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The Pout Life: A WUNDERKISS Review with Emily Doll

"The Pout Life''
Emily Doll TVD

Lip Venom, Lip Injection, Lip Plump, over the past decade the lip plumping gloss craze has grown into a multi million dollar industry. Why? Because as women we like playing with our overall look. "I can make my lips look fuller with out needles and without paying thousands? SOLD!" 
The idea is awesome but how many of these products have you bought and used and actually had a good result? I've tried them all. From the cheap drugstore options to the most high end brands. I always judge the product based off how much my top lip plumps up. My top lip is a lot smaller than my bottom so if it gets any bigger when I use a plumper then I know it works. Sadly, I have wasted a lot of money on products that claim one thing and deliver a total let down in the end. 
Until Now!

I'm sure if you follow me you remember my blog and how to tutorial on my WUNDERBROW brow gel. WUNDERBROW is created by a company called WUNDER2. Their brow product is pretty epic and has a pretty large customer satisfaction rate. If you want to learn more about WUNDERBROW you can read my blog HERE

Watch My Tutorial For WunderBrow On YouTube

Today I am here to tell you about WUNDER2's most recent launch into the beauty world. WUNDERKISS!! A two step lip plumping product that allows you three different levels of plumping action. Up until this product, most lip plumpers are your normal thick sticky one step lip gloss that burns and irritates your lips with no real change other than a red ring around your mouth from my personal experience. Needless to say I had my doubts about WUNDERKISS but I put my kisser to the test and dove in to check this new product out!
WUNDERKISS showed up in some pretty packaging that fed into my package whore obsession, that was also very informative on not only what was in the box but what it offers as well.

After opening my box there was a paper inside with step by step instructions, as well as two sleek black tubes, one with a hot pink metallic kiss on it. Inside you will find the WUNDERKISS Plumping Gloss and the WUNDERKISS Plumping Booster. 
Lets break these two products down shall we...

The WUNDERKISS Plumping Gloss uses a special technique called "Dermaporting" to build up lip volume and moisture through delivering a mix of collagen and hyaluronic acid into the surface of your lips. This is a very smooth cushion type gloss that has no sticky feel which I am very picky about. I love how this gloss feels on my lips. Its clear with no color or shimmers and smells like cotton candy. One of my favorite smells!   

The WUNDERKISS Plumping Booster is your magical serum that kicks up the plumping power in your plumping gloss. The plumping booster carries a controlled option dosing of a very concentrated lip plumping complex featuring Vitamin B3 and heating and cooling agents. You decide how much to infuse into your step one Plumping Gloss based off the three controlled amounts listed on the boosters applicator. There are three levels of plump you can choose to add to your gloss. Low, Medium or High. Each amount you decide to put in will heighten the level of tingle you experience as well as the amount of plump your lips gain. 

WUNDERKISS works a lot different than your standard already decided plump amount glosses you have used before. This gloss will deliver different results and different levels depending on how much booster you decide to use. This product will give you plumper more hydrated and fuller looking lips in about 2 minutes and last for hours! Through the newly mixed Plumping Gloss in your purse to reapply as you like. This product is more effective due to their concetration on more effective methods. Like their proprietary skin delivery technology Dermaporting and controlled dosing of their highly concentrated Vitamin B3 heating and cooling booster complex. This Vitamin B3 complex helps circulate blood flow into the lips and helps open the pores for quicker penetration. By doing this it gives your lips an obvious fuller effect. The heating and cooling agents in this product are also another useful process to bring blood flow to the lips. This is the product that is inside the syringe like tube that you choose the amount of to infuse into your gloss.

Where you can also learn more about this product and get a full list of ingredients used inside.

Something I want to state about WUNDERKISS and the WUNDER2 brand is that they are a cruelty free brand that is internationally listed! That's fantastic to know! Cruelty free is a huge factor in my beauty choices and I am currently working to replace all of the brands that I own that are not cruelty free and have removed them from my beauty routine. This brand is not listed as Vegan friendly yet, but its still growing! Give it time. 

All lot of you read beauty reviews and say "Ya yea whatever they were paid to say this, they are lying, they didn't really use it, they didn't really have positive results." Well you don't have to take my word for it. Check out these Clinical Results that were featured in Hello Magazine! These are results gathered from 35 different women who tested WUNDERKISS. Those are pretty fantastic and consistent results. It's clearly not just me who likes this product. 
Now that I have broken this product down and told you what it is, how it works and all of the facts behind it, lets talk about my personal opinion and result shall we.

So at first I didn't understand that I didn't have to infuse my Plumping Booster every time I used my gloss. You decided what level of plump you want from low to high. Low being the first line on the applicator or high being the entire amount pushed into your gloss. So these first photos are of me wearing the WUNDERKISS with only the lowest amount of Plumping Booster in my gloss thinking I should use it slowly to make it last. I clearly didn't read the box well enough. I inserted my booster into my gloss and after putting in the smallest amount I mixed my gloss, applied and waited two minutes. I didn't feel any burn or tingle, just cooling mostly. My lips were slightly fuller and had no lines or creases. They looked rosy, full and slightly more pouty than before. They truly looked hydrated for sure. Subtle and luscious.

Next I decided to put in a little more booster in my gloss and tried again. I could really feel the cooling and tingling with this level. I waited and went to make my little boys some lunch. When getting back to a mirror I found that my lips did in fact look fuller. I always notice in my top lip first. The medium dose of Plumping Booster definitely gave me more of a plump pout than the first level. 

I was pretty happy with the obvious result in plump from the second level of booster being put in my gloss. But what type of beauty product tester would I be if I didn't see what the highest level of plumping booster provided to my kisser! So that's what I did. The next day before heading off to work I infused the remaining amount of booster into my gloss giving it the highest level of plump possible, put it on and drove to work, which is about 30 mins away. 

These Are My Before Shots In My Driveway.

After Shots 30 Mins Later Using WUNDERKISS!
Ok I don't know about ya'll but I see a huge difference. Check out that top lip!!! Kylie eat your heart out! 

After my experiments with each level, I really enjoyed the highest level of booster in my gloss. It gave me a much fuller pout and it made me feel sassy and sexy. It's funny how something as simple as a plumping gloss can kick up your confidence level. WUNDERKISS didn't just give me a plump pout, it gave me a kick in confidence too. As women, there is always something new and fun to use in the beauty world. We like to explore, sample and experiment not only with products but with our own look as well. We are allowed to embrace that passion and have fun with it. If you are looking for a lip plumper that actually changes your lips in a major fun way with out needles and costing you a fortune, WUNDERKISS is the way to go!


''I want to thank WUNDERKISS and the WUNDER2 brand for allowing me to be apart of their amazing journey bringing women around the world amazing beauty products. Thank you for letting me share my real results with the beautiful women who follow me. I am honored to be a face for your brand and company. Your really stepping up the game in beauty products that produce real results. All my love to you!'' - Emily Doll TVD



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