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HOW:House of Wonderland Jewelry Club Review

House Of Wonderland
''Jewelry Club''
Emily Doll TVD

"The UK's first Jewelry Club! Where Magic Comes In Box's!"

House of Wonderland, or HOW is a magical little shop located in the UK. Owned by Tessa Shearer who is the brains and designer of all the amazing and fun things turned out of the HOW shop, she specializes in all things whimsy and feeds the fairy in you. From pastel unicorns to pizza shaped items, there is nothing you won't fall in love with.

Recently Tessa started a new project with the HOW brand and has started a monthly jewelry surprise box subscription. After you sign up you will receive a beyond adorable box of goodies from HOW every month! Each box is designed around a different theme and will team up and introduce you to a local British designer each month! You will receive jewelry, accessories, goodies for your home, stationary and lots more all built around each box's special monthly theme. 

With HOW's new Jewelry Club box you can receive little box's of fun and joy once a month. What's even better, is the jewelry in your box is special edition and created just for Jewelry Club members! As a girl who has always been obsessed with stationary this box fed into so many different aspects of my personality. A little bit quirky, a little bit girly, a little bit kawaii, and all adorable. 

My HOW Jewelry Club box theme was magical 50's Diner! How perfect is that for me! 

When first pulling the perfectly wrapped package from the box I noticed the adorable burger sticky note! As I carefully pulled off the sticker I got my first glimpse inside my Jewelry Club box and the goodies!! 
I would like to first take note to the extreme detail to packaging. I don't mean it was just well packaged I mean it was so thought out and beautifully packaged you almost didn't want to open it and mess up all of the specially designed little bags and envelopes created just to make the HOW Jewelry Club experience that much more fun! 
Right out of the box you catch on to the full 50's Diner theme. Inside I found two papers that both explained my Jewelry Club experience as well as the theme, items inside and the special British designer who was involved in this months box. 
This months British Designer focus was on Miss Cherry Makewell who specializes in vintage and retro handmade accessories. Look at this adorable red hair bow I received from her shop!! 
If you want to find more from Cherry Makewell directly, click the photo below!
As I dove deeper into my Jewelry Club Box I found a lot of  goodies that cater to all the thing that I love! From a Pizza charm bracelet and adorable glitter record necklace, to a button that says "Fabulous" and adorable stickers! I also received a 50's Diner magnet, a hamburger and milkshakes decorative garland and a little mini stitch able burger pattern with matching gummy candy! (Which my 2 year old claimed and said was very yummy!) 

Check out all of these adorable goodies! 
HOW is a brand that takes the beauty that fills our imaginations and creates amazing jewelry and accessories with it. In every item you can see and feel the passion and love poured into them by the creator and truly see how much they love the brand they have created. Many women of all ages are quickly catching on to the magical brand that has earned countless awards and magazine features in both the UK and in the US. Tessa is a woman that loves what she does and takes pride in the products her company turns out. 

What may seem like just a little box can truly turn into a very exciting little pick me up every month when it arrives with the post man. I can honestly say that not only did my HOW Jewelry Club box bring me adorable jewelry, accessories and goodies, but it also brought me pure joy and excitement

I hope you enjoyed this little review of a very amazing little box. If you are interested in checking out House Of Wonderland and all of the fun things they offer as well as signing up for your own monthly HOW Jewelry Club Box, just click on any of the photos above! 

I want to thank HOW for sending me their adorable new Jewelry Club box to share with you all and I want to thank all of you for reading. 
As always, feel free to subscribe and share! 

Thank you for reading! 

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