Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Pinup: The Embracement of YOUR Sex Appeal

Pinup, people categorize it in many ways but what it can give you personally is what is most important.

Pinup is strong. Pinup is confident. Pinup is freedom in embracing your sex appeal. Pinup is freedom in embracing who you are as a woman and how you are with no apologies. The day I embraced myself as a pinup is the day I found myself as a woman. The pinup sub culture is growing daily and woman all around the world are jumping on board with the craze. All of these women have one thing in common, they want to love themselves with out changing who they are. Pinup allows that. Pinup allows women to be strong and confident and say "I am beautiful for who I am and how I am and I don't have to fit into the unrealistic beauty mold society has created for us!" Big, small, black, white, tall, short it doesn't matter in pinup. It's a style that's rising up because women are tired of not being free to be themselves. They are tired of the rules that make no one happy. They are tired of being told that embracing their sexuality for themselves is wrong. They are tired of being told they aren't sexy because "insert rude judgment here" They are tired! Pinup is freedom for women and they are taking back control with it.   

Taking part in my past cover with Vintage Boudoir Magazine taught me something so important. It taught me that embracing my sexuality and being sexy for myself is ok. That I am a woman who's sexuality can't be owned or dictated by others and my work in pinup allows me to express that to others and teach others how to do the same and not be ashamed of it. 

Boudoir is an amazing thing for women of all types, ages and sizes to take part in. It teaches you to be empowered by your womanhood and not doubt your sexy. It will help you see the sexy side of yourself that even I didn't really grasp until after my first shoot with Christie Conyer who is one of the top boudoir photographers around. I think once you grab a hold of that part of yourself, your confidence can really start to blossom. Embracing your body in its raw sexual form is so difficult and it's scary. It's easy to doubt yourself and being apart of boudoir opened my eyes up to the truth of the matter and that was that I am sexy and strong and empowered and as a woman that is a great way to be!" 

Emily Doll - The Vintage Doll

All photos shown were taken by Oklahoma Local Boudoir Photographer Christie Conyer

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Original article written for and featured in the one year anniversary issue of Vintage Boudoir Magazine 

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