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The Clear Skin Progress Blog

Clear Skin Journey
"A Busy Girls Blogged Journey To Clearer Skin"

The Clear Skin Progress Blog!

Welcome to my blogged journey of a new skin routine and life style. I am working towards better skin and a better energy for me in my life. Focusing on being happy, heathly and confident. Fresh skin can help with a lot especially confidence, and I am tracking my new skin care routine and sharing the journey with you all and sharing everything I have used to get there in hopes to help you reach your skin goals too! 

Read my entries below to follow my journey. All new entries will be added at the bottom as I move forward with my routine. Feel free to start at the top or if you are a returning reader, feel free to scroll down to the newest update! 

Want to know about all the products I am using in my journey to clear skin? Or read more about what this blog is about? Head over to the introductory blog for my Clear Skin Journey and find out more plus links to my personal skin care products!

Entry 1 June 21st 2016
So It's day one on my clear skin journey blog. One question I am asked more than ever is how I get my skin so perfect. Well it isn't perfect at all. I have good days and days. I am always searching for better skin care products do to them always reacting negatively to me in some way. Its time to stop wasting money and find a better way that works and I can share with you all. I don't have "bad" skin but I do struggle with breakouts. More so than not do I have to edit out acne from my photos when shooting to promote for companies. It's not that I am ashamed but nothing can distract from a photo than "Ew she has pimples'' and I don't want shallow input like that clouding the amazing brands that I promote. Acne isn't something to be ashamed of, it doesn't make you ugly, it's just a part of life and it happens. I work Mon-Sat from 8am to 6pm, then I go home and tend to my boys,. In between I write all my blogs, my brand reviews, my shoots, and fit in family time. Its a lot of work. I barely have time to eat, much less good food that caters to good skin, and lets be honest I don't make the kind of money needed to survive and splurge on high end treatments or products. So I decided instead of blowing money weekly at Walmart trying to find a product that both clears my skin, keeps it clear and doesn't dry me out, I will look into some new things and change my routine. So that's what I did. Iv'e started drinking more water which I never did, and really looked into some helpful skincare that wasn't sold in any stores I went to. I ended up with some amazing coffee scrub and snail slime. Now, I know a lot of people will probably condemn me for using snail slime. I don't know much about the cruelty side of it, how they get it or if its Vegan but I am reading up and learning more about it as go. I have read that it's one of the top skin care products put out in Korea and I wanted to try. So far I've been using my new skin care products for a week and I am seeing positive improvements. Mostly in my dryness. I was using Walmart acne skin care products. Like you Clearasil type things and I was so dry! The snail slime and gold caviar toner is really helping in that. I am having a breakout on my forehead all of a sudden. not sure if the heat plus my bangs and hairspray is causing it or what but I keeping positive and determined to not change my products for at least 30 days to keep from upsetting or shocking my skin. I recently started taking Navan Skincare's Clear Skin Clarifying Supplement to help from the inside. I'm excited and very hopeful for positive results. We will see! Stay Tuned for next time with a new skin update! 
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Not bad, but not great. Even Small Breakouts are a BIG problem! Here's to looking forward to better skin!

Entry 2 June 21st 2016
Clear skin isn't just a topical problem its an internal problem. I've decided to start taking an all natural skin clearing supplement by Navan Skincare called True Clear. True Clear is an all natural supplement to help clear all types of acne from the inside out. It helps with both minor and sever acne in all ages and skin types. Its great for sensitive skin and due to its all natural ingredients it is safe for everyone. Its FDA approved and is quickly becoming an addition to many peoples daily supplement intake. I have started this today and am very excited to see how it goes. Results in as little as 2 weeks... Ok True Clear I will play the waiting game with you! 

Interested in adding the True Clear supplement to your routine?

Entry 3: June 22nd 2016
I woke up this morning with my skin in great condition compared to how it looked when going to bed the night before. I took a shower last night and my forehead was really broken out. I was feeling a bit self conscious. Due to not using too many topical acne products but more natural products known to help with it, I decided to do a topical of such to try and tame my skin. I turned to my trusted Neutrogena Rapid Clear Acne Defense Lotion that I have used for years. It use to be great. My one all over moisturizer but seems to all of a sudden be too strong for all of my face. It's been drying me out bad. So instead I just applied a thin layer over my breakout area like a mask almost and went to bed returning to my Orange Is The New Black marathon. It seemed to have worked!! This morning I work up with pretty great looking skin. Still super pale of course lol. I took my Navan SkinCare True Clear supplement and had to use little makeup for coverage today! Its a good skin day!! 

Entry 3 August 3 2016
I'ts been a little over a month since my last skin update with you guys. So I thought I would let you know how my face and I are getting along these days. I've been on the same skincare routine since my last blog with only one minor change in the face wash department. I went back to using my Biore Baking Soda Cleansing Scrub after trying to use a mild sensitive soap for my basic wash. I felt like it wasn't cleaning my skin as well. I have always been a fan of Biore face products. I have used them in the past and they always worked for me. I came across their new baking soda cleanser a couple months ago and loved it. It's a little pricier though at about $9 bucks a bottle but it lasts a long time. I had to stop using it for a while because I couldn't find it anywhere. It was always sold out. It looks like they have upped their stocking game though, I can find it at all of my Walmart and drugstores. It's also available online. 

So the cool thing about this cleanser is it is in powder form. You pour it into your hand and add water to activate. It gets super bubbly and really cleanses your face space. I use my hands to work it around and then take my Vanity Planet face brush to finish. My skin always feels so soft. I'm already seeing improvements from this face wash switch. 

Find my Biore scrub online or at local mass retailers and Ulta stores.

I think the biggest improvement with my skin has come from my Scrub Love Mint Temptation Coffee Scrub. I use it on my face after I wash and let it sit and brew on my face while I shave and all that other boring shower stuff. It has tea tree oil in it which is a huge help in clearing skin. This stuff is a skin must and my face is a lot happier while using it. 

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A big help for my skin has been the skin supplements I have been taking from Navan Skincare. I take a True Clear skin supplement every morning with my other vitamins. Over the past month my skin has been getting better and better and I know these pills are helping big time! Outward beauty can always shine better when you take care of your inner beauty. So vitamins are like the soul of beauty. Keep it sweet.                   You can order a bottle for yourself here--->Navan True Clear 
I've struggled with cutting back on pop. I love carbonation and Dr. Pepper. Love it!! Most people cut back on pop because it is loaded with sugar and is a big factor in weight gain. I don't mind that at all. What I do mind is the fact that it's really bad for you, and by drinking so much of it, I have been denying my body water. So I have really been increasing my water intake to help my body which helps my skin!

All in all, I am really happy with my skin right now. I'm still using all of the same products that I started with other than my new face wash. I am proud of my changes for the best and they are really helping. The hardest part of any skin care routine, is waiting for a real change. Its been a little over a month for me on this new system I have put together with both topical products and inner supplements. Your body takes time to balance out and sometimes gets worse before it starts adjusting. Try to commit to a skincare routine for at least three months if you can. If it doesn't get better by then, its not working, but if it is going to work, it should be showing improvement by then. 
Remember that there is nothing wrong with acne. It isn't ugly and its a part of life that more people struggle with then don't. Stay positive and lets keep figuring this out together!
#nofilter haha!

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Stay Tuned For My Next Update......

Remember I love you and the beautiful skin you are in!