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A Year In Beauty: February Look

A Year In Beauty:
My Changing Looks 
Ipsy Glam Bag

February Look
Emily Doll

Another month, another Glam Bag!! More beauty goodies to inspire a new look! So last year when I did these blogs, I did product break downs and focused more on the goodies than what the goodies can do. Ya'll know that's what really counts anyways lol. I wanted to focus this years Glam Bag blogs around the creativity it gives me and how it inspires me to play with my looks. So each month I will let the products in my Glam Bag inspire the look I create and let you also know how I created it, how I feel about the products, and the inspiration behind it. I think beauty and makeup is such a fun an expressive thing. It allows me to create an entire energy almost and its in my control. My Glam Bag has really inspired me to be more adventurous in my styles with beauty and I am loving the freedom. 

As always remember you can click the product links at the end of this blog to be taken directly to the sites of the goodies that came in my Glam Bag, as well as click to be taken to Ipsy to sign up for yourself. At the end of this blog you will see the final look I created and I hope you enjoy it and it inspires your own looks.


This bag was created around those warm and fuzzy feelings you get from good friends and the perfect lipstick

My bag showed up last week and like always I was thrilled to see that bright metallic pink envelope in my mailbox. After I opened it, well I was less than enthused. Right away I hated the bag, Its an ugly washed denim with the brightest orange trim it hurt my eyes. It's like they didn't put much thought or detail into this one like usual and it comes off as a cheap party favor bag at a 10 year old birthday. The bag itself didn't match the theme this month or the entire feel and energy Ipsy put out for February. I expected Valentines theme but was excited they came up with their own idea and was happy to see it, the bag was opposite of their theme entirely and I hated it, but I had high hopes for what was inside. 
Eh, not that great. I got a very random selection of products. A bronzer, a lipstick, a brush and two skin care items. I didn't get this bag at all and was less than inspired. But I decided I was going to let this bag inspire me more than any previous bags and create a look that was totally off the wall. I wanted to just play and be creative and express myself. Makeup is great for that, and I knew this would be more of a creative concept than an everyday makeup look. Earlier in the day I chopped off all of my hair so I wanted a  look that complimented that. I went into my closet and got some wardrobe inspiration from a pretty bad ass suede jacket that screams 80's. That's all I needed and I was off!! 

Lets Ge Started!

I prepped my skin with the Dermadeli Rejuventing Toner first. This toner has things like witch hazel to help tighten pores and sea kelp to keep your skin moisturized. This toner is pretty nice. I also am a huge fan of spray on toner bottles because I have never really liked using cotton balls. This toner doesn't come as a spray full size but no worries you can pick up a mister bottle and pour it in!  This gave me a fresh surface to apply my makeup, smelled fresh and I totally felt rejuvenated! Sadly I couldn't find anywhere on their site saying they were cruelty free. Next I checked out my second skin care item. The Organic Pharmacy Eye & Lip Cream. I've never used a product that could be used in both areas. Lip products are usually too greasy and the entire consistency I would think wouldn't work for eyes too but this brand did it. I put a little on my finger and quickly noticed it was too thick and heavy for before makeup application so I saved this for after I washed my face that night. This is a homeopathic brand so everything used is very natural. The skin around your eyes and lips is more delicate, so I do recommend a product that targets those areas alone like this one. This is a thicker cream that for your eyes helps reduce puffiness and fine lines while offering lips moisture and a more full appearance. This brand does not test on animals and really pays attention to important things when it comes to good skin health and I recommend checking out their website and seeing what they are about. 

So after I prepped my skin I started on my makeup. I did my foundation, and contour and then grabbed the bronzer that came in my bag. Elizabeth Mott Whatup Beaches Matte Bronzer. I've tried a blush by this brand and enjoyed it. It was also sent in a Glam Bag. The difference was it was a realistic size for the brush needed to apply this product. Ipsy includes either full size products or deluxe sample sizes which means much bigger than a normal sample size. This bronzer was eye shadow size. It was a little hard to get a full even application with a bronzer brush due to the size but once I figured it out, it wasn't that great. It went on uneven and a little muddy. I wasn't a fan of this as a bronzer so I used it as the base for my shadow look. I would like to try this product again maybe in the future and give it a fair shot in a fair size lol. I am also not sure on it being cruelty free. After finishing my eye look (which I will get into in a minute) I applied my blush with my Luxie Beauty Luxie Rose Gold Blush Brush 514. I think everything should be rose gold so I loved the look of the brush but also it was super soft. This brush is a winner with its Vegan, cruelty free synthetic bristles. Its soft, fluffy and the dome shape makes it perfect for blush and even highlighter. This is a brush that lets you build color or build your highlight which I love. I want the whole line of these!
I finished off my look with lips. I used my NYX Professional Makeup Butter Lipstick in Lifeguard. I love matte finish lipstick but some days its just too heavy. This is a perfect satin finish that's so creamy and comfy you will put it on just to stay home. It had a good amount of color but was still subtle and less harsh than full on lipstick. It wont last all day and will transfer but this is for days when you don't plan on running a marathon ya know. This wasn't bright red but still intense with some impact and once on I saw where my look needed to go. Now that I've talked about my products lets talk about the look...

I wanted this look to be a character. Be more than just makeup but be its own energy, I used some metallic and high shimmer brown shadows from Colourpop on my top lid and a darker shade in my crease, Then I high lighted my inner corner with a bright shimmer white. I knew I wanted more than a cat eye and not just a simple waterline fill but something edgy. I took some black kohl liner and gave it a good heavy smudge under my eye and took a flat brush to pull it out past my eye into an almost lower cat eye, keeping the point pretty clean but also not harsh. As my look was coming together it had a "Night After You Drank Too Much" feel and I was digging the messy energy it was carrying. So I decided I wanted to put on a lot of mascara and purposefully give it a more clumped look. Like when you fall asleep on your face before you wash it and wake up and they are clumped together lol. The last step was the lips. I applied the NYX lipstick perfectly on my lips but it lacked so I smeared it! All in all this look came out great. With my new hair and the creative aspect I feel like it gave a really cool concept in the end. Its a little raw, a little messy and a little sexual with a dash of misunderstanding. 
I call this look "80's Hangover" 
I hope you enjoy it and it inspires your own creative looks. 

Having a creative outlet that allows me to express my self in positive ways is amazing. I am able to enjoy something like beauty, photography and modeling while creating each of my looks. Ipsy gives me a fun challenge every month with my Glam Bags and I am enjoying creating more adventurous looks. Never be afraid of exploring yourself. Being crazy and enjoying that side of you. If you have questions about this blog, the other products I used or anything else, email me at


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