Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Your Top Google Searches Answered!!

"Your Top Google Searches Answered!''
on Doll Talks Blog with Emily Doll 

Have you ever Googled yourself? I remember Googling myself before I ever had a facebook or started my pinup career. Googling just Emily didn't turn up any results for me. It seemed that there was nothing to find on the web when searching. Recently a pinup model friend of mine was frustrated with the fact that a new girl in the scene had stolen her modeling name that she had spent a long time building. When confronting the girl about it she blocked my friend out of pure immaturity and not doing any research when creating her own pinup persona. If you google my friends pinup name she will pop up in google images. Its obvious to tell she has been using the name long enough and has enough credits under that name to be a top search under it. I decided to Google my name and see what comes up. If you Google "The Vintage Doll" the first thing that pops up is me. Which is great to see. My years of hard work, countless features and publications and ridiculous amounts of shares and posts of my work have made me the top search when you Google my name. Its awesome to see! Its very exciting to see that I am undeniably so The Vintage Doll and have been functioning under that name for years. No, that doesn't keep people from stealing and using it but that is to be expected. Thankfully when you Google me I am the first related search under the name and that shows a lot in how much I've worked with this name. 

After scrolling through the links and sites Google pulled up under mine which were mostly me outside of a few actual doll websites, I noticed something at the bottom of the page. The top searched topics related to my name which also shows that when searching The Vintage Doll its always in reference to me. Pretty coll to see as well! I noticed that they were all direct questions people were interested in knowing about me. Things that if I was asked I could easily provide the answers to. My fans know that I am an open book about most things. I am not this fake online image that changes who she is for likes or attention but a girl who shares her passion and embraces herself to help inspire and empower others! 

I thought it would be a fun idea to do a blog answers the top searches of me on Google! Answering the things you guys want to know and allowing you guys to know a little more about me and who I am!

Here Are The Top Searches and My Answers! 

*Question 1*
"The Vintage Doll Real Name" 

Whats my real name? Its Emily. No I'm not telling you my last name which is subject to change when I go back to my maiden name. My Grandma had a big hand in my name. My mother was considering naming me Sarah when my Grandma recommended the name Emily. My mom loved it and that's what they went with. My name is Emily Katherine. Katherine is my Grandma's name and who I was named after. The name Emily has earned me a lot of nick names. Mimi, Em, Emmy, Emmy Lou Who, so many that I tend to not hear my full name unless someone is yelling at me lol.
Fun fact: Around the age of 6 I found out my mother almost named me Sarah and I insisted everyone call me that instead of Emily. I would only answer to Sarah. It wore off in less than a week. 

*Question 2*
"The Vintage Doll Husband" 

When I started my page and my modeling I was newly married to my boyfriend of  5 years. I also had just become a mom. Being a wife I talked about my family a lot and about being married. My page, career and brand all struggled a lot due to the lack of support and abuse put out towards me in my marriage. My page sat quiet for a long time while I suffered through the first episodes of cheating and I distanced myself from my work to focus on me and my son. You guys were all very patient and supportive in that time even though I didn't mention what was gong on at the time. After trying to restore my family like I thought I needed to do I also distanced myself from my page after being told I was a Facebook Slut and it was selfish of me to be wasting my time on something that wasn't my family. After almost a decade of pain, abuse, control, and unhappiness I decided to be brave ans step away from a relationship only I was contributing to. In December 2013, I moved back to my parents with my children. I have now been on my own path of health and real love for two years and although it was a very hard and scary choice to make I did it for my children and I and I have never been happier. 

*Question 3* 
"The Vintage Doll YouTube" 

Two years into my modeling career I started getting requests from my female followers to start doing YouTube videos on hair and makeup. This was something I never knew existed. I was still pretty new to the whole internet thing and the most I played on was Facebook. I started researching YouTube channels and other women who had them. I thought it was pretty cool, although I was very uncomfortable with the thought of talking on video for others to watch. My anxiety jumped at the very thought of it. It wasn't until I made friends with my first hair flower company who wanted to send me my first products to post a review on as a pinup model. Bombshell Blossoms and I have become great friends and since my review on them but have decided to focus on life and other dreams and have discontinued their line. they will always be one of my favorites. 
After started my YouTube channel with a few reviews and warming up to talking on camera, I decided to start doing more videos that I was being asked for. Makeup and hair was the top request so I started on that. Then I moved towards doing more positive and inspirational videos to help encourage and empower my followers instead of just teach them good hair. 
Since I started my YouTube I've done a lot of growing with my videos and channel. I have an awesome intro created by Jole Aron, I learned how to edit them somewhat and I created my first show Monday Coffee with The Doll! Its been a big learning experience for me and I had to suck it up and be brave because I don't do well with speaking on camera or at events. Its helped me gain confidence and people seem to really love the videos I post! 

