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A Year In Beauty: My Glam Bag Review

"A Year In Beauty"
May Ipsy Glam Bag review
Emily Doll TVD 

June Bag Theme "Rebel Rebel!"

Hello all of my beautiful readers! I hope you are all transitioning into summer well. The weather in Oklahoma is already melting my favorite beauty products off my face!! It's that time of the month again where I give you a look into my monthly Ipsy Glam Bag and show you all of the amazing goodies I received for the month! 

For new readers, Ipsy is a company that has a monthly subscription beauty bag called the Glam Bag. For $10 bucks a month you will receive an adorable cosmetic bag of a different theme with five full size or deluxe sample size products. It allows you to learn, grow and sample new beauty products and who doesn't like makeup showing up in the mail every month! Ha!! 
If at any time you want to sign up yourself, just click on any of the photos in this blog and it will take you right there!

Lets get started shall we!! 

This month's bag came with the theme "Rebel" I have to say I am a fan. I loved the old school bright colored graffiti all over the bag. This bag is all about letting go and embracing your inner Rebel!! Lets see what we got!

My Glam Bag Brought Me....
Urban Decay Eye Shadow In "Fireball"
Like all things Urban Decay this eye shadow gave me high expectations that were of course met right away. This shadow is a peachy gold color that pulls no punches in the pink department and changes as you move. Its full of pigment and deposited a healthy dose of color upon the first swipe and lasted all day in the heat! Like always Urban Decay holds it's standards high and is cruelty free I 100% loved not only the quality but the color as well!
*Brand is both Vegan and Cruelty Free
'Tini Beauty Liptini Cream Lip Color In "Pinktini" 
This was a new type of lip product for me. Not an ideal container for a gloss then I opened it and it made sense. 'Tini beauty is created to mix with other products in the line just like you mix your favorite drinks! Hence the name ha! This color is a rosy mauve that is neither too hot pink or baby pink. Its a perfect warm shade for summer. If easily goes on with your finger or a lip brush and can work double time as a dewy cheek color! Due to it being a glossy shade I see myself dabbing this on my lips in the summer for a feminine natural look but not an every day.
*Brand is Cruelty free only offering vegan nail polish at this time

Formula X Nail Polish In "WingWoman"
Ya'll already know I'm not a huge nail polish fan. I have always been an extreme nail chewer and after years of doing my own nails I now get them done so I don't own much polish. This color spoke to me when I saw it so I put it on my tootsies! The bottle was really tiny but that was ok. I loved how it came out more red after it appeared to be magenta in the bottle. I love red so that was great! This is more of an orange red though not a true red like it appears in the photo.The best part of this polish is that it dried so fast! Which was great because my two year old stepped on my foot shortly after application and it was fine. This polish in enriched with ShineXcel which makes the color pop more than most. This is a highly saturated polish that inst afraid to put down color and is paraben, sulfates and phthalates free. Its a highly durable polish that hangs around! Chip free and high shine for 8 days! 
*This brand is vegan and cruelty free!

Crown Brush Three Tone Bronzer
Crown Brush is a 30 year in the biz cosmetic guru focusing mainly on the worlds best makeup brushes and high end cosmetics. Always out to bring whats new and hip to the makeup world. Always looking to bring both colors that pop and formulas to match! This bronzer is a deluxe sample I'm guessing due to its itty bitty size. Any multi color face product usually comes in a bigger palette to make sure proper application. This is a three toned bronzer that brings you all the basic need for your face space. Blush, bronzer and highlighter in one! Not too much in the shimmer department but just enough to highlight that cheek bone. The blush is a pretty pale baby doll pink that drops color quick and the bronzer is a perfect shade. I tried my best to use each separate with the small compact and I was really surprised by the punch of it! I would be interested in trying more from them for sure! Love this little guy! 
*Some Vegan and cruelty free products but only stating so on their brushes. I wasn't able to find out on their cosmetics.

BioRepublic SkinCare "Fiber Mask Set" in Cucumber Breeze & Pomegranate Crush
I love skin care and fresh beautiful skin. I've always taken good care of my skin. Healthy skin means better makeup application haha!! This is a Korean based skincare line that focuses on all natural no chemical skincare ingredients! Sign me up! This is a company that focuses on good for you skin ingredients and keeps them off our loved animals with no animal testing! I was excited about these masks until I pulled them out and noticed they were the full sheet cover your face kind which I have a hard time keeping on my face long. Fantastic products! It's just my own personal issue lol. This set came with two masks, Cucumber Breeze which helps save stressed out skin, and Pomegranate Crush which energizes and brightens. They smell great and the cool mask is very relaxing. These masks take time and start showing results in a week so be patient and give them time. Best part is these masks are biodegradable and fit sully over your face so nothing is missed! Great product I just need to get over my issue with putting things all over my face. 
*This brand is cruelty free. Not 100% sure on Vegan

The June Ipsy Glam Bag!!!
Finally we have the adorable monthly Glam Bag! Its ever so changing and one of the most exciting parts of being an Ipsy girl! I love seeing what the new bag looks like each month and this one is pretty freakin' sweet!! Decked out in neon classic old school graffiti, I cant help but love it! 

This month's bag was really cool and introduced me to a lot of new brands and products I have never tried before. A new skin care line to look more into, several new beauty brands and it showed me how the power of bright pink can make you feel incredibly fierce!! 
This month I tried to look into each brand and let you know who was, wasnt and who I wasnt sure about being both vegan and cruelty free. I hope that helps in your searches.

Thank you Ipsy for continuing to feed my beauty addiction in a fun way that helps me continue to grow in my product knowledge and caters to my love and passion in all things beauty. I love you guys!

Check Out The Power Pink Look I Created With All Of My Glam Bag Goodies!!
Shoes by Lucky Lou Shoes

Ipsy Glam Bags are a great way to learn, grow, experiment and feed your passion in all things beauty. I love being an Ipsy girl and I cant wait to see what comes in my June Glam Bag!

You can find all of the products in my Ipsy bag and more by visiting the Ipsy website. Click the ink bags to be taken there now!

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I hope you enjoyed this month's installment of "A Year In Beauty" I will see you next month with new goodies!

"Remember To Always Be Yourself & You Will Always Be In Style"

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