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A Year In Beauty- Ipsy October Glam Bag

"A Year In Beauty" 
October Ipsy Glam Bag
Emily Doll TVD

October Bag Theme: "Black Magic" 

Yay October Glam Bag in November.... So most of you know I had a horrible house fire mid October. Everything is considered a loss and I have been dealing with the chaos that has been growing around me daily. Due to my makeup table and all of my makeup being lost in the fire, as well as my laptop, I wasn't able to do my normal mini tutorial or get this review done in a timely manor. My Glam Bag showed up two days after our house fire and to be honest it was a little happy moment for me. I borrowed some make up from my niece to finish a whole look for this review and I did my best. The lighting in my big brothers bathroom is not so great, but hey I made it work and I am grateful to have his roof over mine and my babies heads.

So as you all know by now, Ipsy is the iconic monthly subscription bag that brings five deluxe size beauty samples all the way to full size products right to your door to test, try out, explore, and experiment with. I love it because it feeds into my love of exploring the beauty industry and all of the amazing things it has to offer. To learn more about Ipsy you can check back on my past "A Year In Beauty" blogs or you can head right to the source, read up on it, and subscribe to become an Ipsy girl yourself!


Being the month of one of my favorite times of year, HALLOWEEN! I knew this month's bag would be awesome. I couldn't wait to see what was inside. Now it wasn't as fun and crazy as I was hoping but it did have some gems in it I cant wait to talk about! 


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Fun, adorable, campy Halloween icons all over this bag had me so excited!! This is now my lipstick carrier in my purse. The tiny witches, black cats and ghosts were too cute. I loved how it was fun Halloween and not super glamour Halloween. I think this holiday brings out the kid in all of us in a way and the cute bag was perfect for that. This bag had a lot of things I was excited to try. Lets look inside! 


Ciate London Fierce Flicks Eyeliner 
I am a newbie to this brand. I am a pro at liquid liner and have used it everyday for goodness... 11 years. It's hard to believe there are eyeliner brands I don't know about. This one came in one of my favorite applicators and what I believe to be the best style of liquid liners for anyone new to using it. The felt tip marker style pen of this applicator really allows you the most control while not laying down a ton of product at once, ending up in a mess. Its tube was super classy and cute as well with little silver stars. I was obsessed with stars when I was 14 lol. The best part about this eyeliner is that it is extremely dark and not going anywhere until you are ready for it to. This baby is a great product! As far as a liquid liner, this is perfect.
*This is a cruelty free brand. I'm not sure if they are Vegan. 

treStique Matte Lip Crayon In Belize Bordeaux
treStique is another brand that was in my Glam Bag this month that I have never heard of. Again, due to my love for this industry I am always shocked I still don't know everything haha. This little baby was adorable. It looks like a little colored pencil. I love coloring so its packaging spoke to me lol. I got it in the Belize Bordeaux shade which is a wine pink. Depending on how many layers you put on, the darker it will get but it is still pretty heavy on the vibrant pink side. So this crayon format is pretty amazing. The cap on the tube is a lock tight cap to stay put in your bag, while the formula inside is a lightweight smooth finish that doesn't emphasize lines on your lips like normal lip crayons tend to do. My favorite thing about this product is that it stays put. It goes on so light and smooth and it stays there. This product is by far my favorite in the Glam Bag this month and I would love to have this in more colors.  
*This is a Cruelty free Brand 

Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Cover Foundation in R230 Ivory
Most people in the beauty industry know of the brand Make Up For Ever. Its a highly loved and followed brand that produces some of the best products around. I have not been lucky enough to say I have ever tried or used any of their products until now. Thank you Ipsy for this chance! I received Make Up For Ever's Ultra HD Cover Foundation. This is a great product to judge a brands quality off of. Foundation is hard to find and if they can give me a good one then I am likely to buy other products. I got this in a deluxe sample size with included a pamphlet. This foundation was not only a perfect shade but allowed me to choose my own coverage. I could easily go from a dewy light coverage to full on mask mode. You need different coverage during different times of the month so this is always helpful. It stayed on all day, didn't separate on my skin, covered up my stress acne from the recent events in my life and I thought it was great. This is a seamless long wear foundation that doesn't even require setting powder. I loved the product but I couldn't find anywhere stating this is a cruelty free brand. So until I can determine that, I wont personally be buying from them. They do state that you can contact them about which products might possibly be Vegan. 
*Not Cruelty Free or Vegan Friendly from My Research