*Question 4*
"Vintage Doll Instagram" 

I discovered Instagram probably three years ago I think. My first love has always been photography. I got my first 35mm camera for my 8th birthday and have been hooked ever since. Being a model never was a dream for me until I discovered Pinup. I wanted to be everything but to be honest. I studied the industry, make up and hair, fashion, posing, photography, I loved it all. When I discovered Instagram I loved how it focused more on the photo itself and the story behind it than anything else. Simple, easy, life in photos. I never considered my Instagram page to grow as much as it has. Its more of a behind the scenes view into my life. I share everything on there. My kids, things I love, my real life. No makeup photos, lazy crazy hair photos, my photography work. Its an extension of me and what I do daily. I enjoy Instagram and it's gotten way bigger than I thought it would. I struggled with names for a long time seeing as someone made an account using my name then never using it. So I've had to come up with a good one for myself.
You can follow me on there at @emilydoll_tvd

*Question 5*
"The Vintage Doll Age"

My real age and the age I feel are so different. I am 27 years old. My birthday is January 20th 1989. 
Age has never scared me. The idea of getting older and learning and growing more is exciting. I'm looking forward to what being 30 will bring into my life. Fighting age would be like fighting the ocean. Its always going to be pushing back and there is nothing you can do to control it. Move with it and be grateful for the time you have been given. Make your years amazing. 

*Question 6*
"The Vintage Doll Emily" 

My modeling name is The Vintage Doll, but it isn't what I refer to myself as. My name is Emily and I'm cool with people addressing me as such. Its good to know people know who The Vintage Doll is and that when they search for her they know her name is Emily! 

*Question 7*
"Emily Doll Instagram" 

I've been spending the past two years getting people to think of Emily Doll and The Vintage Doll as one and the same. I do a lot of things and Emily Doll is an expansion of my brand and how much it has grown. Its great to see people searching for me under that name as well and that they are getting familiar with them being the same girl! My Instagram can be found at @emilydoll_tvd

*Question 8*
"Mimi LaRue" 

Oh how I wish I never tried this name lol! So I have been using the name The Vintage Doll since I was 16. It started out as an email and then carried out to the well known pinup name it has become. The Vintage Doll came about due to everyone constantly referring to me as a doll. "You look like a little doll" "You look like a porcelain doll" "You look like a china doll" "OMG You literally look like a doll" So with that already being a nick name I just added vintage to it due to that being a huge part of my life. Thus The Vintage Doll was born..
After a few years of growing my brand I ran into the issue of people not knowing how to address me. "Can we call you doll?" "What do I call you? Is doll ok?" So I started thinking that i needed some other name to go by for people to easily refer to me as. I have been referred to as "Doll" and "The Doll" for a long time but wanted something personal I guess.
I thought about it for a long time. I wanted it to be something that made sense. So many pinup names are the same and I wanted an original name that meant something to me. I went with a spin on a nick name my Aunt Bev use to call me. She used to call me Mimi Peru and joke it was the name of a famous stripper. I thought it was cool and funny when I was young. I did a spin on that name and went with Mimi LaRue. I spent a few months trying to tie the two names together as one but it just didn't flow or feel right. I dropped the name pretty quickly. I have been published in a few magazines and website features as The Vintage Doll- Mimi LaRue" but no longer use the name. 
Over the past two years I have been using my own name Emily with my well known nickname Doll. People respond well to it and have come to learn that Emily Doll, The Doll is The Vintage Doll and I couldn't be happier about that. Finding a name that you are confident with and works well for you can be a big task and take time. Its what your brand is built around and my brand is and forever will be The Vintage Doll. Emily Doll is just the girl behind it all.

I hope you guys enjoyed reading! Thanks for supporting me and what I do no matter how much I change and grow in who I am and what I do. I love you all for it!

XOXO Emily Doll - TVD 

"Remember to always be yourself and you will always be in style!"