Tuesday, August 9, 2016

The Boy In Me with LoveChuckTaylors

'The Boy In Me"
Emily Doll TVD
also introducing special guest
Billy Boy Ben! In His Debut Photo Shoot!

I've teamed up again with my doll Kelly, the boss lady of the number one custom converse shop on Etsy, "Love Chuck Taylors" 
If you have followed me over the past two years, I'm sure you have seen the epic converse collection I have built with Kelly and her amazing brand. If you are a newer follower, let me explain what Kelly's brand is...

LoveChuckTaylors is an Etsy shop owned by a beautiful woman named Kelly. She takes some of the most iconic and widely loved shoes, Converse, and customizes them to truly make them one of a kind. The best party, THEY ARE REAL CONVERSE! Kelly doesn't use knock off shoes, she uses the real Converse brand so you are getting the highest quality footwear you love only one step better! It fits your personal style. Most of my chucks reflect my Rockabilly style but Kelly can make them fit any look you want. Girly, manly, spikes, fuzzy, you name it, she can probably do it!! Also these aren't just designed for women, she makes them for the whole family! even kids and babies! 
If you want to know more about LoveChuckTaylors, you can read a lot more on my "LoveChuckTaylors" brand blog. 

I do a lot of style reviews for women, I mean being a woman myself it makes sense! Although I think this style blog will be one the fellas can enjoy too! Below you will find my recent shoot showing off my newest pair of LoveChuckTaylors Converse. Kelly and I wanted to bring back a sense of old school Rockabilly with a "Tom Boy" feel to show that her custom chucks really are for everyone! 
Check out my classic black high top Converse with my favorite red bandanna detail! These can be made in any size as well as color! Get creative and be yourself! 
Remember at any time you can click one of the photos to be taken to the LoveChuckTaylors Etsy shop to start your custom chucks collection today!
As you can see, these are some pretty awesome chucks!! Kelly takes our favorite shoes and makes them like all of us, SPECIAL! Your next pair of chucks needs to be from LoveChuckTaylors! 

To show how versatile LoveChuckTaylors custom converse are, I want to introduce you to my special guest model Billy Boy Ben! 
Showing off just how cool the Converse I'm wearing above can look on a cool Kat too!
No matter who you are, what you are into or if you are big or small, once again you can see that Kelly and LoveChuckTaylors is a shop everyone in the whole family can enjoy. For work or play, back to school and special occasions. Get the best custom Converse with LoveChuckTaylors
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I want to thank Kelly of LoveChuckTaylors for allowing me to be apart of her passion and brand. It's a really big deal to be a face for someones brand and means the world to me. Kelly is the entire force behind the LoveChuckTaylors brand and through her hard work and passion to provide people with the coolest shoes around, LoveChuckTaylors is now the #1 custom Converse brand on Etsy with the highest satisfaction rate and best customer service feedback! Congrats girl!! I wish you nothing but the best. -XOXO Emily Doll

Thank you for reading, I hope this style blog inspires your own ideas and looks to help you express your confidence through style!
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"Remember To Always Be Yourself & You Will Always Be In Style!"
Emily Doll TVD

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