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I Am Me From Every Angle with MiLK ll Originals

"I Am Me From Every Angle"
Emily Doll & The Vintage Doll
and featured shoes 
MiLK ll Original 
by Regina & Ryan

The older I get the more I realize that who I am should never be who others want me to be. That my life, my body, my image are all owned by me to do with as I please and I should never let someone else's opinions of me change that. For the longest time I felt lost in who I was. After finding myself I began another journey and that journey seemed almost harder than the first. Why? Because all of a sudden I had not only people who knew me judging me but also people all over the world. It's funny how you can get caught up in something and that's all you are allowed to be or portray or you will easily gain the title of "Poser" or "Fake" 
It's taken me a few years, but I have finally come the point in my life that no matter what others try to label me in their own minds and opinions, one thing I will always be is myself, no matter what angle you catch me at! 

I wanted to work on a project that really expressed my different styles. Sometimes, more days than not, I am a total 50's retro house wife. My wardrobe is full of fun, feminine girly styles that range from cute to sexy. There is also a side of of me that embraces my tomboy soul that can be edgy and takes no crap. I don't always want to be in tight clothing that I have to be careful in. Sometimes I want to through on some baggy jeans and a baseball cap and call it a day. 

I paired up with an amazing company to help me express these two very different sides of myself. 
MiLK ll Original is an amazing line of footwear designed by two very creative souls. Ryan Carbonell  is the artist behind the brand. He is the mind that dreams up all of the amazing illustrations that the shoes are designed around. His art is unique and expressive beyond words. It almost jumps off the page at you with his fun vivid designs and characters. 
Regina Carbonell Gimenez is the talented designer behind the actual shoes. The designs Regina comes up are 100% unique creative looks that you wont find anywhere else and helps bring Ryan's illustrations to life in a fun stylish way! 
These shoes are made from 100% Italian leather and are sure to stand out in a crowd of plain normalcy. One thing I can say is that these shoes are as serious in the quality department as they are in the design department. So soft and comfortable and light!! Each pair of limited edition shoes is packaged in a beautiful hard case magnetic closing shoe box featuring Ryan's amazing illustrations. These beauties are sitting on my shelf. Too amazing to toss such fantastic art away!
I can honestly say that I have never been more comfortable just embracing myself. No matter what my outer style portrays, I am me and I love what I love and wear what I love and I don't care if expressing the different sides of who I am makes people tag me as a "poser" because one thing I will never be fake at, is being myself. Even if being myself one day is a poofy dress and the next a pair of boy jeans. I am ME!! Anyone who doesn't like it....Well they can either start paying my bills or get over it. 

My recent photo series with the help of MiLK ll Original's designs was a lot of fun to do! We worked together on two styles of foot wear to show off my different sides. I'm very much a girl and very much a tomboy. With MiLK ll Originals I was able to really express and show off both sides of my style and both sides of me!

For my TomBoy side we put the focus towards my love for high top sneakers. I love a good high top. MiLK ll Originals sent me their Classic Sneaker Boot that carries a retro 70's vibe. Its light, its bright and totally awesome! These beauties slipped right on and were so comfortable. Made from 100% Italian leather with 100% cotton laces and reinforced metal eyelets. These high tops aren't afraid to say "Yea I'm a girl what are you going to do about it!"

As a shoe loving girl I am a collector of heels. The Minimal Platform Pump in its bright bubblegum pink color with contrasting turquoise and yellow details are a girls best friend. Also made from genuine Italian leather these pumps have the perfect heel height at 4.8 inches tall. Great for date night or lunch with the girls. Light on my feet, easy to walk in and super comfortable! These heels embrace my colorful feminine personality in the best ways possible! 
Lets Get Started With This Photo Series Shall We!!

The Vintage Doll's Look
My first look was inspired by my girly feminine side. The side of me that loves glitter way more than I should and sitting doing my makeup for an hour is fun and not a burden. I love doing my hair up and making it perfect and putting on an amazing set of heels to strut my stuff in like Jessica Rabbit. This side of me embraces her sex appeal and makes it her own and is confident in the beauty she has and wants to help change the world with it. The girly side of me is bubbly, classy, sassy, light hearted and fun!
I built this look around MiLK ll Originals Minimal Platform Pump. I wanted the heel to be the statement piece and keep it simple and sexy. Curve embracing jean capris by Bernie Dexter and a pale yellow sweater top from Lindy Bop was just the thing. I finished it off with my mom's 80's pale pink belt!
Remember at any time you can click the photos and be taken directly to the MiLK ii Original's website!

Emily Doll's Look
My second look was built around my TomBoy side. The side of me that is strong and confident in her opinion and doesn't take crap from no one. She gets the job done and doesn't let anyone put her in a high maintenance category due to her pretty face and isn't afraid to get her hands dirty. Shes strong, brave, sarcastic and opinionated. She isn't afraid to out run the big dogs because she refuses to stay on the porch. She isn't afraid to be herself and let that side of her show to anyone who's looking. She wears what she wants and is comfortable in it, she pushes the issue and stands up for herself and what she believes in.
This look was created around MiLK ll Original's Classic Sneaker Boot.These high tops scream "I Hit Like A Girl So Watch Out" in the best way. They are bold like my personality and I wanted to keep them the focus by keeping the rest of the outfit laid back and casual. I paired them with some female joggers and sports bra from Walmart and a dark washed denim vest from Hot Topic. I finished off my look with an 80's hot pink Auto Trader hat and called it a day. Why? Because it's Emily Doll she does what she wants and what makes her happy and doesn't care if anyone else likes it.
As I move through my life I am learning that you don't have to mold yourself into one social group or category. You don't have to make sure you fit the in style or cater to one specific anything. That your life and your style is yours and it can change and grow as much as you do as a person. You are allowed to like different things and look different ways. You are you no matter how different that may be and that is beautiful! Embrace all of your sides, without them you wouldn't be the beautiful complex creature that makes up all of your amazing qualities.
No matter what style you love or find that personally fits you, remember to always be yourself. You owe no one an explanation on why you are how you are. Walk in love and most importantly let your inner beauty shine more than anything else.  Be genuine and be kind, and always be who you want to be. Just like my MiLK ll Originals, I want to embrace the fact that I am the limited edition of me.

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''I want to thank Ryan & Regina for allowing me to use their amazing art and designs in this blog project. There wonderful talents and passion for art help give me the inspiration for this project and because of them it came out better than I could have imagined. Thank you for letting me share your passion with the world and being apart of what I do in return. I wish you both the best in your brand. All my love.'' - Emily Doll TVD

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"Remember To Always Be Yourself & You Will Always Be In Style!"
Emily Doll TVD

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