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Scrub Love: My Addiction To Shower Coffee

"Scrub Love"
My Addiction To Shower Coffee
Emily Doll TVD

I love bath time. Its the only place I get to be alone in the quiet and think. It allows me to reflect on my day or not think at all. I get to relax for thirty minutes out of my entire day and I look forward to that. I've always loved filling my shower with wonderful products to pamper myself. After almost ten years of not being able to buy anything other than cheap items full of alcohols and chemicals, due to a negative and unhealthy life path I was on, I really understand that you need to do your research on the body products you are using. Over the past two years I've spent a little more on the products I have on my shelves. Mamma takes care of her now, and she isn't going back. These things are important to me and bring me peace. Silly? Maybe. But when I get in my shower at 9pm after a long day starting at 6am, I want some pampering. If I can't get to a spa, I'm going to do my best to bring it to my own bathroom. 

Recently I was introduced to what has quickly become my newest shower addiction after literally one use. one! Instagram is full of women and girls posting their favorite beauty must haves and one of the newest that I have been noticing is, coffee scrubs. "You scrub yourself with coffee? How does this work?" I quickly had an image of myself standing in my shower with a can of Folgers singing "The Best Part Of Waking Up! Is Folgers On Your Butt!" 
So clearly I had no idea how this new beauty craze moving around social media worked and I continued on my way with my practical and trusty sugar scrubs. (Which are still just as amazing and wonderful) Until the day came when I was invited to step out of my shower comfort zones and try a Coffee Scrub.....
Scrub Love is an amazing coffee scrub brand based in the UK. Right away I was pulled in by their adorable zipper sealed bright pink packaging. I started looking into the brand that created this magical scrub that I was about to sprinkle all over my body and I have to say I just fell in love with everything. 
Scrub Love is an organic, all natural, fair trade, Rain forest Alliance Approved, cruelty free, ethically sourced skin care company. They truly do show how much they care about not only the product their customer puts on their skin, but they care about bringing us natural products with out compromising quality like so many do when they put the "All Natural" stamp on something. They put a lot of time and attention to bring us the best ingredients to smooth, hydrate, exfoliate, and polish while tackling things like blemishes, cellulite and stretch marks. 
All Scrub Love products are free of dyes, parabens, preservatives, fragrances and all things artificial and instead packed full of amazing things like argan, baobab, coconut, sweet almond, sweet orange, tea tree and peppermint oils as well as the best pink Himalayan sea salt, Dead Sea salt and sugars to mix in with their organic coffee to make all of their mixtures a pure organic dream scrub. 
The Scrub Love Coffee Scrub I used and fell in love with was their Original Lovin' blend. You can learn more about whats in it below. 
I stepped in my shower and did my normal routine before tearing open my bag. I washed, shaved, blah blah blah, and then I reached in my hand to pull out a good amount of coffee scrub. I don't know if I expected it to literally be coffee grounds or not but it was. Let me tell you how amazing this stuff smells, I bury my face in the coffee can every morning and inhale and this stuff actually smells better due to all of the wonderful extras. The sweet orange and sweet almond mixed with the coffee was divine let me tell you. I applied this stuff everywhere! All over my body and face and then just let its goodness soak into me. After five minutes I scrubbed it in all over paying attention to my drier areas and my stretch marks. I rinsed and right away I felt the difference. My Original Lovin' coffee scrub hydrated my skin so well I didn't even have to put lotion on my skin after. I felt amazing. This scrub is a total shower game changer. My skin feels and smells amazing after using my Scrub Love. 
I've used my scrub three times now and fall more in love every time I use it. I've told my mom, my cousin, my girlfriend and boyfriend and all of my friends how amazing this product is. I'm slowly seeing a big change in my skin. Also it has been clearing up the small breakouts on my face I've been having. All in all Scrub Love is Lovin' this girl right!
Just remember, even though your bath water smells like delicious coffee.... Do Not Drink It! 

Check Out The Scrub Love Coffee Scrub Line Up!

"Original Lovin'"
For Extra Exfoliation 

-Roast Organic Coffee
-Pink Rock Salt
-Sweet Almond Oil
-Vitamin E 
-Sweet Orange Oil and Vitamin C
-Organic Orange Peel 

"Coconut Affair"
For Extra Hydration

-Roast Organic Coffee 
-Organic Coconut Flakes
-Extra Virgin Coconut Oil
-Baobab Oil
-Coconut Milk

"Mint Temptation"
For Extra Rejuvenation 

-Organic Roast Coffee
-Peppermint Oil
-Tee Tree Oil 
-Dead Sea Salt
-Argan Oil
-Aloe Vera

Benefits of Coffee Scrub's


Helps With...
-Stretch Marks
-Rough Patches
-Dry Skin
I hope you all enjoyed my blog on coffee scrubs with Scrub Love. I love sharing the products I love and trust with all of you. Feel free to subscribe and share with your friends!

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