Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Siempre Viva! Summer with The Local's

Siempre Viva!
"Summer with The Locals!"
Emily Doll TVD

I'm really into two major things when it comes to what I like to purchase. If I can buy local, I'm going to do it. Supporting your local shops and small businesses is huge, especially ones that do so much for others and the community. Another important factor is buying from brands that have purpose, brands that do more than just sell awesome products but brands who care about others and helping other human beings. Local Oklahoma shop Siempre Viva is all of that and more and I am honored to share them and what they do not only to my local Oklahoma readers but also all those around the world who follow me!
Siempre Viva is a local small business here in Oklahoma and a socially responsible brand that utilize Mexican textiles to create beautiful, handmade women's clothing. "How are they socially responsible Emily?" Well let me tell you! When you buy clothing and accessories from Siempre Viva, you are helping to employ Mexican seamstresses at a fair wage and adding something that is not only beautifully handmade to your wardrobe, but you are buying with purposes and helping other women succeed and provide for their families. That is Siempre Viva's goal, to use their love of fashion to help others in need. With your orders and local purchases you help this brand grow and help them continue to help others, one woman, one family at a time. That is a big deal for me. To be able to shop locally with a brand that puts so much focus into helping others is such a great feeling. You can shop Siempre Viva here locally at different venues, trunk shows, farmers markets and pop up shops or shop them online as well!
Siempre Viva's shop set up at local trunk show Pop Up Shops in Choctaw Oklahoma

I love my Siempre Viva Tops! Not only are they beautiful, helping change peoples lives, and helping support small businesses but they are so comfortable! 
Below you will find two looks built around my Siempre Viva tops! As always feel free to click any of the photos to be taken directly to their site to start adding their amazing pieces to your wardrobe and to help others!

My look was built around my Siempra Viva Striped Embroidered Blouse. It's hand embroidered in the highlands of Southern Mexico using traditional Mayan methods. These tops are created by artisans totally by hand! 
I paired it with some dark wash denim shorts, my UOIonline sandals and belted my top around my waist to compliment my figure!

My first Siempre Viva purchase was what are now my favorite sandals. I saw these Huaraches on their Instagram and fell in love. They are hand made in Colima, Mexico from real leather and are so light and comfortable. I wear them as much as possible. 
One of my favorite pieces from Siempre Viva is my Traditional Embroidered Top. This top is hand loomed in the highlands of Southern Mexico. Each one is unique to a village in Chiapas. This top is light and gauzy. The bright colors and thin fabric make it a must for summer. I love the slight retro feel to this top as well. 
In all things that we choose to do with our passions in life, we always have the option to use them to help others and help change the world. Siempre Viva is showing that with their amazing brand and shop. I admire not only the love and care they put into the products they provide for their buyers but also the love and care they put into helping others in this world. This is a shop to support and promote. I love that I get to help with that. 

I want to thank Siempre Viva for allowing me to be a voice and a face for their amazing brand. Thank you for allowing me to share what you do both in your passions and in what you do for others in this world. It is shops like yours and the people behind it that help make this world a better place by walking in love. I wish you all the best. -XOXO Emily Doll
As always, thank you for reading. I hope this blog inspires your life and your style. Please feel free to share with others! 

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"Remember To Always Be Yourself & You Will Always Be In Style!"
Emily Doll TVD

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