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Clear Skin Journey: A Blogger Chasing The Clear Skin Dream

Clear Skin Journey:
 A Blogger Chasing The Clear Skin Dream
"A Busy Girls Blogged Journey To Clearer Skin"

Clear skin... Something we all want but seems almost unrealistic to actually have. Over my years working in the cosmetic and beauty industry, one thing I have noticed is how acne has seemed to become more out of control across a wide variety of both kids, teens and adults and most products on the market don't help clear anyone's skin. 
Acne doesn't care how old you are, if you are rich or poor, or what skin color you have. More people have it then don't and the only thing everyone with acne has in common is the insecurities and self consciousness it can cause. 
I can't say I have struggled with acne my whole life. That would be both my siblings. No I made it all through my teen years with radiant clear skin until I was 18 and then I exploded in a sea of salicylic acids and abrasive treatments. 
I noticed my skin starting to get bad when I was working at an Ulta Beauty and constantly drowning my skin in makeup. Naturally I thought that was the issue and tried every skin care product the store carried trying to clear up my mess of a face at the time, meanwhile my insecurities about my skin grew. It was hard enough being 18 trying to discover my new adulthood, I didn't need acne! Well I had it and it wasn't the makeup. Years and years have gone by, almost ten to be exact and here I am still struggling through adult acne and to be honest and to much surprise I don't wear that much makeup on my face. 
"But Emily your skin always looks perfect" Right! I know! Compared to most I don't even know what acne is lets be real. I could have it much worse and complaining about what I do have from time to time between perfect skin to horrible breakouts I want to burn with fire, I really don't have the right to complain. Although I do struggle with mild adult acne that makes me self conscious and constantly searching for the magical products that will fix my skin and give me real life photo shopped looking epidermis. 

I want to start out by saying this....

As an internationally known model and social media person I have to keep up with a lot. Including constantly taking and posting photos of myself. I'm not even going to try and pretend I haven't edited out a blemish or two. My skin isn't always flawless and a lot of times its irritated and broke out from a lot of different things in my life. With a crazy work schedule, full time job, full time mom, blogger, model and everything in between, my life is anything but calm. Due to that my skin gets a beating in more ways than one with bad eating habits, lack of proper water intake, stress and more than its fair share of baby wipe face washes. Models, people who post their lives on social media, we all may appear to put out a look or vibe that seems like we have no worries or cares with our insta-filtered lives, but we struggle with the same things everyone else does. No matter what you see online, we are all just people. I like to go out of my way to take down the curtain and show the world whats real with social "famous" social media personas. 
I have spent so much money, and thrown so much money away on over the counter, drug store and order able acne products. None of them work and I either get worse skin problems, dry skin, or nothing happens. I am done with the normal routine and am looking forward to these simple products and a skin care change by taking charge from the inside out!
Follow my journey and join in with me!! 

This is an honest blog of my journey to clearer skin featuring some great products that I will be using and sharing with you in hopes that we can all achieve clearer skin together. 

In the blog following this one (so stay tuned, the progress blog will be posted after this one with added updates), I will be sharing updated information on how my skin is doing and reacting to the products I am using. Every update will be added to the progress blog with new updates added right at the bottom and continue to grow with my progress. Each new update will be posted on that blog and then shared so you know when I've added a new one. You can either scroll down to the newest update or new followers and readers will be able to start from the top and read my documenting on the progression of my skin. Both this blog and the following updated progress blog will contain links to the products I use so you can try the same products and try my personal skin care routine and join my journey with me! I will also include photos so you can see how my skin is doing. They will also include links to each blog, both this one and the documentation blog so you can go back and fourth to keep up with new posts and new products added as I go along. 

Here Is To Healthy Bodies & Better Skin! 
Remember, acne is not something to be ashamed of. Clear skin in today's world is hard for all of us to have. Lets take deep breaths and figure it out together! 

My Skin Care Products-
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I have recently started using my second bottle of this product and I love it. Biore Baking Soda Cleansing Scrub. Its a dry powder face wash that activates with water and gives me a deep down clean with out over drying or breaking me out. I've been a fan of Biore for a while and seem to always go back to it. I tried using a mild soap for a while but it didn't seem to be keeping my skin clean enough. This bad boy does for sure. It can be picked up at Walmart and all other mass retailers. 

Face Scrub
I use Scrub Love's all natural and organic coffee scrub in "Mint Temptation" for my face scrub. Just a little bit and it does my skin wonders. It has Tea Tree oil in it which is also known to help clear and soothe acne. This scrub is all natural with zero harsh chemicals. 

Face Brush
I use the Vanity Planet "Spin For Perfect Skin" face and body brush. It comes with multiple face brushes to change out and a body brush. This is great for a deep clean in between using my coffee scrub.

I recently started taking some pill supplements to help my skin from the inside out. I take True Clear by Navan Skin Care. Their skin clarifying supplement has helped people everywhere clear up their skin from the inside out. This is an all natural product created with only the best ingredients. This product will be my morning pill to help with my skin as well. 

I have recently done research on some amazing and highly beneficial Korean beauty products. These are the new products I have added to my routine to help my skin.

Skin Food Gold Caviar Toner is very beautiful to look at but also a very sensitive toner to help moisturize and tone skin without drying out. I purchased mine off Amazon for $17 bucks. I use this before my moisturizers. It helps ton my skin and also keep it from drying out which I struggle with in most toners.

Night Cream
I use MIZON all in one snail repair cream. Yes snail, like the ones in the garden. I have heard amazing things about snail slime skin products so I took a leap of faith and so far this baby is doing great! It helps with multiple skin issues such as blemishes, wrinkles and more! Feels great and is a wonderful night cream. Now I don't know how they get the snail slime... When I find out I might stop using this. Until then I love this. I got mine off Amazon for $13 dollars.

Day Gel
I use Benton Snail Bee High Content Essence for my day skin prep in the morning before I put on my makeup. Yes another insect product. But again these have been helping my skin. This is another product known to help with acne problems as well as many other skin issues. This is also on Amazon for $13 dollars. 

Serious Spot Treatment
I've been using Neutrogena Rapid Clear Acne Defense face lotion for several years. For a long time it was the only one that helped my skin. Lately all it does is dry my skin out when used all over. So, this has become a spot treatments for breakouts only. It works great and can be picked up at most drugstores. 

Water & Nutrition 

So I love carbonation! Way more than I should and I take in more colas, sodas, and pops than I should. Water and I need to become better friends and I will be drinking as much water a day as I can which is also a huge factor in better skin. I will also be focusing on making and packing healthy lunches for work to include that in on my new routine to help my skin! 

Acne is hard, and it really takes a toll on your self confidence. Minor to sever, those who struggle with acne of any kind know its very draining. I hope my blog helps at least some people and my skin care routine can become others as well. Here is to staying calm, being healthy and trying till we find what works! 

Follow my Clear Skin Journey blog here and read updates, see photos and check in on how my skin is doing with the products I listed above! This is a blog about honesty and showing what really works... and what might let me down after a while. Either way I am here to share it with you all.

Stay Strong and know that you are beautiful and I love the skin you are in! 

Emily Doll TVD 

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