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A Year In Beauty: December Ipsy Glam Bag

"A Year In Beauty"
December Ipsy Glam Bag Review
Emily Doll TVD

December Glam Bag Theme: Carpe P.M. 

Merry Christmas to all of my fellow Christmasers, and happy holidays to all of my followers celebrating their cultures holiday traditions this time of year. Well we made it to the end of my "A Year In Beauty" blog. It has been one year since I signed up for Ipsy and started receiving my Glam Bags. I have to say, it has been a ton of fun. This is such an amazing thing to be a part of as a beauty junkie. It truly feeds my passion for all things in this industry and I have so much enjoyed being a part of this. Have no fear! This wont be my last Glam Bag review. I will continue doing these blogs and being an Ipsy girl because I love it so much! Bring on another year of beauty!


This bag brought me a good selection of products to create a look from. I had a little bit of everything and was excited to have gotten a brush! My niece always gets the best brushes lol. I'm always jealous. I loved this bag and was excited to dive in and start playing!

Lets Get Started!

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This bag was just Glamorous. It gave a "You have this night in the bag" vibe. Ha! No pun intended. It gave some versatile options as well as a skin care product which I love getting to try. Skin care is hard to find that actually works so getting to test something first helps. 
I am too excited lets get started!

My Glam Bag Brought Me...

Symphony Beauty Snow Cream Moisturizer 
This is the strangest yet most interesting facial moisturizer I think I have ever used. I'm not really sure how I feel about it. Its very whipped and fluffy but slightly dense. Almost like a pore filling primer type feel to it. Its a little hard to get a good dip to put on your face and once there its a strange texture. It doesn't just melt in but feels a little textured on your skin. Its interesting. I feel like it would be a great moisturizer for someone with oily skin. It hydrates well but has zero grease feel. It haS Vitamin E which is super important and helps give your skin a great glow. This brand is inspired by the Korean beauty seen which makes total since with how different and creative it is. This is a really cool skin pick me up. I enjoyed it. *Couldn't Find any info on this brand being Cruelty free or Vegan. If you can, list it in the comments so other girls know!

NYX Professional Makeup Prismatic Shadow in Fireball 
I love NYX. Period. I remember when this brand wasn't as evolved and high end in the quality department and now it is beyond advanced for the type of brand it is. They make sure every woman has the option for beauty products that are both quality filled and priced reasonable. You can keep up with all the trends, while learning how to do things like contour and highlight. Great brand. So this eye shadow was very pigmented. Not extremely so but enough to get a good amount of color down and also build the intensity a little. It was a bright rusty copper. Super pretty. It was a great warm shade for the season and stayed put. This could be used as a subtle base and also an intense color for brightening up an eye look. Great product NYX.
*100% Certified Cruelty Free Brand 

Royal & Langnickel MODA Angle Shadow Brush 
Super happy about getting a brush in this months bag! I love getting knew brushes. This one is super multitasking. I can apply an all over shadow, do my crease, buff out a smokey eye. I mean this is a get the job done brush! It blended the NYX shadow perfectly and held and laid down the pigment with no problem. It was also very soft and can be used with cream shadows as well. The bristles are made from synthetic fibers which gravitate towards each other which allows a much better application. It also has a coated handle so no slipping out of your palms when you are in the zone. Also they are VEGAN friendly ladies! 
*Cruelty Free Brand

Hikari Felt Tip Liquid Eye Liner in Iris 
Ya'll know I don't mess around when it comes to liquid liner. If it can't give me a strong cat eye, its trashed, I was excited about this due to it being my favorite applicator for liquid liner but also because it was a beautiful eggplant purple shade. It has a very stiff tip which I am not too fond of and I will tell you why. While claiming its to give sharp lines it tends to take off what it puts on due to its stiff scratchy tip. It would lay down the color and if I went back over it, bam it scraped it off. No ma'am. Not a bad product and the color was beautiful and long lasting but wasn't my favorite. Not a bad liner for a pop of color but the lay down wasn't that smooth for me.
*Cruelty Free Not stated as Vegan

Smashbox Cosmetics Insta-Matte Lipstick Transformer 
So this is a really interesting and creative product but I messed it up by using it over a lip gloss. Me being me wanted to know how intense this product could be. Satin lipstick sure but what about gloss? Well it worked but wasn't too comfortable to wear. I don't recommend using this over glosses but on a lipstick that needs to be dialed down on the shine it would be great. It leaves lipstick feeling smooth with no lines or that dry cracked feel. Its a gel primer type feel that dries down pretty quick. It isn't sticky or tacky at all. Whats cool is this product was created by pro makeup artists to cut down on the amount of lipstick they carried in their kits. Brilliant if you ask me. This isn't going to make your lips extremely matte like using an actual matte lipstick would but it will tone down that shine and give your lips a smooth feel. 
*Smashbox is a Cruelty Free Brand, Not Listed Vegan

The December Glam Bag!!!

So this little fuzzy dream is a perfect holiday bag. Ipsy really payed attention to sending out bags that could double as a handbag for all of your holiday parties. I love this bag. Its a red magenta with a metallic strap. This is perfect holiday modern day glamour! You don't have to be rich to be glamorous, Embrace your own style of Glam and rock it!

 This months bag was great. It has a lot of fun things in it to end this years blog. Two totally knew advanced products I had never tried like snow face cream and a lip gel that turns lipstick matte! Talk about some creative concepts coming out in the beauty industry in 2016. I am both really impressed and super excited about all of the new things brands are designing for their customers. 

Since this is the last installment of  "A Year Of Beauty" I wanted to really go all out with my look. I added some of my ColourPop shadows to my NYX to create this look. I used a white shimmer in my inner corner after applying my Glam Bag NYX shadow. After I applied my Hikari Liner in a traditional cat eye, I brought it out further and then down under my eye to really give it some pop! After that I took a q-tip, wet it and smudged the end of the liner to have a softer buffed out feel. After that is was just lips and cheeks. I did a little more intense of a contour as well and used some ColourPop glosses on my lips to test out how well the Smashbox matte gel worked. All in all it came out to be a really cool fashion forward look for me. I was really proud of this one.

I would like to note that I am wearing the hand made beanie Kindle aka marvelous_rainglow on Instagram made me. She knit this by hand and I adore it. Thanks again sugar!
I am also wearing my leather wrap necklace with opal stone detail the lovely Lolliday sent me from her shop! 

Becoming an Ipsy girl has been so much fun. This has been a dream come true for a beauty lover like me. I feel so spoiled every month when my Glam Bag shows up in the mail. From getting to try new things, expanding my beauty knowledge, finding new things I love and just embracing my passion for this industry I have fallen back in love with my passion for all things beauty.
My entire life I have expressed myself through makeup and fashion. It has been my outlet and artistic vice. I highly recommend becoming an Ipsy girl for 2017 and expanding your love and knowledge for all things beauty! You will find new brands and products to love, products to try out and maybe decide they aren't for you and save your money and so much more. Over this past year I have expanded my looks. I got back in touch with my artistic love for makeup. Thank you Ipsy!!!
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