Monday, July 11, 2016

Getting Summer Sassy with Razzy Tazzy Pin Up Fashion

Getting Summer Sassy 
"Razzy Tazzy Pin Up Fashion"
Emily Doll
The Vintage Doll

It's so hot outside... You step out your front door and it's like a blow dryer hit you in the face but you have a car show to be at in 30 mins... What do you wear this summer to stay cool? A Razzy Tazzy Pin Up play suit!! 
After doing my open designer call I was contacted by the wonderful owner and designer of Razzy Tazzy Pin Up Fashion. Tonya has been sewing since her teen years and is using it to embrace her love for pinup, retro and rockabilly styles! Everything made at Razzy Tazzy is hand made 100% by Tonya and always includes a healthy does of retro lovin' in each piece. Focusing on creating designs with both unique and vintage fabrics, Tonya really creates some one of a kind styles. No matter the occasion or style you want, she can do it. 
Razzy Tazzy takes custom orders as well as lists their designs on their social pages for you to be inspired by or that you can have remade to add to your closet! 
These aren't just any styles ladies, these are hand made, custom to fit you pieces that will fit you like a glove and make you feel amazing. That's the amazing thing about hand made clothing., its custom to YOU! That means no size guessing, no hoping it fits, you send your measurements to Tonya and she turns out your design to custom fit your curves. 
Now keep in mind because these designs are made by hand and are filled with so much love, that they can take between 2-4 weeks to have completed and sent. But, be patient because I am here to tell you that these styles are worth it! 
Recently I had the honor of having a one of a kind, hand made, custom fit Razzy Tazzy two piece set made just for me! Its so classic and adorable and perfect for this summers heat! 
I took it out of the packaging and it fit me like a dream. Perfect waist, bust and length. Zero issues! Which isn't something I am use to when t comes to clothing, but hand made is always perfection. Tonya sews like a dream and you can see and feel her passion in what she does as soon as you put your Razzy Tazzy pieces on. Quality and great style all in one! Yes please!!

Check out my custom made outfit and how I styled it below!!
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Tonya made me this adorable two piece high waist skirt and crop top set in a cute mini floral print with yellow trim. Its the perfect design and pattern for summer and I paired it with matching accessories to pull the whole look together. 
My Razzy Tazzy two piece matched perfectly with my yellow Tiki wedges from Bettie Page Shoes and I couldn't help but finish my look with some orange and yellow hibiscus hair flowers by Viv&Izzy's. 

Check out my look below and remember at any time you can click the photos to be taken to the Razzy Tazzy Pin Up shop!

Razzy Tazzy Pin Up Fashion is sure to bring your wardrobe unique, flirty, retro and one of a kind styles. I was blown away by the amazing quality and sturdy stitching of my outfit. Not only does Tonya pay attention to keeping her styles fresh and fun, but she also makes sure that you are getting a high quality product. Hand made custom clothing is a lot of work and its important to appreciate that these brands are usually one men or women shows. From start to finish your pieces are created just for you by someone working hard and pouring their passions into creating you something you will love. So appreciate small businesses and brands that are all hand done from start to finish. That's a lot of work and a lot of talent. I applaud Tonya for her Razzy Tazzy designs! They are a wardrobe must!

I want to thank Tonya and her amazing brand Razzy Tazzy Pin Up Fashion for allowing me to be a face for their designs. Sewing and designing clothing has always been something I admire and find to be such a talent. The passion and creativity that goes into what you do is inspiring and I am thankful that you allowed me to share your beautiful designs with my followers. I wish you all the best in everything you do! XOXO Emily Doll 
Thank you so much for reading. As always feel free to share with others! I hope this blog and my styles inspire your own! 

"Remember To Always Be Yourself & You Will Always Be In Style"
Emily Doll TVD

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