Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Summer Brows that Beat The Heat! with WunderBrow!

Lasting Summer Brows!
Brows That Beat The Heat!
Emily Doll TVD 

Living in Oklahoma when summer hits can be a makeup lovers nightmare! When the humid 120 degree weather knocks on your door, so do the makeup meltdowns! 
I've been to many a car show during summer time and one thing I can always count on is sweating off things like my perfect Bettie bangs and having my eyebrows quickly wiped away in one quick swipe of the back of my hand in attempts of keeping sweat from my eyes. 
I've spent years searching for summer proof cosmetics. The red lipstick was a challenge but I found out what works. Over the years I have become more and more involved in my brow game. It didn't start out strong but over time I have developed a much better looking natural brow that fits my face shape. 
After last summers many browless summer nights and pool dips I was out to find something more lasting for 2016. I've tried a few different pencils, powders, gels and mascaras but none stood up to the damp finger swipe with out smudging or fully coming off... Until I discovered WunderBrow

What is WunderBrow? Well its pretty simple really. Its a liquid gel type eye brow makeup that stays put! Its water proof, sweat proof and smudge roof! Once applied it will take some makeup remover and elbow grease to get off unless using the special remover put out by WunderBrow 2, the makers of WunderBrow. Lets talk a little bit about this product before I show you how to use it. 

WunderBrow when first using was a little scary. It comes in what looks like a lip gloss container with a brush that is not meant for applying so don't attempt it! You will need a good angled brush to apply this properly. 
It will take some practice for new comers and pro's alike to get WunderBrow applied to your liking. A little bit goes a long way and too much can lead to a painted on look which no girl wants. This product does stay put though! It doesn't last forever and I don't recommend wearing it for more than a day before removing it to have a clean canvas to apply the next day, but if you are looking for a brow product that will beat the summer heat and not wipe off, or a product that will make it through a dip in the pool, this is the product that will stand up to the heat!  This is a brow product I suggest putting on your summer must try make up list! 

Let me show you how to use WunderBrow and the flawless brows I got after applying! 

Step 1!
Start with clean natural brows! 
I did my entire face and saved my brows for last. These are my natural brows with no product!

Step 2!
Brush Brows and Straighten All Brow Hairs!
With the enclosed spooly brush or your own brow brush, make sure you brush your brows into place and lay down any stray hairs before applying WunderBrow.

Step 3!
Apply WunderBrow
With an angled brow brush dab a tiny amount of the WunderBrow product onto your brows and start blending. Keep the majority of the product from the peak of your arch out, and use the remainder on the rest of your brow. That way you have the least amount of product and a lighter more natural look at the front end of your brow. 

Wow Brows!
Check out this arch!!! After some practice and a few tries I was able to apply my brows pretty quickly!  Once dry, you can touch your brows, wipe them, rub them, splash water on them, they aren't going anywhere. No more worrying about them being left behind on your hand or your boyfriends shirt! 

With one product and a brush my brows are flawless and even better not going anywhere until I say so!!! Quick and simple warm weather ready brows thanks to WunderBrow! 

REMOVAL! can be a little harder than normal brow makeup so take your time. Soak a cotton ball in makeup remover and hold it on your brow, or dab some face wash on your brows and let it set for a while. Trying to scrub to hard can lead to brow loss and no one wants that. If you want the easiest route just purchase some WunderBrow remover when you order your WunderBrow 2 brow products!

Check out my YouTube Tutorial and watch me apply WunderBrow!

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