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Gold Is The New Black

Gold Is The New Black
Gold Elements Skincare 
Emily Doll

Well ladies, I am back at it! Being the Guinea pig of skincare to try out yet another brand that could be beneficial to both me and you. So who better to try it than me so I can tell ya'll if its a hit or a miss! 

On my recent skin care experiment, I tried a well known high end brand of skin care that goes by the name Gold Elements. This skin care line promises to use only the highest grade ingredients from mother earth including things like 24K gold! That's about as fancy as you can get I think. I am a big user of the term "It better have gold in it, if it costs that much!" Well Gold Elements put me in my place because they do in fact use gold in their skincare products. 

So, I am not one to buy high end products really. I am a single mom of two boys who works so much, if it isn't cheap and easy I usually ignore it. But then I got to thinking, if there is one thing I should splurge on and take care of, its my face. With stress, makeup, daily life, chemicals being fed into my skin every time I roll my car window down, its all going to start catching up with my 28 year old skin here soon. So why not take better care of my skin? Why not spend a little extra to preserve my skins well being so I feel better and am more confident in myself? I decided I was going to take a chance and put gold on my face! well Gold Elements anyways...because YOLO right! 

This brand has decided to take modern day skin care to the next level by bringing back old world techniques such as using real 24k gold in their products. For centuries things like gold and other minerals provided to us by mother nature were used for so many things, skin care, health purposes, and so much more. So why if the earth provides us with all natural things to keep our selves healthy and give us great skin are we buying things full of chemicals and man made things that are suppose to copy these natural minerals but in an unhealthy way? Well you don't have to. You can buy Gold Elements. This brand is sold in over 30 stores in the US alone which means they are grabbing consumers attention. This is a skin care line that cares. They not only provide you with amazing products but also amazing customer service. They ship the same day, have a dedicated customer service team, send you free samples and always have some type of amazing deal going!

I tried some basic products from Gold Elements. Products I know I would use daily. I'm going to talk to you about each and tell you how I feel about them and if I see myself re buying in the future. Lets start! 

I know I am not "old" yet, but 28 isn't 18 either and its time I start focusing on things to keep my skin in tip top shape for myself. I pick anti aging products even now because whats it going to hurt. 
I started out my Gold Elements routine with the Age Treatment Cleansing Oil. I really love cleansing oils because they strip away makeup and daily grime without stripping my skin totally. Plus they take off mascara easier. This cleansing oil is an ultra  mild all in one cleansing treatment. It removes dirt and makeup with out also taking away important natural oils your skin needs. I used this as a prep wash. I noticed it didn't really get my skin as clean as I like so I used this cleansing oil first to break down and remove most of my face from the day. Then I scrubbed with my normal face wash. This left my skin glowing and hydrated. I didn't have that tight stretchy face feeling most soaps can leave behind and I also didn't leave the shower with Raccoon eyes thanks to this amazing stuff! 
Once I got out of the shower I wanted a super fresh start to my skin being ready and willing to take in all the amazing Gold Elements face cream had to offer, so first I used the D'or Facial Peeling. This gold packed facial peel is the master at removing dead skin cells, dirt and unclogging your pores. This peel isnt like those weird pull off masks. It gently removed the impurities from your skin and allows your skin to breathe while it soothes and leaves your skin clean and refreshed. 
After I used my peel I was ready for my moisturizer! I used the D'or Facial Cream. It is so creamy and luscious. It's the type of face cream I feel like my grandma might have used. Thick and light at the same time. None greasy yet very hydrating. And! It didn't break me out which is a huge plus. This is a multi tasking gentle cream that counteracts the outer evidences of skin aging leaving your skin moisturized and smooth. I really love this face cream. It has been my every night cream for a month now and I have no complaints. 
One product I was really excited about was the Gold Elements Decollette' Cream Treatment. The skin on our chests and neck is so delicate and needs to get some attention in the skin care department. The sun hits us hard right there and we tend to show our age in that area. Having a product target those things is a major skin care turn on for me. Gold Elements big high five here! The decollete is a very sexy area of a woman's body and I want mine to be in tip top shape. I use this product every morning and night. This rich cream keeps you wrapped in moisture and taking special care of the delicate skin on your chest. It also has a light 24k gold fleck in it that looks great when going out, Its light, not sticky and doesn't have a heavy scent. 
I feel like I have saved my favorite product for last. The Gold Elements Aurarius Truffle Mask. This bad boy has been featured in many places including BuzzFeed. So first let me just say that I felt so amazing using this mask. By far the most luxurious face mask I have ever used. I love it so much I used it two days in a row before I got control of myself. When I dropped a little in my sink I almost cried. This mask is not playing around. This face mask combines the performance of truffles and wraps the skin in ultimate luxury. I put this on, turned on some relaxing jazz and closed my eyes while it worked its magic. This gives skin such a glow while it plumps, soothes, smooths, and rejuvenates from the first layer down. I feel like I would sell one of my kids to get more of this, it is that amazing... (I'm kidding) 
All in all I was really impressed by the improved glow of my skin over the past month I have been trying out Gold Elements. This is a skin care line you splurge on. You invest in good skincare because its worth it. I can use any brand of cosmetics, high or lowend as long as I have a clear healthy skin canvas to go off of. I feel really lucky to have been able to try these products because they are not cheap and they are not something I would have just grabbed and hoped for the best with. I knew these were well thought out and designed products to truly take care of my skin and that's what they provided. 

