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A lot of you read and were keeping up with my skin care blog. I had started an all new skin care regimen with simple products in hopes of finding my best skin. My skin was doing pretty good until our house fire, then went bad again. I knew I needed to get back on a good skin care line before my skin really started to suffer. With winter coming that meant dry chapped skin from the constant freezing cold and heaters. I had that horrible tight stretchy feeling in my face and it wouldn't go away.

Here is my issue. I knew I needed something that moisturized my skin but also didn't break me out. That isn't easy. The cheap face lotions I was picking up at the drug store just didn't cut it and my skin wasn't improving.
I have sensitive skin so I need things that are as natural as they come. Simple products with a strong objective in perfecting your skin. So I started something new. 

I started using Charolette Lacroix Activating Night Cream to help my skin at night while I slept and really soaked in to repair the damage from the cold weather and poor skin care product choices I had been making, I knew I had to toss out the quick fixes I got at Wal-Mart that have a high percentage of alcohol in them. They were doing me no favors and I had seen zero improvement, This skin care choice couldn't have come soon enough. 

Charolette Lacroix is an all natural skin care line that caters to the most sensitive skins. Another great thing about this line is that not only are they earth  and environmentally conscious but also cruelty free and Vegetarian friendly. Its always great when a brand focuses on more than one type of person. This allows more people to get results they need. Like me!! Most things that I try to hydrate my thirsty skin always breaks me out. 

Over the past month my nightly skin care routine has involved the Charolette Lacroix Activating Night Cream to help hydrate my skin as well as target things like preserving the natural contours of my face and even out my tone thanks to their amazing stem cell properties. 
I don't have to worry about weird unnatural things in these products because they are free from all artificial ingredients that cause allergic reactions and my biggest issue, breakouts. I haven't suffered this once since using this night cream. 
Your skin does most of its repairing at night so a night cream is essential to any skin care routine. The Charolette Lacroix Activating Night Cream has helped my skin lose that tight dry flaky look and feel by unlocking my skins rejuvenation properties over night. It is packed full of amazing things like their miraculous PhytoCell Tec Argan ingredient along with the 100% all natural DermCom and Acacia Senegal gum extract that helps support cell to cell interaction by increasing your skins firmness, elasticity and density. That is just a small look into what this amazing night cream does. For a full look at all the positive things it can provide your skin and help you with, make sure you check out the full outline of this product on their website. Overall this night cream is pretty effective. I have noticed a significant change in my skins hydration and over all appearance in the morning when I go to put on my makeup. I also have lost all the flaky dry patches I had on my chin from the nasty cold weather. This night cream is helping women of all ages. Check out its 5 star review on the site and read what other women had to say about their results. Don't just take my word for it. 

The second product I have been using and desperately need is an eye cream. Yes, even at almost 28, an eye cream can be a big help. I have always suffered from dark circles but the older I get and the more tired I get the darker they also get. I have been using the Charolette Lacroix Renewal Eye Cream every night before bed over the past month and the small lines caused by dryness and also the darkness have slowly diminished. I still have dark circles but they are less extreme and the dry lines are totally gone. Thank goodness. I can thank the ingredient Prodizia for help with the darkness. It is known to help with signs of fatigue, bags, dull complexion and drawn features. This is just one main feature of this extremely nutritive eye cream and you can read all about the many benefits as well as other women's feed back on their own results on the product site.

As I age I have noticed my skin change. Over the past year I really see changes. These two products along with my daily skin supplement True Clear by Navan, have proven to hold their own in my bathroom cabinet. Every night I drench my skin with these products and due to that commitment over the past month and keeping consistent with application, I can see the improvement. My skin is much more hydrated. I was really struggling there for a while. I tried exfoliating to get rid of the flakes and made it so much worse. Thanks to Charolette Lacroix I am no longer a dry mess! 
Skin care is important and so are natural ingredients. So many products are full of chemicals that hurt your skin and you never see results. Products with all natural based plant ingredients are always the better choice and show results quicker because your skin reacts faster to them. Always remember that skin care is a process to gaining better skin. It isn't plastic surgery and you have to be consistent to see results and get real change. I highly recommend this brand if you suffer with things like sensitive skin, dry skin, fine lines and dullness. Just within a month I am happy with my results!

Charolette Lacroix has a band that speaks for itself. You can see it on their online web reviews as well as their social media reviews that women of all ages are seeing results after using these products. When looking for things like skin care you like hearing from others how their experience was and knowing this brand gets more five star reviews then anything, I would say it deserves getting a chance in your bathroom cabinet too. 

If you want to read more about this skincare line, what they offer and what each product does to help your skin, visit the Charolette Lacriox website for product information, ingredients, reviews and more. 

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