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A Year In Beauty: My Changing Looks with Ipsy Glam Bag: January

A Year In Beauty:
My Changing Looks
Ipsy Glam Bag
Emily Doll

Happy New Year's my loves!!! I hope the beauty god's are treating you well so far in 2017. As most of you know, I wrote a monthly blog called "A Year In Beauty" featuring a review of my monthly Ipsy Glam Bag goodies and the look I created with them. I enjoy doing these blogs so much and you all seem to enjoy them as well seeing as they are some of my highest hit blogs I write. 
I wanted to continue with my "A Year In Beauty" project but also give it a face lift for 2017 and change things up a bit so we didn't get stale. This year I will be focusing more on my passion and inspiration behind each look I create with my Glam Bag and not just the products themselves. 
Now of course I will tell you how I feel about my bag and what I got as well as what I like and dislike. Each blog will include links and info to each brand that was in my bag, and links to get a Glam Bag yourself!! 

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This Months Bag Theme: Metropolis
This bags theme was created around the "City Girl" type. One always on the go and products that can keep up!

When I tore open my more than familiar hot pink metallic package for the first time this year, I still had the same excitement as the first time I received my Glam Bag in the mail. I couldn't wait to see what goodies Ipsy and I would be sharing for our first bag of 2017. The Bag itself was very chic. It gave off a modern vibe that said, "I am a girl who knows whats hot and has no time to waste proving it!" It's double layer pearl like mesh was a cool grey blue,and yes it is now my lipstick bag in my purse like every new Ipsy bag.
My bag felt light to the touch and I could tell my goodies were smaller in size. This bag wasn't busting at the zipper like bags in the past. I could hear the items shifting and knocking against one another. I couldn't help but take a peak right away!!
Essentials! Nice! I quickly looked everything over and assessed that these products were for a girl who needs to look fresh faced fast and doesn't have a lot of time to put into actually being so. She needs products that will bring her skin back to life and give her that "I woke up like this" glow with minimal effort and products. Everything was neutral toned and simple. I noticed each product could easily be used for more than one thing. Eyes for cheeks, cheeks for eyes, kind of thing. After looking everything over and taking proper photos with the help of my 3 year old Charlie carefully arranging each product for me "Here, let me do it" lol, I started to decide the look I was going to create with all of my items. 
I was sent a clear lip balm and very subtle toned products, so I knew my look couldn't be a night look that was more intense, but had to be something simple and clean. I decided I wanted to create a look that said, "I just woke up from a nap in my high rise apartment in the city at sunset and I am going to go stand on my balcony and watch it go down and compete with its glow!" Wait... does that even make sense... lol 
So lets get started about the products I received and used to create this look.. 

I was sent a Rimmel London Lip Conditioning Balm by Kate Moss. It's from their newer lips collections and had the look of more of an old school lip balm. That peachy color and clear smooth application. This is a great purse balm if you cant stand that waxy feel of chap stick. It left a subtle natural gloss behind, was hydrating and not sticky at all!! This would keep my look very simple and fresh so I would build around this product. The first thing I applied was the eye shadow I was sent. Which was Manna Kadar 3-1 Shadow in Fantasy. This was a very light warm shimmery bronze color. It wasn't high in pigment due to it being for more than one thing. I used it for a shadow for my look. I applied it all over my top lid and under my lash line to give my eyes a great warm glow of shimmer and bronze. Again, due to its light pigment it took me a while to build any color for any type of eye look. But I got it! Ipsy describes it as highly pigmented so I started out lightly, but knew really quick that I would need to use my fingers for it to show up. This would be a great item for your car makeup bag because it can be used for everything. It made for a great eye shadow. I think this brand could be promising. I have never heard of or used their products before but I did enjoy this product for shadow and can see it being a great bronzer in the summer on my pale skin due to its light lay down. 
I wanted some depth in my eye look so I picked up my next Glam Bag goody to do so. The Balm Cosmetics "Bahama Mama" is an amazing bronzer. Why? because it isn't orange!! When you get a tan you aren't orange, you are a coco goddess, not a Trump goddess, ha! See what I did there. This bad boy not only has brown undertones its also matte, which helps because I want glow only where I put my highlighter. I want matte blush and bronzer mostly and then I pick my glow spots. I used this in the corners of my eyes to give me dimension. I then brought it to the outer corners of my bottom lash line to give me a slight bedroom eye with out being smokey. This did a perfect job. I then used this same product to make my contour pop! Again it nailed it. The only hard part, is how tiny The Balm Ipsy samples are. You cant get a brush in enough to do much sadly, so I applied my contour with a fluffy blending brush, it worked great. I would buy a full size of Bahama Mama for my make up draw for summer hands down!
I finished off my look with some rosy glow! I wanted that pinched cheek flush that you tend to have after a nap, the ModelCo Blush Cheek Powder in "Peach Bellini" gave me exactly what I needed to make this look come together! It is a warmer corral peach, like in a Bellini, and it has a shimmer which gave me some extra glow. This was a great shade that didn't hit red or pink on my skin so I was thankful for that. It truly left a flush that was very pretty on. Just use a tiny bit! Or you will go from a subtle flush to a bright red one very quickly! I applied it to the apples of my cheeks and slightly upward and it was perfect! The micro pigments laid down well so I didn't have that powdery look but a warm melted in finish. 
The last Glam Bag goodie was a fragrance. Pink Peony by Note Fragrances. I love perfume. I love smelling good, but the older I get the pickier I get about what I like. This was a very fresh floral scent. The floral notes over powered the citrus and in my warm apartment in the middle of winter it was just too much. This will be a great spring scent for sure, but it is just too much for winter. It lasts a long time though so if you love floral fragrances this baby is for you!
This was a great Glam Bag to start the new year off with. It really shows how make up brands are really starting to do more than just make products. They are making tings that cater to our lives in today's busy world. Things like multi use products for on the go consumers. They are really taking the beauty industry to high levels and I am excited to see what they bring out this year!
The January Glam Bag is super chic. It says city girl. Lights, night life, early coffee, you can see it all in this bag. On the go all the time! 
I hope you enjoy the warm look I created below with the products in this months Glam Bag. I had a vision and it came out really well. the glow, the neutral colors, the dewy feel, it all transferred over well into the look.
Along with my Glam Bag products I used a handful of my own products such as, foundation, concealer, brow products and mascara. The rest wall all from Ipsy. After I finished my look I headed out to my balcony where the sun was setting and the air was a crisp 43 degrees.
Take a look at my look below and feel free to share! I hope my looks inspire you to go and create your own and explore!

Thank you so much for reading! Remember, that you are your own canvas to explore and create with. Be yourself and express your passions. Be inspired and help inspire there's to do the same. The beauty world is a magical place of self expression and I love it so much. Ipsy allows me to do that every month with new products and brands, and helps me open up creatively with my passion by putting together a new look every month. Sign up today and start exploring with me!

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"Remember To Always Be Yourself & You Will Always Be In Style"


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