Monday, August 8, 2016

A Mid Summer Nights Corset Story

"A Mid Summer Nights Corset Story''
Corset Story Corsets
Emily Doll TVD

"The heat is still strong outside as the sun is setting. The Cicadas are singing their lullabies and the air smells sweet and damp with humidity. Summer time sunset dances through the leaves on the trees and casts warm shadows across the ground. Sparkling rays of sunlight hit my eyes and cause me to close them as I reflect in a dream like state. Sweet mid summer dreams of cool breezes and the warm sun on my skin. Slipping off to dreamland where I can dream within."

Welcome to the first look at my newest creative photo series with Corset Story Corsets. For the past year and a half, Corset Story and I have teamed up to create some amazing concepts with their beautiful and wide variety of corsets. I have created looks around several of their products such as the  "Harley Quinn Who?" Halloween Clown special, which was by far everyone's favorite, as well as the "Tearful Ballerina" and the "Feel The Love" collection. With each corset I allow my imagination to come up with a theme before I shoot in them. They all have their own feel and energy and I build the overall look around them. Some of my favorite shoots are the ones I do in my Corset Story Corsets. I completely shoot these myself. From concept to finished photos, Corset Story assists in helping all of my corset dreams come true. 

Corset Story has a limitless array of corsets for you to choose from. From under-busts, to over-busts, to full shaping, and lost more. If you are interested in waist training in any way, Corset Story can help you!

My most recent shoot concept was built around Corset Story's new corset in number CSFT030 
which is a black Victorian corset with angled panels and dusky pink ribbon and piping detail. This is the first full bust corset I have worn. I usually do under-busts but this corset fit my bosom area really well. I loved the elasticated straps as well. That helped with the fitment. This is a spiral steel boned straight bust corset with a front and back modesty panel. This style offers between a 1-2 inch waist reduction and is 15in long. It carries the vintage sweetheart neckline and is finished with satin ribbon. 

This corset has a beautiful dark yet feminine feel. Its a slight smokey lavender grey lace covered bodice with pale dusky pink details. I see the corsets then the entire concept floods in. This corset gave me a dark yet ethereal feel. Both light and dark mixing together in a rose with thorns feel. Below you will find photos from the outcome of my shoot. Feel free to click photos to be taken to Corset Story's website to start your own magical corset collection.

A Mid Summer Nights Corset Story 
Corsets can be used and worn in many ways. They can be used for waist training, concept designs, art shoots, fashion shoots, every day wear, formal wear and much more. They can take your look and curves to the next level. Always remember to do your research before beginning to waist train and always train properly and safely. 

I want to thank +Corset Story USA  for allowing me to share their beautiful corsets with my followers and helping me create such amazing art with their brand, I love embracing my passions with Corset Story. Visit them at as well as on Facebook  and Instagram @corsetstory 
XOXO EmilyDoll 

Thank you so much for reading! I hope you enjoyed my most recent photo concept with Corset Story. To see past concepts, head over to my Facebook page and check out the Corset Story album on my page!

"Remember To Always Be Yourself & You Will Always Be In Style!"
Emily Doll TVD

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