Kokie Cosmetics Kokie Nail Polish In Heavenly
I'm not really big into nail polish. I have had a horrible nail biting issue my whole life so I don't usually have nails to paint. I try to get them done when I can to keep from biting them but acrylic is so bad for your nails I try to take breaks from it. Due to the fire the day before, my nails were fried. I couldn't even try this on them if I wanted to. So I tried it on my toes instead. That's when I discovered my entire left big toe nail was broke off and I had a huge bruise on my foot. Who knows how had happened. The night of the fire was a blur. So I painted my right foot and used it as a swatch for you guys haha. Its a really pretty pale periwinkle like blue. It went on smooth, covered great and dried pretty fast. It was also very shiny with out any top coat. The best part is that its been weeks and I still have zero chips!! This brand of polish is amazing, They have a lot of pretty shades and for only $6 bucks that is a steal! The shade was a little different for me but I have been trying to take some style risks and explore some new things and it turned out to be a color I really liked on my toes. 
*This is a cruelty free brand. Not stated about being Vegan Friendly 

Global Beauty Care Dead Sea Wash Off Mask 
I have heard of this brand but never tried it. Lets be honest here. After all of my skin care products burned in the fire I was terrified to try this and upset my skin anymore than it already is due to the lack of goodness in skincare and the abundance of makeup clothes and bar soap. Ugh. But I braved it for you all and gave it a try. This is a wash off mask filled to the brim with a unique blend of salts and minerals from the Dead Sea. The gentle mud treatment draws out all the yucky stuff in your skin for a fresh glow. It helps restore elasticity, it fortifies your skin with its deep cleaning powers and leaves you with fresher looking and feeling skin. I wont lie. I used it and it felt pretty much like any other mud mask, but it didn't break me out so that is a plus in my book. I'm not a fan of mud masks. They give me that suffocating feeling so its hard for me to put them on my face lol. Give it a try. You might just like it. 
*Not stated as a cruelty free or Vegan friendly brand 


This adorable design was made by Valfre'. Isn't it just the cutest. Her illustrations are adorable and I really loved this kitschy Halloween inspired Glam Bag. It's fun and feeds into my all things cute side. I love Halloween like most people and am sad that it's over already but I will continue to carry this adorable bag in my purse! 

This months Glam Bag was full of hits to be honest. The eyeliner was boss and the lip crayon is invincible. I cant not like that items. The foundation was amaze-balls but I don't like knowing if a brand isn't cruelty free. I explored some new brands and products and even played with my nails a little which I never do. Again Ipsy didn't let me down in learning about some great new brands and awesome products. I love the lip crayon and the eye liner is keeping my cat eyes on point. It was a good month in Glam Bag even if it wasn't the best month in life for me. 

Sorry no mini tutorial this month guys! My computer was fried. But here are some snap shots of the look I created with my Glam Bag Goodies. I did a full connected cat eye bringing the liner from the bottom lash line up to connect to the top. Then I used my Fullips Lip Plumper to go to the EXTREME and really play with my lips to show off this amazing lip crayon!

I want to thank Ipsy for always introducing me to new products and brands that feed my love for beauty. Every month I learn more about my passion and others in this industry and all of the amazing products out there. Beauty is and always has been a huge passion of mine and Glam Bag's are such a fun thing for me to receive every month. I am so happy to be an Ipsy girl.
Don't forget to check past blogs to see more amazing products I have tried with Ipsy and to stay tuned for Octobers Glam Bag review coming next month! Remember to share your beauty finds with other girls out there and help keep the love of beauty positive!
You can find all of the products in my Ipsy bag and more by visiting the Ipsy website. Click the pink bags to be taken there now! 

I hope you enjoyed this month's installment of "A Year In Beauty" 
I will see you all next month!

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