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My Vintage: My Way

Wardrobe By 
Lady K Loves
Photos By
Jeph Rants
Modeled & Written 
Emily Doll
When most women hear "Vintage Clothes" one of the first things I hear them say is "I could never pull that off" or "Yea but how do you wear that stuff everyday?" 
It's very common and hands down something I hear from all types. All types! Its not just the ones with low confidence or think they are too this, or too that, its all types of women. Then of course you can't forget the group that pulls the "It won't match anything else I have" and "Those brands only make styles for girls who dress like that everyday."
Coming from a woman who built an epic wardrobe of vintage styles and wore them every day, to a woman who's style is now all over the place, there is always room for vintage! The only thing is, how do I pull my vintage repro's into my new looks? Is it possible to take styles directed at one type of style and still be pulled into a style on the other side of the spectrum? Hell yes! It's what I like to call,"My Vintage, My way!" and like most ways I do things, I do this the same way. I find amazing pieces I love and I build my outfit around them. Oh,and also, I don't even think once how anyone else will feel about my outfit!
https://www.lady-k-loves.com/product/classic-sunglasses-2/?attribute_style=Classic%20Sunglasseshttps://www.lady-k-loves.com/product/classic-sunglasses-2/?attribute_style=Classic%20SunglassesI love vintage inspired brands like Lady K Loves because they are not just a small business that turns out more of the same, they turn out products that adapt with my styles. It's easy to see the vintage style one way. Very obvious and exact in its retro look. Everything is just so and thought out to every detail so you can be period correct but with your own flair. So how do you take brand designs like these that are so specific and so exact and make it your own look? That's easy, you put on what makes you happy and you walk out he door. That's something I did recently with two different outfits from the retro loving brand Lady k Loves, who is ready to show the world that no matter what your style is, Lady K Loves will help you own vintage your way! 
Lady K Loves "Emma Playsuit"

My first look is a simple and iconic retro playsuit. It was a favorite for the ladies back in the day and now modern dolls are still rocking them. It's an easy look that screams vintage and you don't have to add much. My playsuit is by Lady K Loves. It is there "Emma" design with contrast collar detail and fun bright print for spring. This look is an easy classic vintage style, but I wanted to add my own energy and edge to this laid back feminine look.
I added some dusty pink mid calf boots with a 60's feel to take it from classic doll to mod sex kitten. I chose to add this pink boot to keep the look bold and wild while also not totally matching in the obvious ways. Then I added bright big gold statement jewelry for that video girl look. This was all about color and different texture. The gold metals with the pink sued and the sharp lines of the playsuit print. I wanted fun and colorful and that's what I got! I topped off the whole look with their killer black round Classic Sunglasses from Lady K Loves and was on my way.
https://www.lady-k-loves.com/product/emma/?attribute_size=M&attribute_colour=Abstract%20&%20Coral I took a cute and simple retro playsuit and quickly turned it into a Saturday night statement look just by how I decided to style it. GoGo boots, gold chain, the mix of cottons and sued. I turned a vintage must into a rocking dance party dream. Its all in what you see the garment turn into. You add what you feel. My vintage: My way.
My second outfit was created out of the most basic pieces in a vintage loving girls closet.... A circle skirt and a button up blouse. I probably have 20 circle skirts or so, they are one of the most common basics in my closet and are what women lived in back in the day and now come in so many different colors and patterns. I am wearing Lady K Loves "Darling" skirt in turquoise paired with their "Priscilla" top in mustard. Two very retro and simple pieces that are modest and clean. Lets see what I can do with these...
Lady K Loves "Darling" skirt and "Priscilla" top

The bright turquoise and yellow had me pretty excited. I had this kind of female version of Ducky from Pretty In Pink stuck in my head. I didn't want to go full out with my inspiration or want to copy his look so instead I did my own take on it. With the bright colors of my wardrobe I decided to pair a simple black pair of ankle boots and a black bra under my shirt to break up all of the color I had on. I didn't see simple in my head with this look. I saw bold and care free. I added some bright beaded jewelry with complimenting colors, some chunky rings and a straw hat. Like a gypsy Ducky love child, I felt amazing. 
Its easy to put someones style in a box, or to put it in one category. "Oh their style is so and so" but when do we take our style and make it our own? "That's Emily and she puts together some amazing outfits!" I own my style, it doesn't own me. Its easy to fall into a stereotype when you let them define who you are. Define yourself and who you want to be. Let your style inspire you to embrace yourself to the fullest, and let brands like Lady K Loves help you find that inspiration in your own kind of style. Your Vintage: Your Way.

The Wardrobe: Lady K Loves is an amazing retro inspired brand that wants to help inspire women to be who they are in their own ways. They bring some amazing vintage staples in modern day sizes so women of today's world can reach that same confidence. From England to Nepal and India, the demand for Lady K Loves continued to grow until they were turning out their beautiful designs by multiple skilled craftsman in fair trade factories. This is a company that not only loves designing clothes from their favorite century but also designing clothes with love and passion and sending them out to all their beautiful customers. At Lady K Loves, vintage comes the way you want it!
Find more from Lady K Loves @ www.Lady-K-Loves.com 

Photography by
Jeph Rants Photography 
"Remember To Always Be Yourself & You Will Always Be In Style"


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