Friday, June 24, 2016

A Poetic Affair: Summer Designs with Wax Poetic Clothing

A Poetic Affair
Wax Poetic Clothing
Emily Doll 
The Vintage Doll

Summer allows so much when it comes to retro styles. Warm weather allows me to really open up in not only looks but in colors, prints and not having to suffocate every outfit with layer upon layer to keep warm. I love having the freedom to wear so many different things in Summer because most of my favorite pieces are made for warmer weather! 

I put together two adorable looks featuring dresses from Wax Poetic Clothing. Never heard of them? Well start thanking me now for an amazing brand to add to your closet ladies. The first thing I fell in love with about WPC is how they took vintage silhouettes and paired them with the perfect amount of whimsy and added a slight modern fit. Their designs not only cater to retro women but also anyone in love with feminine, light, girly styles. That's me! I'm that girl! 
This brand has a lot of amazingness behind it that I want to pay attention to because the people behind the brand is what makes it! WPC was started back in 2014 by a husband and wife team here in the good ol' USA! They make it a point to really focus on detail and excellent manufacturing when it comes to their designs and I can say after wearing them, that's 100% true. Their dresses are put together so securely! This brand is what supporting small businesses is about and are a veteran-owned business! How great is that. 
Wax Poetic Clothing is really starting to take off with both their brand and designs with their recent 2016 launch this year. I am blown away by the quality and attention to detail. These dresses are so amazing ladies and sure to bring some much needed vintage whimsy into your closet!

Scroll down to see both of the looks I created with my Wax Poetic Dresses, and feel free to click the photos to be taken to the shop right away!
Look one Features Wax Poetic Clothing's
100% cotton dress trimmed in dainty eyelet lace and fully lined with 100% cotton as well. lace trimmed pockets kissed with a bow are the perfect finishing touches for this adorable frock. The best part is the boning in the front bodice to keep your lines pure pink perfection. 
I finished my look with matching pink t-strap heels by Chase & Chloe I found on Zulily and a beautiful pink feathered hair piece hand made by Oklahoma Burlesque Queen Adele Wolf

Look two I created around the Wax Poetic Clothing Rosemary Dress. This beautiful halter dress has an elastic back for comfort and to help with the perfect fit. It's 100% cotton both outer layer and inside lining. I love how it can be dressed up or down and is the perfect design for so many things. The wide cut skirt is flirty and makes you want to spin like a little girl and watch it twirl. I finished my look with my Chase & Chloe T-strap pink heels to compliment the pink flowers and topped it off with a simple white sun hat I picked up at Wal-Mart
As you can see, Wax Poetic Clothing's designs are just dreamy and a wardrobe must have for summer. They add such a delicate touch of whimsical retro fun to your style and let you shine in your love for all things pretty and feminine. I want to address the pricing on their garments due to knowing I have a lot of stay at home moms, and ladies on tight budgets such as myself who follow me. This is a brand that works hard hand making each item and pours their passion into what they sell. There are some thing that are worth saving up for and Wax Poetic Clothing would be one of them. You get what you pay for, and some things a true gems that you purchase to add for special reasons. I hope you enjoyed these two styles I have put together for you and I hope they help inspire your own summer styles! As Always, please feel free to share with others!

I want to thank Wax Poetic Clothing and each person behind their brand for allowing me to be a face for their growing business. I appreciate your hard work and amazing craftsmanship and applaud your attention to sheer genuine quality products. Thank you for allowing me to share you and your amazing dresses with my beautiful fans. I wish you the best of luck in all you do. -XOXO Emily Doll 
As Always, Thank you for reading and remember...

"Remember To Always Be Yourself & You Will Always Be In Style"
 Emily Doll
The Vintage Doll

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