Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Sinfully Satin....

By Emily Doll
Wardrobe by House Of Satin
Photos by Jeph Rants 

Every woman loves to get all dolled up now and again. They love feeling beautiful and even more so, to turn heads when they are. It was 7pm and I knew I had to be at my event in an hour. So far I had accomplished everything except putting on a real dress. I considered knocking them all dead and showing them the sassy little number I had put on with the plans of adding a top layer... but I didn't. 

I had treated my self to a sexy little two piece set from House of Satin earlier this week. It was sweet with its caramel amber colored satin next to its sexy and slightly naughty see through mesh details. It had my name written all over it and I had it shipped from the UK right away. I decided to wear it under my dress for the event when it arrived but the night was here and I had my self wrapped in it and couldn't seem to find the nerve to cover up its beauty with a simple smock. No, this set of lingerie deserved to be seen! It deserved to be seen and appreciated for all of its perfect detail.The smooth lines across the bra cups and delicate detail in each hem. The way the mesh backside allowed me to be a little cheeky, in more ways than one. The adorable little bows kissing in all the right places and that smooth amber caramel satin... I couldn't get enough of it.
It was like a lover holding me in all the right places refusing to let me leave my apartment. Hugging my hips and breasts perfectly so my curves were proudly on display. This wasn't just your typical set of lingerie, no, it was more, it was sex and power on my body and it made me want to conquore the entire world for female kind... My apologies, I was swept up in a memory of satin and sin. 
The clock kept ticking and I kept finding reasons why I couldn't finish getting dressed. Covering up this piece of pure artwork seemed like a crime. To hide its warmth and allure under simple and plain. To hide it away like its some fowl thing not worthy to be looked upon. But no, I couldn't. I couldn't bare covering up my love and casting it in the depths of my wardrobe choice where it could not be admired in all of its glory! 

Tonight, tonight I will go out in my under garments and allow the entire world to see me covered in House of Satin! 
Screw the Dress! I'll be sinfully dripping in satin...
Oh well, I needed a little night of sin anyways..
Knock em' dead Angel..
 -Emily Doll TVD
I would like to thank House Of Satin Lingerie for allowing me to be a part of their amazing brand. House of Satin is an amazing and extremely reasonably priced retro lingerie company based out of the UK. This brand was started by a woman back in 1948 when she was using the delicate cut offs from her bridal designs to turn into beautiful pieces of lingerie. From then until now, House of Satin has been producing the highest quality of delicates designed in the vintage fashion. Not only are their designs beautiful but they are also realistic and functional for daily wear. I highly recommend them for both adds to your shooting wardrobe and your personal. The amazing thing about lingerie like this, is that it empowers you. Every woman who does a shoot in this lingerie or wears it under her out fit of the day, will feel powerful and sexy and in control of herself. I love how sexy panties can give that to a woman, and House f Satin has that more than covered.

The set I am wearing in my photo set is from the Satin Gems collection in Amber.. It's a simple and classic satin soft cup bra with vintage pointed cups. It was comfortable and supportive and not to over the top in the bullet shape which helps with women who want a nice bra without that look once on under their blouse. I also am wearing the mini brief which is a little less high waist than a traditional vintage brief. Its beautiful and classic with a tint of edge to it. Truly a beautiful set.

 There are a lot more designs and colors from House of Satin over on their website! Including their beautiful new Topaz set!! It is to die for!! 
Make sure you stock up for you and your summer shoots and swing by their website. 
Be sure to also check out all of their social feeds!

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 Photos  by Houston Photographer 
Jeph Rants
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Emily Doll TVD

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