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Fairy Tale Morning

Fairy Tale Morning 
Emily Doll TVD

When fairy tale dress designer Chotronette contacted me asking if they could send me a dress I couldn't believe it. Saying I was excited doesn't cover it. Then when they sent me a dress I've drooled over for years after seeing it online I was over the moon. 
Chotronette is a twosome of epic proportion. Silvia and Laura are the creative minds behind the dress brand and based out of Lasi Romania. They pull their inspirations from all over the place which I love because I am the same way. They don't limit themselves but allow all things to help them create the dresses we all wish we could live in. From Tim Burton to Mexican Lolita these women pull out the best in what inspires them and turn it into magical pieces.

They have been featured in Vogue Britain and Vogue Italy, Playboy Romania and many other local magazines as well as countless shares across both personal and professional social pages raving about the beauty that is their dresses. It's easy to see why. Not only do these women turn out literal pieces of art for you to drape on your body, they have an eye for capturing their pieces through photography that starts the fairy tale before you even get to the dress. They know how to capture the magic and energy their dresses exude and truly pull you into their beautiful dreams. From their staple pieces to custom made items, these dresses speak for themselves. Amazing quality is a given, and the structure is perfection. These ladies know how to make one hell of  dress. From short party numbers to full on gowns, they have a dress for everything. When I put on a dress I want to feel it. I want to feel amazing and glamorous and sexy. These dresses do that. The fit is perfect, the design is perfect. Most importantly these aren't just slapped together to be put on and taken off but created with such love and passion you can literally feel everything these women pour into their work and I really value and appreciate that. These aren't just dresses but treasures. Each one of them is pure magic. 

The dress I was gifted was their Ivy Garden Sorbet. I remember seeing this dress bounce around social media and thinking to myself, that is too beautiful to be real. It never had the designer attached so I assumed it was some art piece created for someone important. My dreams came true when I pulled this dress out of the box... Wow... I was right, it was magical. The stitching and shape was so amazing. It held to my body like a glove and made me feel like a fairy princess and I never feel like a princess. I didn't want to take it off! The cut was simply perfect and hit at just the right place  under my knee. It was the exact amount of poof to be feminine and girly but not over the top tutu. 

This dress opened up an entire world of magic when I slipped it on. It gave me so many emotions. What I love the most is that these women are creating dresses to truly make the moments in your life that much more special. You can't top their designs. They have so much magic sewn into them and you want to just close your eyes and live there. Chotronette pieces are truly my favorite. They make something for every type of girl to feel like the kind of princess they deserve to be. Goth princess to fairy princess. Prom and party dresses to wedding and ball gowns. Perfect shoot pieces and perfect pieces for life's most amazing moments. I think I know exactly where I will be getting all of my important dresses from..

Lets talk about my dress...
This dress comes in a few different color and flower choices. Its pure princess perfection. Mine is the Ivy Garden Sorbet. Its beautifully layered with red roses and green ivy. It is the perfect tea length and nips in under your bust for the perfect poof. Its lined and layered in all the right ways with a delicate sheer neckline over the bodice. The thing I love about these dresses is you can have them made to fit your body which means Chotronette also know and respect how many different beautiful shapes we come in and they leave no one body type left out. 
You are sure to live out all of your special moments like a dream in these designs. These aren't just another dress ladies, these are dreams come to life.

I plan on giving this dress the real shoot it deserves but until then I had a little shoot concept I wanted to do with it,. Something raw that focused on the dress itself and the magic it is. Nothing to take away or distract from its beauty. Like a girl just had a magical night out and is home the next morning enjoying her coffee and the sunrise not ready to take off her dream dress. 
I hope you enjoy the photos and take some time to look into all the beauty that is Chotronette. 
but... be ready to fall in love. 

I want to sincerely thank Chotronette for allowing me to be apart of their fairy tale. Being able to feel like a Princess, my kind of princess, was amazing. Designers like this blow my mind. The talent and the love they pour into each piece really makes their items that much better. You can see the passion in their products. They want to make you feel amazing and as a consumer that matters to me. They don't just want to sell you an amazing dress but help make your moment that much more special. Next time I need a dress for an event in my life, I will be making it that much more memorable by wearing a Chotronette dress. Thank you ladies.

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