the illuminating flush we are after!

Hard Candy Cheeky Tint in Surfer Babe
I chose a slightly coral toned pink for my flush. This color will give you that slightly warm look to your face like you have been out in the sun just enough to get some pink on your cheeks. This is a water based cheek gel stain. It doesn't take too much to achieve a good glow and if being out on bare skin opposed to skin prepped with foundation, it will absorb quickly, remember less is more and you can always build more color. 
Hard Candy Illuminate & Strobe Mix In Drops in White Pearl 
This new multi-purpose liquid illuminator from Hard Candy is the bee's knee's and will allow you to strobe your whole body if you want to. The bottle is not only stunning but the perfect design to allow you to use either a little or a lot with its syringe like applicator. Its a more liquid base and again a little goes a long way so apply to your face in small pin drops and blend. 

Here you can see the products true colors before proper blending in application. Also I wanted you to be able to see that on bare skin, this product is a staining cheek gel so apply slowly and a little at a time, properly blending as you go. This is something you always need to consider when using liquid, gel, or stain blushes.
For this look I wanted to due a natural glowing look. Simple and all about glowing skin and flushing cheeks. I did my normal foundation, concealer, powder and contouring. Then I did a simple nude shimmer pencil line above and under my upper and lower lashes, tossed on a couple coats of mascara and then my brows. 
To apply my Hard Candy CHEEKY Tint I applied small dots starting from the apple of my cheeks and up my cheek bone. I then started blending with light upward dabbing motions to warm up the product and blend it properly adding a little more as I went to achieve my desired flush. 
Step number two, to this two step cheek glow look is the most important part.. THE GLOW! 
I applied my Hard Candy Illuminate & Strobe Mix in Drops the same way I did my CHEEKY Tint cheek gel. I tapped small drops of the illuminator on the tops of my cheek bones dabbing and blending upward to blend my rosy flush and shine together.
There is no rush when applying liquid or gel cheek products. Using wiping motions is never a good idea if you are in a rush because all you will do is take your foundation off and leave uneven product on your face that will take more time to fix. Use two fingers to warm up and blend the product onto your cheekbones with a light tapping motion.
As you can see here I have my left side done but not my right to show to difference in both flush and glow that these two products can give your look! I am very happy with the result.
Pairing these two Hard Candy products together can bring a beautiful and natural dewy illuminating flush to your makeup look. It isn't too much and can be dialed up with more during application if you want a more dramatic and intense cheek for your look. Gel and liquid cheek stains can be a little tricky to use if you aren't use to them. These take a little practice in the application process but are easily mastered. My favorite time to use gel and stain cheek products is in the warmer months when I tend to use less face makeup and don't want to layer on my normal products in the heat. 
I am pretty in love with these two little Hard Candy products and I think you will enjoy them too. Feel free to click any of the photos in this post to be taken to Hard Candy's website where you can find the nearest store in your hometown that sells their products! 

Hard Candy is both cruelty free and vegan!! 

I hope you enjoyed this mini beauty tutorial on how to achieve a spring rosy glow!! 
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