I have always said that if you want perfect skin you have to be willing to give a product your all and fight it out for at least a month or two before seeing good signs of what the product will bring to your skin. Both negative and positive. You have to be dedicated and committed to allowing the products to do their job and to do that they need time and consistency. Nothing happens over night and nothing will make you look photo shopped. But there are a lot of brands that will take good care of your skin and keep it healthy and that is what you need to strive for. 

I would like to make a note about the financial strain beauty and skin care products can have on us as women. I am first in line to say I spend so much money on product. Always looking for something that will be that magical item that makes me look perfect. Well, newsflash to self, that isn't going to happen. Affording products like I have listed above is not easy. The mask alone is $500 dollars.... yes that is insane. I totally agree with you, I can not afford a $500 dollar face mask, or any of the products in this line if I am being completely honest. This is the most money I have ever applied to my face and it blows my mind! Being a blogger allows me some perks, guinea pig for skincare being one of them. Now, I can say that yes, sometimes expensive products are worth it. This brand has products so much better for you than say drugstore brands and they really can help bring your skin to life! No fragrances, or chemicals, and it actually has gold in it... 
I will splurge on certain things. Skincare, foundation and mascara. Everything else you can get easily with out braking the bank. Sometimes you have to spend a little more in one area to make up for the next. Good skin means you could make kid makeup look fierce. Just sayin..

Is this skin care too much money? Yea, maybe, but what kind of beauty blogger would I be if I didn't test everything for y'all. The pricey and the cheap. I've put some horrible things on my face to see if they are good enough for you guys so I think it was time I get to try something as amazing as Gold Elements. This is totally something to ask Santa for ladies, You do get what you pay for. Gold isn't cheap and this brand isn't a pawn shop. They will send you the best for your skin! You can count on that!

I want to thank Gold Elements for allowing me to be apart of your amazing brand and giving me the opportunity to share with my followers. Your company truly knows how to take skin care to a whole new level of not only luxury feeling products but products that are good for us. This is a high end skincare line I can get behind and I am so honored to have been able to try the beauty gifts your put out in the world to help us all. 

Pusses and I say take care of that amazing skin!
Put some Gold on it!

To find out more about Gold Elements skin care products, visit them at the links below.

"Remember To Always Be Yourself & You Will Always Be In Style"


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