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"Hey Aunt Flow" Surfing The Crimson Wave

"Hey Aunt Flow!"
Surfing The Crimson Wave
with LOLA Organic Cotton Tampons
Emily Doll

Period. The unavoidable coming of age moment for all girls. The day being care free ends and you always have to be prepared to possibly bleed onto your favorite jeans because, thanks mother nature. 
Women have periods. It is how our bodies work. Yet over the years they have become taboo. I mean, lets get real, a lot of men can't even say the word and a lot of us are too uncomfortable to carry a box of tampons through the store and then desperately try to find a female checker. Its so silly. This blog will be talking about one of the most natural and un-disgusting thing a woman's body does, it bleeds. 

Are you done being shocked by that statement? I can imagine not many of my male followers are still with me at this point, if you are, kudos to you, you are a grown ass man who doesn't let things like a woman's period scare you off. I applaud you. 
I got my first period at fourteen years old. I had an older sister and most of my family was made up of very open and confident women, so I knew what was happening. After letting my mom know, she sent me with my big sister and big brother up to Wal-Mart to get what I needed. Tampons didn't scare me but carrying them through the store embarrassed me. My big brother came to the rescue and carried all of my stuff to the register where my big sister paid. Next, came the fun part.... I got to sit at the kitchen table while my mom showed me with her hands how to insert a tampon lol. 
I just turned 28, have two children and there is a video of my vagina during child birth saved on at least one of my aunts cell phones. Needless to say, I am no longer shy about my menstrual cycle or anything involved. I buy tampons, wink at the male checker at Walgreens and walk to my car. Why? Because I am a grown woman and that's what grown women's bodies do. 

I've always had it easy in the period department. I don't get to moody, my flow isn't crazy and the most extreme I get is cramps that can be less then fun. The women in my family usually have pretty difficult cycles so I consider myself lucky. No matter what types of periods you suffer with, they all suck and are a pain in the ass and vagina. Literally. My first day or two can suck, I get bad cramps in my back and make good friends with anything warm or has food on it lol. I can be a tad bitchy and extremely.... horny, for lack of a better word, but all in all I think I have it pretty easy compared to a lot of women. 
So, the big question is, why are periods, a natural thing for women's bodies to do, such taboo to talk openly about? A lot of people, and by people I mean men mostly, can't even say the word "period" with out freaking out and acting like children. I mean, considering men will literally beg to eat the booty like groceries and cant go down the feminine care aisle, makes me laugh. They wont touch their ladies while on their period, don't want to hear about it, wont do anything nice during, I mean how childish can you be. Unless of course you have a boyfriend like mine, who is a firm believer in swimming in the red sea but not drinking from it during that week. As a grown woman who has two children, been divorced, been through hell and back, the last thing I worry about is if people know I am on my period. I am not sure why its become such a hush hush topic, but it has. Some will argue the fact that it is based on modesty and keeping it quiet to embrace that lady like quality we are to do everything in as women. Now, there are a lot of things I am modest and lady like about, but my period is not something I am going to feel pressured into making into this top secret thing when my body does, on its own, every month. It isn't something we decide to do or control, our body is created to have a period. It's going to happen. People need to accept this and move on to more important topics in the world, like human trafficking. 
When I first got my period, there wasn't a lot of crazy things out there for it. You basically had pads, tampons, panty liners and the Diva Cup. Now my niece at 13 has things like period panties to choose from, multiple types of tampons and pads, of course there is now free bleeding.. which I get but I am too much of a clean freak and too be honest I just don't get it. I have read a lot of articles on it and I find it to be used as more of a statement maker on your feminist beliefs rather than something functional in daily life. To each their own of course. Much love and support to those women just like any other woman. 

I myself, am very traditional when it comes to my period and what I use during that time. I prefer using standard tampons and liners. I am not a fan of pads. I have had my cycles where I wear one, but mostly I cant stand them at all. I recently discovered organic cotton tampons and read up on them. A much better choice oppose to what you find on your common store shelves. 
Some Period Knowledge 
On average, a woman uses up to 10 thousand feminine products in her life time. That means most women use products that can contain dyes, toxins and synthetic materials. Traditional brand do not disclose the ingredients used in their feminine products and are not required by the FDA to do so. There also have been zero studios on the effects artificial fibers can do to the human body. Um, no thanks. 
I read up on how much better organic cotton can be for you so that's what I started using. I recently switched to a brand called LOLA, its an organic cotton tampon brand that not only creates feminine products that are better for you, but they also ship them to your door, have multiple types to choose from, and they give back to women across America. Since they have launched their brand, they have donated one hundred thousand tampons across the country. I was in Wal-Mart once and a homeless girl, maybe 18, asked if I would help her buy some new underwear because she had bled in hers. Well first off that took a lot to ask a stranger, second I asked her about the shelters and she said they don't provide them. So, I bought her the underwear, a huge box of tampons and pads. You think its no big deal until you don't have that type of stuff. I really look up to LOLA for doing more than just creating an awesome brand and product but helping women in need. With help from amazing partners like, Support The Girls, Distributing Dignity and Simply The Basics, LOLA is able to help a lot of women. With every purchase, you help a woman get a box of feminine products. Why is this Important? Because #TamponsAreNotALuxury and should be available for all women. Help spread the word and show the world that periods are normal and so should every woman having access to products to get through it. Great Job guys!

In a nutshell, LOLA is organic cotton tampons and period products made for women, by women and shipped straight to women's doors. This is a no bull brand that knows periods are a part of every woman's life at some point and it shouldn't be stressful. Periods are already a big enough pain in the as and this company is striving to not only make periods a natural part of accepted daily life for women but give us products to cater to keeping our bodies healthy with no toxic ingredients 
Periods shouldn't make a room go quiet when mentioned, or have a girl feel embarrassed over what her body was created to do. Men shouldn't respond with "Ew Gross I don't want to hear about that" or "Don't touch me until you are off the rag" Women's bodies are beautiful and do amazing things, and in return able to create human life. Men should embrace the sexual peak that some women have during that time of the month, and other times give them the time and love they need in other ways. All you have to do is use google for ten minutes, if that, and I promise you will find something worse than a woman bleeding every month. At some point, we have to make women stop feeling like everything has to be hid away and to be ashamed of. Our sexuality: Not allowed to have or you are a slut. Our bodies: Don't show them or you are a slut. Embracing what our bodies were made to do: Gross hide that. At what point, are we set free from these cages to just be women? I say we start today. Im a woman, I love sex, I love embracing my body and I have a period. Get over it. For those who are with me in this, get LOLA, and start treating yourself to a safer feminine product for not only yourself, but women across the county. 


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"Remember To Always Be Yourself & You Will Always Be In Style"


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